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(fli'ocei'ies at Wliolcwale. The tubscriber offers n vcry large and weü selected s'ock ot' heavy J- HTM j i im v - ■■■ -j- -rH -gag- nK3 H_ At lowest possible pi'ices, and on the most accommorla ting terms. Alno, a large and ('all new stock of DYEVVÓÜOS and DYE STUF F8, and Woolcn Manufacturcr's Mashincry, Wilh a heavy and carefully aelected assortment of Piiints, Oils and Glaii) Als-j the fotWing gennine DRUGS & .MEDICINES- 200 ounces Qiiiniue 200 Ibs. Gum Opino, (new 30 do Mor[Uiue croj).) 25 do Indine 50 do Calomel, (Eng.) 40 do Hyd. de Pot 2 bbls. Oamphor 10 do Sli-yclniine 5 do Botpnor 2 Casos Rbobarb 5 do Epaoiq Salta 1 do Jalliip 5 do Glauber do ■2 do Magnesia 2 do Cream Tartar 2 do Uorux 2 do Castor Cil 2 do I.iquorice 10 do Alcohol 2 do Sup'i. Carb. 1 bale Senna Soda 2 casK-s Sal Soda 2 do Tartana Acid. 1 case Sul Roulielle. THEO. H. EATON, 80. JettWm Avenue, Detroit, adjoining K. & M. Bank. REMOVED SINCE THE IRE. 8 STATE OK MICHIGAN, ) Conuiy f Oalhuun, ss. $ WHEREAS. Heman Cowlaiia this dny presentod bis petition, dnly verified, 1!& the Probate Cimrt for siiid uounty. praying for reusons t be rein iet foitli, tli u lie iriíív b(1 íppoiiiteu Ailmiiihtrntoi" of tlie estute (f Stephen Gi-eenleíit'. bte of Huttle Craek, deceaasd - notica is tliürefore hei'eUy given, that tlit; ooiisideratioa ol'suid petition be postponeil uuiil the 30ih day ot'Juue, instant, it ontj o'clock, I. M., fit tlie)4rob.itc otHjti iu M;u'shall, wliere all portoBI iatcreated canappear and sbaw caust: (ifany thercbe) wliy tlie prayer ol'said petitíon sliould not he granted. And it s hereby directed lliat this notice be published in tha Michigan Liberty Press, a nsws paper printed and circulating in said county, for tliroe weekí successively, prior to the time of hearing in the pretnUes. H. A. NOYES, Jndge oí' Probate. Oatcd at Marshall, June 6, 1843, 8-3w lUillinery. k MUS. l'ir.RSON' has reccntly openod a MilliueWBB ry Establishment on Main stroef, at the dvvollin;; "öU house formerly occupied hy E. L. Stillson, Esq. lier present stock was curefully selocted tliis spring in tha city of Now York, and eoüfficta of Chinese Poarl, Rice Straw, Frencli Gymp, Petal Slraw, Nt;i)jmlitan and Floroaoe Breidt a vaciety of silks lor bonuots ombroldered ribbons, straw fríuge, artificial baraei'H. face triniinings, bund-boxes, &c, all of tila very latest style. Dress making in all its variom branches, and nccordiag to the Utett fiwhioq. Plates of Fasliions will ba receiveil ragnlarly fnim We w York. Bonneu alterud o tlreMed ov"i neitly a i'l npeedilyi at moderato rates. Battle Craek, June 3, 1843. 8 II ui e and liOt fot' Sale. J[MRS. DU Et A NT, intendiug to leavo tor lía 'l.iud vory soou, offjrs hei liorna and lot (situated in E ist B.ittle Creak) f'or s-üa ata very reduced i'ice. Silo wül ttUo diprove ol'her bausehold furniture itvery low i-ates. Also, ons Turatng L itho, in Cliadvvick's Chair Sli Ft teranapply to har at herranidence. B.ittlo Creet, J.m 7, 1843. 8 Marshal IIiMiso, by L. KINGSBURY, Mamhal all.MicMgan. Suge llaves tirio bom for thoNartb and South. JAMES A. BA1LEY, É& SHOE AXD LEATIIER DEALER, s BATTLE CREEK, M., fai Kreps cmietanily onhandaod fer wilenn -ÍMs ?S assortmetit of articlea ín his liuc, consisting oj RJw ',-;] IIOOTN, NÍ1OICS, I.KATREB, Rf ;'-i Trímmings, &c.f &c.( and f'or enle cheap. KjS !è 'l'lic ubacriber would reuectfuUy say to y2 3 tlioáe who deaire a GOOD F1T, aud a tasty a_ yí Fashionablc Boot, or Shoe, And at tbe same time durable, that be is . pared to cxecnte orders in such a manner as i' 5fe. TO HFV COJ1PETITION, H SH Haviiig the best of material and every BES K' i ty necossarv tosratlfy tbe [jii"ticu!;iin taste of j$ )í L every iQ.dividual - in ehort to suit t lie most G SaJS f;itidiona. Shop, Mmíii st., opposite Brick S'jS r Block. Hides wauted, aud the highest price tpi Estrny. JgJ TAKEN up by the subscriber on the 2.., in-hult, i large hny horee, black maue and t:iil, two iiiml foct white, and a White spot in liis forehead. Tho aéex liiiid leg swolUm, Tlie nwnei' of the tibove dcsii ibed luirse is requested to come und prove properly, pay eharget aud tukü hiai away, or he will be dispoiea it scoording to luw. O. M. BKUWN. Ennnet, June 2, 1848. 