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Anti-slavery Feeling In Virginia

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Tlie Richmond Soutlierner, by no means an Abnlition paper, liolds the following langunge in relation to pubhu sentiment in Virginia nn tlie subject of Slavery : " It is not gene rally known, yet it is nevertheless true, tliat twu-tliirds oflhe ppople of Virginia are open and undisguised advocates of ridding the Slate of Slavery ; and, after the year 1S50, w'en the census is lakun, their views wül be embodied in such form as to startle the South. Wu spcak understandingly. We have, witbic tlie last two years, conversed vvith more tlian five liundred slave-holders in the State ; and four hundrod and fifly out of the fivc hundred expresscd ihemselves ready to unite on any general plan to abolish Slavei-y upon almost any terms. Abolition fanaticism at the North has not produced this, but the annexatiun oí' Toxas and the acquisition of territoiy have done t. Virginia may be put down as no longer reh.ible on this question. - Wlien she goes, the Districtof Colnmbia is free territory ; ihen Delaware and Maryland will also go, and North Carolina and Kentucky will follow suit. This will surround the exreme South with Free States; and when that day comes, and it will not be very long, we wou ld just as lief own a parcel of wild turkeys as so many slaves. We may continue thissubject in our next ; certainly we shall farther considcr it." " Abolition fanaticism" may not have produced this condition of public sentiment in Virginia ; but. a calm and freo discussion of llie subject of Slavery, in the Free States, has