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Washington, June 1,1848rhe bil: organniue a Territorial Government ín Ore' pon was taken op. The querttoa no di r i ]cm Mr. Hule's aincmlinrKt regulating unvery,he ithdi it Otlinr tmendmenbj bearing t: i iw same qiiestiiui wpic withdrawn, ïriili i now tu BbrI nction upon ihöbill, wfaen Mr. Hule, fearfegliiB object miglit bedeit-Htrd, dosired to rcnfcw his nwndment. Mr. C'aHiomi mude inine remarka in explauation of comiiromisas of the Cnustltutlon. Mr. Dic'.iinson argueJ in favor of tlie cítizens of TcrriKirial Qoverumonta controling ilie mñttsr. Mr. Basby deniod the right, eitber u the Guneral or Terrilorínl Govémuienti, t prohibit citizpi'.s of the 8t:itPB niovintr, wiih their alase [iroperty, iuto such territary. Mi. Miller randa soine reinartci, nuil wns foliowed 1y Mr. ri!( - tlielatter duin 5 tó Toid cüacutsiog bIver;,-, lest it Bhould vveakcn tlie political prosjiscta wf his jiai r ■■■. Mr. Hule replied to previons remarks, and placed himí ilf u(xmtheo dinance o!' ira", ufuanded npon the bülori'mrziiiï tli ■ Territ iry of lowa, anddewrea alone to ongrafl it upnn this bilí. H.' then went into a raost enprsrëtic and liislily pietnred iboütimi speech. Mf. ponto n?e and made some strong personal filiusions to Mr. Hale's " fraternizins with white n:ul black nstérs dirI brothers," nt a. breakfast, while receiitly ob ti.11 Bastera visit. Mi-, líale replied by snyiní; he could not 80 far forget the respect duo ti tlie Señale Hg to retort. Ai'ier soine explanatory remarkíbetween Messrs. F. .... ! Hole, the natter wai di-oppo'd, ainl ihu Senate ndjournod. House. - To-day, the debate commenced yesterday 0:1 printiiis; I0.0i)il exl ra éopicu ot theveport of the Cmnmitte on Public Btpeuditursn, oïpoüng erran in the fin uitiül report of the Seeretnry of the Treasiuy, was Coutiutiöd until the iikuhui.! linar expirod. Tii.; naval uppropriation bill was taken np in Committee of the Waole 011 the state of llie Union, Mr, R. W. Thompson ia the chaïr. Mr. Vinton s.rU that.oftef conniltation with the Secretary of tb Navy, it arta saeertaim.-d ihat the estimates ubmitted lust winter coiiUl uow be ïeduccd a million mui a half of dollars. Mr. Rhctt sent to the Clerk resclntions; wliicli wenrend, müotaiuing that, ander 110 cicentnstaaces will Cuniiress reeoiruiae mv propoaitíon which hns for its object the iuslitution of lavery in nnv territory which miv be acquired by puivliate or conajdeit, and that in sui'li tenitory nll people have a rigbt to remove with tbeir property. Sic. Mr. Pinten and aften CaHed him to order, bat Tiie Chaira .1 dei idi J tbat lie sl]"':'.il " rm. From this au appeal wat taxei!,and, by a vote oi'tíO to 44, the Chnifnrm wr.s sustinncd Mr. Hhftt then spuke in advocarv of the rrsolntions. Mr. Veoable contended thal Cuagross, tinder the Constitation, Iims no riglit to legislate on the subject of lavery in h'. Tentones. M.1. Brodhead obtoined the ft ior, and. on liia mation tbc Cpmjnittee rosii and the House atljourucd. Senate - Jjine '2, - The consideration of the Orogon Territuria] liüï was resumid, mul Mr. Bright withdrew nis uiüI'.dh to strike nt the I2th aotioa. [The aeetion extending to the Territory tlio provisius of the Ordinan e of 17117.] Bat Mr. Iïerrien renrwril tin; motiou. Mi'. Westcott nrffed upon Senators ti muke ihemselved aoqjisinted with the eüeet of confirrning and continuiug i;i torce the laws of the Provisional Government if Üregon. He did not refer to thelaw on slavery narlicularTy, hut to all thelaxvs so entteted. Sume of these are cnrions, extraordinary, atid iucoosisteiit wiih the lawa of the Onited Sfhto. One prohibitsthe iutrodaction. by ?e.i of la:nl, rifany arden! spiritd. Mr. Tuniey siM lint, for the first tima, tm-y were tci have a eectional vote upou thú snbject. Tlie propositioii to strike nut ttie IStb lectun, wilhdrawn Iy tlie Banator frona Indiana, had m:n reneweil lv a Suiítberu ni ni. A conimon platform had beén establwbed the Nurih .,.. íli S lutn, and that pl itforrn wa abont to be tiestroyed, ífld a probibitíou iutroduced, which wouhl compel tlie 3nut,b to vote aguinst the bil!, unless the oímoxious seetion was strickeu out. If