8-6w public JVotice. WHAREAS my wile Susan has obtained articleí at 1 ilioient places niikiiowii to me lor wliich slie has uscd my credit aml lliereby involvedinei debt to large amouut. Tliis, therelbre, is to fórbid all peiBom trustDg lier on my account as I will pay 110 di'btöof her con tractm íiíterthis date, lus RICHARD [X] GCDSMARK. B (I ford. Jane 5, 1848. mirk. WESTKBJÍ IVEW VORK COLLEGE OF HEALTH, 807, Main Street, Buffalo Neic York DR. G, C.VAUGHN'S Vegetable Liihontriptic Mixture. rTIHlS celeb-.-ated remedy is constantly inoctasng tta JL fame by thu many cures it is making all over the world. It has now become tlie only medicine for Family trss, and is pnrticularly recommended for DliUl'SY: all stages of this compiaint immediately relieved, 110 matter of huw long standing. See PamphUt for testimouy. GRAVEL, and all discefl of the nrinary organft; for these distressing complaints it stands alune; no other article can relieve yon ; and the cnres testified to will convince the most ceptical ; Ijver Coinplaint, Billious diseases, Fevur and Ague. To the Great West especially, and wherever these complaints prevalí this medicine is ofTereil. No material agent. 110 deleterious compouud is a part of this mixture, it cures these diseases with certainty and celerity, and does not unve the syslem torpid. See l'amphlet. l'ILES, a complaint of a most painful character, is mimriliaie! y reljeved, anti a cure tbllows by a few days use of this article : it is lar before any oiher preparation for this disease, or for any otber diseaae originating trom impnrp blood. - S"e pamplilet. DEIULITY OF THE SYSTEM, weak back, weaknjeM oí ïhfl Kidneys, &c. or inflamation of same, is immeiliately relieveu by a ÍCW :!'vs uso of this medicine, and a cure is nhvavs llii; i-fsuli ui W "'' It stands as a certaiu rcmedy tor sucli complaints, and 1Q lor deraugemeut of th frame, irregnlarities, suppressiniis. painfnl roenêtruarione. No arlich has ever boen offered except this vvhich would touch this kind of derangements. It mny be relied upon as a sure and effecnve remedy, and did we feel permitted to do so, could give a thousand ñames as proofof cures in this distresainz class of complaints. All broken down, debilita tod constitutione frotn the effect of mercury, wül fiad the Ijraciiiï power of the article to act immediately, and the poisoaoua mineral eradicateu from the ayetem. EKCPTIVE DISEA.SES will find the alternativo propertiea of iliis arricie to parify theblood, and drive siich diseases from the system. Bee pamphlet fr testimony of cures in all diseasea, wbich tho limita f au advertisement will not permit to be lüimed liere, Aïentsgive tliem away ; they contain 32 pages of certificates of high character, and a stronger array of the proof of the virtaes of a medicine, never appoared . It is one ot' the peculiar features of this article that it never fails to benefit in any case, aad if bone and másele are left to build apon let the emacmted and lineeriug invalid HOPE ON, and kee] takiug the mediciue as long as there is au im[)rovement. The proprietor would caution the public aainst a rmmber oí articles whicti come out under the head of Sarsaparillns, Syrups, &c., as cures for Dropsy, Gravel, &c: They are goud for nothmg, and concorktud to gull t'.ie unwary; touch them uot. Tlieir inventors never thoaght of oariog sncli diseases till this article had done it. A particular study of the pamphlet is enrnestly solicited. Agoi.ts and nll win) scll tho articlR nrn gl:nl to circuíate gratuitoualy. Put up in 30 oz. bidtlns, al $2; 1' oz. doat$l nacb - the largiïr lioldine fi oz. morf. thatl tvvo sinall bollUüi. Look out and nttt gr,t impose.d npon. Erery bottl; Ims "' Vuuelin's Vegetable Lilllontripl'c Mixture," blown pon the glass, ihc wriucli s'ill'itureof " G C. Vrughii" on thi direct ions, au i ■ G. C. Vuughll, lluif.ilo." statnped on the r.ork. No other are germine. Prujiartul by Dr. G. O. Viiuglm, and soid b( the principal nfflce,2u7, Main strept, BulT.ilo, at wholnsalo and retal I. No tttentioii given lolotters uiiIpss post pairi - or'lers fnii regnlarly constituted Agents exceuted: post puid letters soliciling advicc, proinprly utleaded to, gratis. Otfices devoted exchisivr-ly to the sne of this nrticle - 13"2 N'assau st. New York city; 293 Fsex st. 5alcm Mass.; aud by the principa! Driiffi,'ists tbrougliout llie United Stalcs and Cauada asAgunts. For sale by ?to,dcl A. T. HAVENS, Battle Creek. G. & J. G Hill and J. Ompii & Co., Dst.; Mirnanls, Ann Arlioi; E. Sarapson Ypsilanli; J". Breckford