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A MEDICINE FOR THE 8BASON.- Moit all the prevniling cumpluiuts of this timo ol'tlio ycar are easily cured ií'attended to iu time, by llie use of the proper medicine, and it is admitted by Puyaiciana well known liere, lliat Dr. G. Benjamin Smitíis Indian Vegetable Suíar Cuated Pilis are aot ouly sato and píeasant, but Ij the must eñicacious fainily medicine in use. - Cliildreu eau take these pilla with entiresafsty,for Cnlds DyBíntery, Mésales, Eruptitma and other diaorden ; and the ayed fiad tliem sdmirably adapted to their use fbr a gootl general medicine. They wil] inrify-tlie bliod, and induce a healthy action of the Liver and all the -ital functious. Aron V. Urown.Governor of Tl'iiiiosci'. buyi those pilla by the doaen boxea and is the best customer in NaahviHe. He says, " they are the best pilla 'lis í'amily ever used,'' u'hich is also the opinión of all who mato trial ofthem. A.T. HAVEN'S