successful, tlie ■eqaeuce w .ml-.l be scn m Novembor. Mr. Badgergave the reosqng whioh would iufluence him ü votiug tu retain the 12li section. B repealins the netíon, iill tlie law now exisii:: u Oregoa would i mué to heoperative ihe moment tbia luw is pasaeil.aud un m )iul)3 will elapse befitre the i.w can re ich them all nctiou under thelawa now in forcé tuere, from tlietiiiiLf paisago iil'this taw iintil it reacb í thefm, would b ' ií i'!.m;d nuil a:il void. Mr. l':i '; tlinuglit that the Soimtor from North Carolina had e irirely miataken the i-iFcc1. oí Uiking out die ■ itler a lid I ra a aiwtako tu appoae ibis bej-e wiili th ■ unanimou auiictiou, by tlie ; the 12th section, He had boou nacomi iposeil to it. Two ineaiben of the tam conflict witb in ijni-iiv. and ui favpr ■ 11 repi rted tastaession, fromth ■ ludiciury com(Mr Wetcftl' ubotitnte fot ihe present bill.) Hi was williag that the peopleof the Territory - aa he kue lii-v wonld - jiu.ilJ horeafter eatablisli suc-li lows excluding slivery u tli-y deemed proper. All lie or the South desired, in thia mittci-, wms that Doabitrar.t piiüciple Bhould be mtroduced with this bill, rilich inifílit horeafteí be qnotcd agaiuat them. Mr. Badger said, tbat even accordiug t thé view la kut of theaabject by the Seimtor from Texas' (Ensk,) il was a matter of perfect iiidiffsrenoe whether the 12üi ■eution was or w:is uot stnekeu out. M Ruik replied, mul iusisted tint tliei-o was no nccmsity fur taking ap mij re-eimctiug o Ibw of the Territory, wliich exnressly declarea that sUvery 8hu.ll uever exist there. It wa nniieceswiry, bscause aoonc betli it sluvery woultl ever Ij i there rutrojiuced. Mr. Miles w is i favor nf rel liuiug thu 12:h sectwn. Mr. Calhouu (Mr. Nilea giving w.i.v.) said iliu S uth rested theit ricbUnpon tbe eqmility of the S?tatea LUatuodiacriraiuntionehould be madebetween lliose wlio bol I siaves and those who do nol hold sluvcs. Mr. Niles eontinaed. The Oomtitntfou is not epnvi-rsmt with tlwrighuofpwperty in the Statet-j thal power ti regálate penmos and property belonged to tlie Utat !8 Ihemaelve. It hal is propertv in oue State is not property iu aoother, it m ly be ncladed. Mr. C iwim eurnesily uataiiied the moWon to strike out t!i ■ I2tb ■- ictiol .Hi c iiuidered the doctrines ol the iViim it l'r vino as olearly embodied in tbat section as lii iv were in the proposition of the gentleman from Kev II im htre :- ■ f. M ■ [Ijuütoii fprefuced by a few explanatory remarks) d 1.1 uu iiidmeal to tb ■ 12th wotion, in the shape pr.vigo, tint tbc proviiious embraced in tbis sec. ti m titoll ouly l! o far extended to Oregon aa tlioy mny act incnoi istible with the provisión ofthu act, ■ or ui viulation óf ony rigbM eenred by the CoMtitution to I ie oitizen of the United State, or any ofthem." His object, li.; laid, w u tg have proteoo in extended to Oegon without delay, and the amendmenM he tho't would atiafy bóth ili i Ntirth and tbe South. Mr CaLbauD inu ed thal the amendoaent left the mntter prscuelv as it was bafore, au4 tbat the most simple w iv ',vi. to strike bat the ejhtire sectiou. A Botn to adjnarn wiii made, and deuided in tlie ncg-i' vi - 14 tu -j:i. Mr ün'ïn expressed hia deslrc to pres the qnestiot: toa vote liefore nn .idjunruinfiit, iiud a s'miihir di.spositiou was mauifeirted on the part ofother Senatora-but a raatiua to go into Exentive ■ ■ ion prevailed. and the B,. ,., w,irds, at nenrly 5 o'olock, adj mrned. ] riea and lobbies li ive been tbronged theeu:' t ■ ■'. and the interest mauiferted in tlie dib;ite is iutcne.] Du. i :.- X bul ' prohibitiug the importation ofndulterated, deïeri ir-ited, and misiiamed medicines," waa repwled by Mr. Bdwards, troina select comimttoe, raad tb ' ' ' ':'■:?, aud p issed. O i :;i ition ofMr K ickwell.ofOonneoticut, the House, Uy ve:is and nays, ti to 82, then resolved itsell' into C.'inMiittc-e oi the Wlnle, for the consideration of billa on ihe private calender. A grout nnmber f ihesc, somn ongnnting in the r. and othors whiob bnve paased tlia Seimte, wem consiilered, reported to the Honae, and pawed when, from I li : iliffiuulties in retainiug ;i quorum of meinb rt, the Hjusc, at half past two o'clock adjourued.