Saline, Midi.; I'. Stereni Concord ; Huil,'i A Dnnliani. Orass Lakn ; I). C. Whii wund Dc.xtor; T. Wlieeloc-k. Albiou; VV. Jackson.Leoni ; A. C.Gooilricll, PawPaw; J. T. Cl.ipliam. KalamaZfO ; Brown & Scott, Schoolcrnfl; J. C. Nuninore, Nilns; J I,. Tobv & Co., J.ick-on ; HmlO.II. Hyde, Mirsliall. J.W.OWEN, Trayolling As't. yTATE Ut' MICHIGAN, } OonutyofBarry, (ssAT a coiut of Probate, holden at the offico of thejudsre tliereuf, u H aatings on tlie 2fitl day of M iy, A. D. 1848. Present, Isaac A. Holbronk, Circuit Conrt Coinmiswoner, acting Jodge of Probate. In the miitter of the estáte of Joseph S. Blafidell, prayiug for rens ns thereiu set fbrth, that lsttera of adiQJtiiatratiou ut' saiil estáte iniy 1)j ironted unto lier, widuw of R;id dcccised and lis iry l'arsans. Thsreanon il ü ordered tliut llie conaiderntiou of saiii petition Oe postioned anti) the 26th day oí June uext. at oneo'clock in the ifter-noon, ■ il '.vliick tiin; atid place, all peraniifl intt: cii;.l may ;ippr, and slitiw oaue why the prayer slvmld not be iirantcd. And it is further Ordered that said petilioner cause a copy oftliis order t be pulitished in tin: Michigan Liberty I'rcss, a nevvs paper publisbed and eirenlating at Battlo Crcek, in the county of Callioun, fbr ihree weeks suecessively, once in each week prior to the tiine uf hearing in tin; pieinises. ISAAC A. HOLCROOK, Circuit Court Coun. acting Judge of Probate. [A ti'ue Copy.] 3w7 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I County of Barry, $ AT kOOttrt "f l'rnb iteJiolden Ht llie office of liicjudge thereof, in Uastraes oa the 23d day of May A. D. 18 Í8. I'tx'sout, Isaac A. Eíolbrook, Circuit Oouri Oommissioner, acting Jndge of Probate; fu the matter of the estato ot' Edward New, i[(3cc:iseil. Upun reading and lilin:; tlit? pt'iiiitm ofCbarlott New, prayiag for rewoiH I hpreia set ftirth, llia t letters of iitlmiiiistriLtioii of suiil efllata niiv I! Sráuted unto In-r; widowof sald deoeased, umi George Drowa. Therenpon, it is ordered th;it ihe considt.'1'Mti'm of suid pe til ion Ue puslpoacd mitil the 19Lh day of. Juni; ncxt ut oDe o'clbc in liieaftc-r-nooii. at the Probate uiTi e in Hastings4 aforesaid, at wliiti: limo aria place, ü!1 porsous i utei'estetl tuayappear&dhow causa wliv tlie prayei' of said petitsoa sbould uot be granted. And it is iiifther ordered thateaid petitioner OüHseacopy of tliis order ia lo pnblished iu ilie Mioliigau fiiberty Press, i news papel' priiïted mjil cironlating at Battle Creek. iu the county oi Oalhnun, f r three wseks succeaively, nco in e;ich week, prinr ti thr; tiin? of hearing in the piemises. ISAAC A. HOLBKUOK, Circuit Cnnrt Com.. acting Judge of Probate. [A trnc Cpy.] 3w7 üstray. STRAYED or stolen, frotn the Town of Bnttle Oreek, one Ereuch Horse, 011e two year old Colt,-brown color. The Hm-se is a sorrel, nine yeurs old, with a roñe lioad, heavy mane and tail, heavy limbs and a fast racker. Any one giviug informatiou throngh tVie I'osl Office wkere eaid Dorsen may be fouud. shall receive a liberal reward. DA.MEL DEAL UNRIVALLED ATTRACTION!! ANDGREAT BARGAINS! C. WAKE LE E & Co., Aro now receiving at their Store, in the Biick Block, nearly opposite the American Hotel, nn onlirely new nnd general ussortmuut of MliRCHANDIZE, conaisting in part of the follovving articles - Brand Cloths, Lawna, Dress Mulla, HatáCaps, Fincy Ciissiineres, Shawli, Bounets, Palm and Legliorn Hats, SiUiiiL'tts. Sheetiogi, Groceries, Good Assortraeut Of Slimmer Blue and Brown Drills, Tea, Coffee, Gouds, Begginr, Sugar, MolaMe, Prints of all Prices, Kentucky Jeans, ToWjco Oigar, Gingharns, - Scotch, American, Cottou Yarn and Warp, Crockciy, nnd Englisli. Boots and Shoea. Nails, Muil Giughams, Ladies' Slips & Ties, ' Gluss. &c, &c, l'runclla Boots, &c, Cotton Batting Wadding, &c, &c., Sec, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, DYE-STUFFS. Tlio stock is enlirely new and well seleetpd, nnd louglit at such rntes ns will enable the subcribevs to sel! very clienp, defying comprtition. Tho9e who want nny uiticle in their Une, will do well to culi, as the inducements oftei-ed are onuroal. Any quantitij of Wool and Country Produce wantcdfor wlñch the Highcst Pitee will be jiaid. Baltlo Creek, Calhoun county, Michigan, June, 1848. 