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Farther Items From Mexico

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By the latejt urrivaU fnun Vera Cruz, we have ouv fili'S of Mextaao papers, frum whicli we gle m s mie additional items of interest. A letter in the Mimitor duted Queretaro, April 25th, says that nine Deputies were still wautiiig to constituto a quorum. (A letter trom ' Mustang,1' ifoted oiie day later, states that only three tnembers were lackiug.) The same letter states that Señor Rejon, before rwigntighis seatiu the H mse, left a writte:i spe.-ch agaiust ïeace, and it (probable it will be p ibliaheJ. Gen. Alraoiite arrived nt Q'ieretaro, ti take his seat in tli Sen ate. He i opposed to the treaty, and the Govrrnmentlook upon liiin witli suspicion TIn; two Senators of the district of Mexico have resigned their seats in Congress. Tlie writer closes liis letter, saying thi't he would not be surpriaed to see the Gvernment, belore lütifyiug t ie treaty, disaolved, wi eachone take the mnd home. The Monitor is of opinión that Cougresa would meel on the Ist inst. It is reportad that Otero is tho leader of the war party in the House of Representativas. Señor Micheltoreua, oueof the Dopiities, desertedhi post, and left Qneretaro. El Progreso, of Queretaro, ays, on the 37 th uit., tint Congress will uot meet. We fiud tlie fullowing in a letter dated Queretaro, A pril 20 : Veslerday tho twenty first mseting, preparatory ti 'ho sessiou of tlie new OjUgreM toolc place, umi ihe ilie reading "t in iny d-)cniimit relativo to tli-; Daputi. wlio have uot yot male their appeantuee, (fjr w.iutii aouey,)anoto mi addreüed tothaMiuhterof t'iuauci o the erlect that hs shmilil cao romittances to ba ■ludeV) thi ab.wnt D ipatie. nf the ueoejwy ti lelniy tlw espsiiw ofthoirj mniey to th) capital. The New Oleaiis l'ic lyuue s iys: - '■ Oir orresp n leut, " D. S.," (writíngiirom the city of Mexico,) ha Mne to tho cimchisi.-m tint the treaty will hs ratifl f ir the roasonshj sots (mÜ. He lus hitlurtosiitei-taia eilthcuiMt Briiu donbts upm the subject; and tlie alteredtono of his letters in this regard, li.u as muol weightwitn usas anything else we liwe s-en of the nevt by tho Now Orlcan "