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Prisoners At Washington

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At the New Enslnni] AntiSIavery Convention, in Boston on the SOtb, of Mny. I. N. Bnffuin stBted that ho lmd recently visited Drnyfon, Snyers nnd Rnelish, who aro confined in tho Washington city pvÏRon for nn act of humaniiy. His nccount of the interview was deeply interestiric and nffecting. Tliey are oonfined in separate, dark and loathso'no cflls, arp nllowod only two meáis a day, cnnistinü of corn bread and herrines, pxcept what they are ahle to purctiRse witli their own Pcanty change. Buffnni found upnn inqniry tliat thpy had very littlo money, he cave them a few dollars, and endeavored to console nnd encoilTHge tliem. Urayton Rppears to he n mnn of considerable nene ; he converspd witli CfllmnflM and self-nos'=p.S!ion, and great. Trnedom, of tlm position in which he is placed. It wik nrit until K. apoke of liavins semi his wife and children, and save hini the pledge of Edward M. Davi?, tliat liis faniily slionld not suffer, that he ovinced much emotion, r tear, Rtthe inention of this, stole down his ruggpd chcek. " That," said he " u all T now desire. I om reudy for avyth 'ng that mnv awnit me." Who can contémplale the situatinn of these philantbroptsts with any degree of rnlmness ? Certainlv no one whnso hoart has not been palsipd, or petrifiecl, by Slnvery's influence. Tliey nre confined in n loatlisome prison, isolnted from fnmily and friends, troated like felons, nnH for what ? Wliv. for th o singular crimo of nssisting sotne of tlieir country meo in nn attetnpt to transport tliomsolvpa from tlie Capital of this Republic. wlierethcy werr the property of another, to some re-note córner of Hr Majesty's dominions, where the poor fugitivo from Slavery in América! Repuhlican America! hns the right to possess liimself, wheve th9 right is so recognised, that he is not in constnnt fear, (as when enjoying atemporary freedom in any of these Unitod States, the country of his biith, tire Innd of Liberty,) of being ro-cptured and taken back into a worse bondage than that from which ho ha escaped. O, when will this nation buist these bonds asunder, aud " let the oppressed go free?" New York, June 6, 1S48. There is an immense meeting of the Barnburners in the Park, Mark Spencer of New York chosen President with a great nnmber of Vice Presidents, etc. Mr. 'Chambreleng made an able speech in which he defended the course of the delegates of the National Convention, and he was followed by John Van Buren, who is now speaking and denouncing the course of the late National Democratie Convention in no mild terms. Benjamin F. Butler and several otliers ara expected to follow him. ïlie number present is variouslv estimated at fi-om 8,000 to 12,000.