7-6m STATE of MICHIGAN- The Circuit Court for the county oi' Calhouu - In Chancery. At a sessinu of said court, held ut Marshall on the 25tli tlay of April. A. D., 1318. Present Hou. Geo. Miles, Circuit Judge. CLARISSA A. McCOIIUTIE, Complainaut, frptls OLIVE R E. McCOURTIE, Defendant. It saiisfactorily sppeoring tó tliis Conrt that Ilie defendant, Oliver R. McCourtie, is a non-resident ul tliis State, and that He resides iu I lie State of Indiana - Ün motion of William C. Buwley, Solicitnr for the Complainant, il is brdëred that the said drfuiidaut, Oliver R. McCourtie, cause bis appearance lo be eutered witliiu three inontl's frnm the date ol' this oiaer, and that in case of liis appearaacc he cause liis answer to the cnniplniiiuiit's bilí of cnmplaint tobe filed and a copy thereof tole servedon the couiilainaut's Solicitor wiihiu twenty duys aftur service of a copy ot said Itill aml noüce of this Order; and in default thereof that the said bilí be taken as confbssed bythe said defundant, Üliver R. Courtie. And it is further ordered that wíthin twenty lnys the nid complainaut caufie a copy of this order to be published ia the Michigan Liberty Press, a newspaper publiahed at Battle Creek, in the county of Calhoun, and that the said publication be continned in said paper at least once iu each week for six weeka in successiin, di that she cause a copy of this Order to beperaouulry served on the said defendant, Oliver R. McCourtie, at least twenty days before the time above prescrihed for his ap penraDoe. (A trae copy) .IOHN MEACHEM, Kegia'r. ÏÏ11. C. Rowley, Solicitor for Complaiimnt. 4-Gw 1848. JSSESPgBig- B 1848. HIIJIT & ICOBV, STORAGE, FORWARDIXG & COMMISSION MER CHANTS, Wnrcliome, Fooi ol 'Balea Strcft, Dclroii. Agents for Troy und Westeni Line. No transhipment at Albany or Troy Pkoprietors. - Rice. Ciapp & Co., No. 31, Coenties Slip. New York; P. S. Stenibery & Co., comer Front mui Doek slreets, Buffalo. J. J. Newcomb, L. Wharf, Boston, R. BobiUson, Pier, Albany, Agents. AUo, Agents forthe Wafhington Lino. pnoriiiETors. - James Gi-illey & Co, 4!) Quay st., Albany, Uaac Jcnmic, " Broad st., New Yorlt, Coats & Folder, No. 1U Central Wharf, Buif"1"-. Agenta. Liberal Cash advaiices raadc at UI times upoü proper. ! ty destined for Eastern Markots, or tbr salo here. 2-tf Apothecaries Hall. TH IS wcll known cheap establishment is stillin blaat at tbc old stand in Eaglelïloek - now kiiow all men by these presente, tnat here is the place where a good RMortment of pure, unadulterated, genuine medicines may be fonnd at low prices. Uere may be founil also teas, green and black, of superior qnality, sjiices, ginger, cloves. mace, citrón, &c, &c, together wjtb paints oil.s, dye-stuft", perfiamery, pen knives, trinkets, toys, steel beads, etc, etc, ail of which are sold cheap, cheap ] clieap. At the Hall may be {band a general nssortmenf of the ' most approved and efficiënt patent medicines, for the cure 01 laven, agues, coughs, colds, consumption, ])iles. wounds, bruises and putrifying sores. In a word, for i the cure or relief o f all the ills which flesh is heir to. Should any be fuithless, letthem cali ; tliey shall have the l'ROOFS. N. B. Don't mistnke the place - 'tis in Eagle Block uext to Buckley's corners. 3 % iliuíiiíal rnlori S:ilp, "VTOTICE is hereby giren thatby virtiie of an crder of i S;ile granted by toa Judge oí Probate of the County of Calhoun to the nndersigned, administrator cf tlie estáte of Tilomas Willson. deceosed, Inte of the TownsHipot'LfUoy in suiil Cniinty - I símil sell at public veudue to the ttigfaeat bidder, at the B;ittle Crcek house iu the village of IJuttle Creek in the Couuty aforsaid on the lst, d-iy of .Tulv uexl betweon tho honrs of one and two o'clock in the uftcruouii ofthat day, tlie follovving deacribed real estáte to wit: Bix Lots on Block Six in Efist Bdttle Creek in said Connty beiag the four Eiist Lota and tne two lyiug south ol lots latëly owued by oue Edrnuud Astley. C E. PACKER Admiuistratoi. Dated May 17, ■TOTES!! STOVES! ! : NEW ESTABLISHMENT. TIIB ONDEESIGNED having oponed a store one door East of W. H. Colemau's, respectfuHy invite the attention ot tlie Stove. buying comiNiinity to an ex ainination of ilicir Stock before púrchásing elsewhere. Stoves, Stove pipe nnd a general asartrtment of Tin mu) Jappaned ware kept Coustantly en bitbd, A, & D. D. BUNNELL. Battie Croek, May 16, 1843. Tiib Fartory. THE SUESCRIHEIt Mke pleaiaM in iufnrming Üv public that lic tlas restamdd tbO business ot Tub niiikiug and is romly to siipjily llie public with articles ut' Ui-i manufacture mi as reasonable terms is any otner BUtablishtnent in the Slute. He proposes to manufacture uiiiliiiiií but WasH-Tubft, nul lio will guar.intee that all work Buull le ol'ilie best (uality, The patronage ol'the publie is solictU'tl. E. UAILEY. BalileCreek May, 19 I81S. m■: JK. sw - TE CANTÓN TEA COMI'ANY ba boen popularly known for many years. Tlii.s is the lariieM and nicles Tea Establishnjeut in America. The public have had t'till proofof their iurogriïy rad rejponsibility . Tlieir 8crii]nUis regard to all principies ttiat tand t" elévate the diameter of :i large hou.-si', is wei] nnder atnoil, and.h&a already secuced thamacounection,probahly, larger tbao all other Toa Bitablisliments united, nd t i 1 1 ■ y oonsequenilyare detertnined to sellTeas paren, more fragnint and perl'ect tor the prices, in the aggreffate, tlmn any house in the world Bvery package, (in addition to ta containing FULI. WEIGÍ1T, iauependant of the wrapperj bears thé itamp of ueatneu and elfgance, and toe Teas thereiu are so thoroughly (teenred trom Light and air, that theii qualily and power wül rcinain uuiinpmred in any climute. A. T. HAVENS, Agent, Rattle Creelr. 4 First Agaiii. TUST RECEIVED from New York, a splendid as. tl sorunent ot' li Hik and childrans Straw llonnel, cona[iin in pari ol Tuscan, Pedal Braid Lace, Fancy Brui I iid Split Slraw. ALSO - A lot o' h iniifiil new atyle Rililions, not foroiiin1 a clinice MStifttnffUt l' priotsd Lawriii, Orgindy Mustia and SmIíiIi Guig'iani ol'tlie rineat unaliiy-c-heap foressh, ö BROWN &BREWSTER. Pap;r. THE uudersifcned will bu upplied fi-om the Ann Arbui- Paper Mili, with the variom descriptioru oi'thc above named article, manufactured at that place, consisiinï of Printing, Wrapping aw Wriiing, togetber with Blank Books. Tlicabuve articloa will be soldfor cash or cxchanged tor niL's, The above may be fouud at the shoe Store of .1. Pierson, onc door eaet of the Hardware Sturo of William Brooks. E. DORRA.NCE, Agent. i Pattle Crerk, November 20. 18Í7 ' 14 200,000 Va-h Capital, H'ith a Pirptlual Charter. The i:iii: FIrc Inmirniicc lo., ol' Eí.-niíoi .1, Cl. THIS Company baa been in succes.-ful operatiou for morethan a qn-irlcr of o ceatury, aud ironi its prompt and honorable modo cf adjusting losscs, has uever heen fTïahmiorèd at home orabrond. It has pid, within Ibe last two years, $4,560 for losses gustained bv fire in tfai$ conuty. Polioiea iwued, insuring aguiiist the loss or damage by Fire( on mVKWLLISO HOUSE, M ANtTFACTORIKS, STORKU, M1I.LS, FCRKITDRI, WAUIC HOUSSS, P1ÍODUCE IN STORE, CHCRCHE3, and npen all kinds of Insurablo l'i'operty, at L0W HATES. Any loss wllich thi.s compnuy may finstain on risks taken at his agency, will le liberully adjasted by the agent hfre, according to the nsagea of the best Fire componiea in the country, and wiih promptoeas, in nioney ourrent in the city of Xew York. Thia company lias never contested a loss in the city of New York. In case differences shonM sjise touching any loss or damaffe, the company is ptedged, by i reaolution of the Board of Directora, to Bubtnit the same to arbitrators, iiidiñerently chosen, oral the opinión of the Iuaured. THOS. K. UKACE, l'resident S. L. Loomis, Secretary. tdgT' Application for Insurance, oi" therenowal of pol. ices, and all business connected witlj the office, may be made to the aubacriber, dulv appoiiited agent, witli full power to receive propfsals and isene polices on terms as favorable as any office in the state. JUSEI'H C. FRINK, Agent, Office, fío. 2 Court 'House. Marshall, Dec. 7, 1817 STATE oí MICHIGAN- The Circuit Court for the county of Calhuuu - ín Chacery. At a session of said Court, lioltl at Marshall on the 25th lay of April, in the year One thousand eifjht hundred and forry-eight Present Hon. 0eo. Miles, Circuit Judgc. JOSEl'H VV. BüUKLEY, Coinplaiuant, versus SALINA R. BUCKLBY, Defendant It salisfaclorily appearing to this Court that the defendant, Salina R. Buckley, is a non-resident of this State, and that she resides in the State of Illinois- On motion oí' William C. Kowley, Solicitor ter í lie Complainant, il is ordered ikat the said defendant, Salina R. Buckley, cause her appearanceto be entered withiu t!;:'?c months from ihe date of this Order, and tbat in caeC of her mjpearance ehe cause herausvver to thecompUiinant' bilí l be ÍÜH, and a copy thereof to be served o lío cornplainaüt's Solicitor within tweuty days after service of a copy of saicí bilí, and íifHice of thia order, and in default thereofjhat the su!J bilí be taken as confessed liy the said defendant, Salina R. Buckley. And it is furtlier ordered, that within twenty days the said complainant cause a copy of this Order to be published in the Michigan Liberty Press, B newspaper pub lished at Battle Creek in the county of Calhouu, aud that the sai J publication be continued in said paper at least once in eácfa week for six weeks in succession, or that he cause a copy of this order to be personally served on the said defendant, Salina R. Buckley, at least twenty days befare the time above prescribed for her appearance. (A true copy) JOHN MEACHEM, Register. Wm. C. BowtSY, Solicitorfor Complainaut. 4-6vv STATE o I" MICHIGAN- The Circuit Court for the counly ol'Calhoun - ín Chaucery. At a se-'-'sion of Baid court, lield at Marshall on Uih 27Ui day of April, in Iheyearone tliousand eihl hundrcd aiul lorty-cight I'rescnt Hon. George Miles, Circuit Juilye. ORLANDO PATEE, Complainant. GIDEON F. SMITH.BETSEY DUTCHER and SOLOMON DUTCHER, Delendants. It satHl'aetonh' appL-aring1 lo lilis Court lliat Iiclsey Dutchcr and Solomon Dmcher two oí' the defendamtt In lilis cause are non-residenls and that they reside in thc Siatc of ühio - On molion ofAbner E. Cainp. bell, Solicilor fbr the Curnplainant, it is ordered tliat the said defóndantSj Betsey Duiclier and Solomon Dulcber cause llieir appearance to be entered uiiliin tlirce monlbi l'roin l he dale oí' tilia order, and tliat in case oí' their appeaninee lliev'-ause Uu-iraiiííwer tothe complainanL's bilí to be riled aml a copy iheroofto be surved on i lie coinpLtinanl's Solii'iLor witliin twenly days alter service ol' a copy of said bul and i-olice ol lilis order; and in delanlt tlierent' llie aaiií bilí be taken as conl'essed by tlie said def'endanls Belsey Dulclier and Solomon Duc'hcr. And it is lurlher ordered that vvilhin t'venty daye LÍjn said Lompluiíi int ciuo a C'ipy of tliis order lo be pu bJ isljed in lije " Michiííiin Liberly Press" a newsl'aper publishcd al Ballle t'ieek, in lliecónnty ol'Callioun, and tli.udie-aid publioution be continued in taid p.iper al Inasl on e In eacli week lor six weeks in Ueession. or llial he eaue a C'ipy oí ihi ortlei' to b ' persomlly served on lite said detendants Beluey Dulclier and Solomon Dutcher at leaat twcnty days bel'ore llie lime jbovu preacribed fur tlieir (A Irue copy) JOHN MEACHEM, Register. A.BHEB E. CtupBCLL, Solicitor fot Coniplaiuant. 5-6 JPIEKSON lias opirir-d a fhnp. one Joir Easl oi' , Brouks' Hardware store, Main st., Bulle ('reek, lor I Iiimii muflid ure and sale of the vurious deseriplioiïn ftF Boo's and Slioes. I'.iriicuhir allenlinn wi!l ba given In f.idi"s' .Mmoco waiking slioes, Gaite, Sliiers and Tips. Tle firsl i.uality of stoel] unjy .vi II he ued and the best ol' workmtn employed n its manufacture. Persona desirous oía firt rale til and darnbi articlc will please g ve liiui a calt. All of the abovc kcpt consianlly on hand and made (o order. Hiles wanted in excliange Pur cash or work. ilecollect the numlier. One door East ol'BaooksBaltie Creek, M.iy 13, 1848. 5 liivalitable ConipaiiiohSIX Loc tures on Cau&es, Prevèntkra and Cure of Consumplin'i. Ast kma. Disensos of the Ie art, ind all Female Diseaae. S3 pageëi ■-!;: engraving. Paper 50 ütB Ixilliul 75ctB. lilil tn ;ui V part - instjtU"'1 Í 1-5 CtS. SlumliliT B races and Cheet "Expanders. $2. Mail to inv port. 50 ets. poitage. Inualing Tubes, Silver, Í3. ly innil. letter pOBtage. Abdominal Supporters, porfect, $8 t' {lO.forall ftuptures, Falling of the Bow els and Womb, and Wcak Back-, and Chest ; sent by Exprese e arywbere. For Bracea or Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, f;ive heigbi &on head to toot, and circumfereuoe of person nezt tlio surfnee. just above tlie liips. II' Rupture. mention which sitie. Agenta wanteil for the sale oftbe above good. AddreBS Dr. S. S. FITCH, 707 Broadway, New York, post paid. Feb. 24, 1848. ilowcll Temporalice House. THIS Establishment, Bitaáted ncaiíy nppositc the Court House in tlie village of Hnvvell, a'aiti come into tbu hands ofita former proprietor and occu).mi, who is now prepnrdd to accomnjodnte n portinn of the travelling public in u quietond comfortable munner. This House will be kept as formerly upon strict Tempermice principies without aa ejtclaiiva referance to the profits of the business oporations. Tho labacriber feelsassared from tbevery liberal support ihis house lias funnely received, that lus efforts In the cause of Temporáneo will be fully rewardedj nis motto is etill " Liberty and Teinperauce" E. F. GAY ' Hmrell LivingstoTis Co. May 15th 184S. The Piles... . . A CUUE FOK LIFE SECURED !-Oi . tfñkWfi A Interné Remedy for tho curo ot Pilen. rh V, tablc Tile Electuary, iavented l.y Dr. A. Cribam, n m' tineuisbeff'Phyífeian of New-York cily, n W .ojly reollysHccessfuIrcniPdy tur tliis daagefena and distrc,ing complaint tbe l'ilus, evur ofiered to i icaii public. . . &, The Electuary contains no Mineral Medicine, " A1 oes, Colocynla, Gnmboge, or othei poweiil WJ3 ring purgativo. No féar of taking cold itsinfluence ; no change in diet is aocording t'.i directiim b cure fpr lil Iiifiammittory Piscairrs. Althousli the Electuary was oriainally prepare, (lio cure of Pile, yet it lias pro"ed itsr-il tu be a medicine far superior to all otliers, in all (Jíseatfes of na 1:1 flammatory characterj -vvitii a dcteriíli'.iatio.-, ofbloml t auy particular partororgau, ín inflammatipn aofl gestión oftliu livor and spleen; inflammalion, aiess and ulceration of tlie stomach, bow i bladder; in inflammatory and mercurju] rüeu-toatiiiin, iis the best medicine ever digcovered. Impurlticsof llic Blood For all impurities ol the blond., arising from I prudent use of merciiry, or otlu i cases of the skin and acrofnlous affections; l:' all ■ whore the blood h powerfully determined ' ; tüe 1 producing dizzinesa and distress, D:'. Cpham's Eleotu ary is entirely nnrivalled. TO MAEBIE1) I,AI):!; Married ladies are aluiost iavariabl " " painful and injurious diseaee, the Piles, wj(h qui'iit inflammation of the Btomach, bowi I i nreaknesa of back, Bow of blöod to the I ' ,"i; Electuary ia perfectly aíjíór pregnant lildies, most useful cathartic tlut enn posai'uly '".■ 11 will not onlv remove tho files and all infln ' " diseaseg, witnont pain or irritation', bol v.ill i uani lime, a safe delivery, and a sound cunslitutiuu m the offspring. Peculiar Cas atld tffeets ítl e KttgtnttChronic Pile3. - A walkman i:' tbe :■ brrdgepnrt, wbo liad the piles fiftw "'T ?' verely, and was oonstaiitly exposed to Ule intense uit ofafarnece and grpatly. rodaced by the di ceived great relioand 'a final cure by tlie uso al Upham's remedy. case was n very obitinate ■■ owing in tbc nature ut' the necupation aiul tlio dora MÜtioa of tbo patiënt. Iíleeiliiijí Tiles.- A ceatlemaii in gedfurd, M who had the Meeding pues for inany years, greatly exhau8ting his syslera, wae entirely rehevd of til distressipg and daugeroua ymptoms, by takiug a toV ■■ oftlie Electuary ouce ov twxe a'montb: Falling ofthe Bowels.- A psiwMi nfllícted witli aud faüing of tho boyvels, to uatiou could be had witlrmt lying Batnpou tbe flotii', was entirely relieved and cured by'this medicine. Tbo case wan a very extraordiuary ono. Extreme Oostiveness.- Numevous persous, and es pecially females, afHicted wit'b extretne costivfhess aml piles, witli all tnose distressing syptóma nttendjrtrt ti sutli a state ofthe systei. ! . ble lo effec entire change in this conditión by tbe use of this i' ri ine. It is i ver) i.ii;l catUurtic, r.:á un remedy for costKeness, especially fot raarried Fístulas, L'lcers, &c, - tu the weit case" of pHea, wbere fístula?, ulcers, and eaveriitraa holi Etectnary is alwa ■ ia ita effeets, aijd if per - veringly used, wiíl produce a cure Two or i es, wuere a surgical operation v, as thoughl to be necesMirv by tlie doctors, b;i. id bj thia medicine. It is a perfect remedy Cor mercui in tlie iutestines. Trice. Si ]ier brax, of ve d ■■■- witli full ilirections and other iuformation revpccting thé trérftinenl and cure ofthe Éliseasc. Sold wholesale and rctail by Wyatt & Ketcham, 121 Fulton street, and by A. T. Havens, Battlo Cri 'DR. H. F. PEERYS VERMIFUGE OR "OEAD SHOT." EOR WORMS ,4 Htghhj Vuluahlc Preparation, Capaile, from Ike Promptitude ofitsArtioVj oCteaneing the System i'i a feto hoursoftvtryicorni. THE ertceeding mall-quaiitity of tbie Medícioé-requ lest tlie exiseucc ofwoims, or to remoré every oiw frowi Ui sysicui, its operatiug in a few hours, torfether witfa i is great cert&inty of effect, coaetitato it ons oftfca most brilttini eries of the age. Il scldom Deed to be repeated u&d i he folio wed by miv other purgo. ÏMiarefbro in urgent cases, r.s tlioscoi'FiTS, srASMS. or coxvuLSioxs, caused by worms, unrivaled superiority is manifest. Few medieinea are bctter cahrii lated tolmproTe ihe iit'.iltn ofcliiltlrea, nveu whare bo exist; as it removes tfaose massea irf cruditiea Ihat Une an closely adhere to ttio ïiuinitcli and bowels, giving rke to toms tlnit couoterfeit every va) iety of woriu-diioaso. AHboqm ;t prompt and certai in its oper.ilion, Mld nol unpionaant tu 1 i tastn, it is perfcctly sufe, and sdnpted to the tendí resi ngo. The fótlowing is an extract from :i letter addreed to A. II. .' D. Öaiids froin tlie Agent at tlm Dcibv I.ine. Derby LiMt, Vt., Mav 7th, Iti4G. Gkxtlkmen:- I reccivod the box of'Dvad Shot" V Ti&ifupn ;i1)out Bfteeo d;iys sinco, and luivfi now ouly a few dozen ioft 0:1 linnd wbtchwillbtf roce la lesa than ten days. tt Beertts to tin tho vork to tlie períVct sátiafaetfou of all who use it. I : rimefgreat accounts of it, wlire it bas produeed lïw - ■ of from 15 or 20 to 115 worms from one p%rson, and lutarly thn isme nomber from sonu chHdrefi. Öf course yon wil i!ü:!L worm one of the prevaitiug diease in Canada nul Vr, Please eend me auottier BUpplv as sood as convenient. I.'fully, 'f. t'. Wil Af. Tkefollnteing is f rom an etiittfni Phtiiciim, J0NE330KUI BH, Tl tin., lí;C.3.1. 18-J4. Db. II. F. Pkehy - 1 take irreut plensun in recommen the public your vafnable Vcrmifuge, (properlv catíf Shot.) I hiivt Iksch vcniiiua it lor two yeara. Nothinjf oí thn k i nú ba ve I ever sold that lias pi ven such uuivci sal satfsfact.oi There wos one cftH in iny [mmodlate iirihlmrliood tic ■ : recollect of in whicfa mie üobc caused expulsión of 150 v. r ai trom n mu al 1 ciiilil, aj thepareot ittftmmwJ me aftorvpttrds, Very respectfully. JOHN VANCEY, M D, Price S5 canta per viaj. Prepared by Ir. IJ. F. Ph mtnil by A. B. & D. SANDS, Drutfguts, 100 FuJlOD st. William, Now-Yrk. SId also by A.T. HAVf.NS, .1. OVJ■, & Go. Detroit, and by Druggiita geoer ally üii'ongliout ihe L' nited States. ] Cheap Dril gr Store. rpHE SUBSClíIBElt hn$ bi ing his Btbfe, _L nul receiviug lurge addiiion tQ hisetock of gooite, and is dow prepared to wait Upou all his old customers, and as many ncw ones as please to gívtí liirri a culi. You will iiml everj B'rticle u ;unliy kejn in n Drug Store, inciadrog Paiot, oiN, Dye Wood, ['atea '■!■ dicines, ;uid ii gi'eat var'uiv ofarticles in ihi cleparttnojit , iükCtbcr vvith a largQ stock i i Schooi Books. bóoka Í'-!- town librarioa, Blftiiksau'd Blank Bupes., Letter, Kootnc!ip and Wróppiug Paper, ftiilcy 8ttionery( J. Musical [nstrnmeuts Sic-, &o. Tliis is t agency ol tlie C;mton Tea Cilhipnny nml families con be supslied witli a rlmice ariiclo, Bml nt it ovy price. All Uiiuls of Groccries cdu l fouiiil liero, nnd tlio pviccs arejftjï right té Suil tnosc who wisli lo b;iv chs ']' j'nysiciaim. Mevchiints, PeUU'is, Farme . . Qiid all can inako money b_ calling,as I rju iietormined uot to be U.NDERSOLD, altner al A'iioVesaio or iv; any similar establishment tliin siiio of Yorlt. A. T. HAVENS Battle Creek, April. ÍS, I f) 5 3 . " ittèld Yonr SSovmís'? rpiIE 8UBSCKI13EP would iuformtJJ nadie and X ana Harneas buyiag pn! i if. Uiat i' ' ' bh li iihï, (t is Constan tl y maritiMctoring.Saddles, Ham l Halters, Truuks, 'J'nm'. . :'■ YVhips, &c, (Lb., wliiih willlie hereaftcr 8ol5 forCusli - anti Caslionlv - t prioes down. down. tlown ■ yon will iliink hc stnlo ihe stock, or iliat. tlteir ii fiomo miatake about it. Oall nd ac. Dout furgvt yomPocket Honk. Shop on Muiu St, opposite tbe " B. Cieck House" - Sisn of the mammoth Collor. Battle Oreck, April, 1848. B. U. OSGOOD. fl TOBLA.CKSMITHS - Anvils, Vices' Sledgeaml ÍKjft h.iud lianuncrs, tetevf platea, ;u.! b f ment ofiron and steel, tor sale hy WUUara Urookj Battle Creek. April 13, 1843. School llooks. niIIEY ])() SAY tlmt Havens lm, il ilscap, _L letter and billet paper, and ttiat lic sells bonk? luwer than at y Dther èstaWislimeni in iowh. Cali aftd so:1 tor ■ ï To tlic Public. BEIFG obligad 1 y ill-health todiscoutimia above buñue, ml ausettled aceoants mast be arrangnl without delay. I will be found at tho hop of Nrí Durfec, wheroall my Carmer contracta for work will li falfiUed. 1 JOHNCAL0W] .School JïooKx. aUII.LS, Steel Pens. Pen-Holden, Black Blue i , 1 Red luk, Wafei-s Bealing-Waï, Letter Btamj tur sale cheap at the Al'OTHECARIES HaLL. Eaplc Bloeit JEVVELRY andfancy guodta! thec'ucau y ViSs Drns tor of AT. iflfTBNS