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To The Hon. John I. Slingerland Of N. York

To The Hon. John I. Slingerland Of N. York image
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Sin- Senso ofdutjr to myself, ns wc-11 ns of duty Ú tlie Metlimlist Episcopal chureli, of wliicli 1 lüive Immt for inore tlian n qiinrter of a ccnturv "'i iiiiienml minister, dcnininls llmt I sliniiM t'ifco íime of a very exlrfuirdinniv letter ot' joura adJrésppJ to I he Albany Evening Join-nal, ntul copjJ from thut p;i-# per iiito tli New York Trih'utie, 11' I were aa vveii known, pcrsonnlly nn.) hy cl.uracter, in N'ew York ntl I ha New B laiul Stntos. as I am wul.iti tlio boniuls of my own Cont'oronce, I sliouKl deern my noiicp of your attack upon me altngetlier ujiorfluon. í ronfeas, that wlien my ntlention wiis first callad to the Fiict of a f.'ter ha vino: iippparml, wlncli liore npon its fare, gtrótrglj markcl. I ha ilrsi-rn to casi oilium npon mu nml ilie Metliodist Episcopal Churcli n llii- Inciility, I conld gcarcely luing myself :o believo iliat a mcmber of Ctmgrét liad i) lar forotten what was due to propriety nnd to liisownsta (ion. H3 10 iniike íi wanton and nnprovoked attack, untlor erraneous impressions, wlien thu ficts. loili in rogard to tnvwlf and my chiircli, coald liavo 1''" 'inil liv yon nt iny moment wlien t miglit liavo Kci-n your picasuro to interiígnta tne in mkrd thcrot; fnr jvhen yon snvr me. t tlic time yon nUwled to, in a litlio of llio time m wliicli it took yon to write tliat letter yon could have Icnrncd from mu l'ni! fuctí, mid thor.-hy üiived lioili yourself and me, llie Ironble of writihg. Rut fiir reueons best fcaown to yonrself, yon iVtá n oliooso to itiqnire ; nnd íencr tlii-s cpistli?. And I bog Icave to say ihat, Jthough T linvo befn iccniinally assailel ly anonymous wn,ers o(' iJint chiss of tliem. wlirt, in tln; lan gnairi' of; disliiiLTiiUlied jurist, " have a wonSerial farÜity of ni.iking facis" - all my interooiwse with public men, yon are tlie first mn cif respf ctilblo position wío ever assailed me in a respon.-ilili; form. And wlieiher in lile, wlu'ii " the snbpr serond ilioiisrht." arrive, lili ? uii'irity in yonr canse will ailJ . eitiuT to yonr n-t-utniN n, your ielf-reepecl or [ your mutual quiet, I sliall not uwwrlake at , preenl tn determine. . j One lliinir, Imwvver, is jpnenilly known to or.liimrv mflu. ajliL of Batirse. bfSUjBT known In ihosi; who !irèaent die intelligoncr of" tlie American Ropltt-r-j, o. tha tbc iiUe.mpt In iiiiuro and eist lülinm iijuin lliü ministi'rs of the '■ Öo,ipcl "f Poi'ice" !s a very fri ospiM-iim-nt ïho nsSftHanl : a minisWrt irr r,nnraandcd ' I"? " nf1 strik. ts," wiU nro Umnnisli.'.! " nor to for ruiling." W'tmt I fel myself coni}M'tlp1 lo rito, in ihii letter to you, 1 s!iill set down " more m :Wi Í" miiíor." I slml' ceftninly hfrt " mt l.nvii in;it in milicn." Inm a plnin man. ns yon know. with Imt few ütcrary aivantarré - -,i'j; in oarly life Jpvotetl, not to literal ure, bul lo mi lioücsi raechnnical oalling. l ih.ill, ihcrcftM-c, witliont iiny n'.tétnpt lo dmw uiion my in i2Íi:;iii.)ii, or to nso what tlio wntora on rhfïoriri {fi-nnititriiire the 'liqufnce df word--,, state a ftwfarJs, hy wliich lite lion est pnlilii: (wlio have nn ii.'cri'sr in bi'intr 1'coiveJ) will seo " liow pl-iin a talf" will put down vuur versión of tli co'ini'ciion iif tlie Mfilliodirtt Cliurcll Blitl mvsi'if, witli tlie fn-i')tive slnves ui ilie ruilroad dfiMit. On tlie dny nll. i 1.' I tn :ir your li-ttr, I wns ut tliP iK'pnl ni Washington atlii üiliinioro riilrouil ; mi I dul ilíen 1 m-p gomó rolbretl pi'Püon in H rar. a!out lo ginrt Cor Bal! more- not "tti Genpgin," s yon sm:e in yonr leíti'p. I wwa llioru tu piM-f.irm a Inty ■ mv 'ifi; nml tlifi (fmall chiliJrcn who Wfb st;irliiiir nn i visít to Bnltimore, to sentl a féw Jwya wtitli a wnlnwcil moiliur and otlier i-.-hitivi's in iliat city, and whom linsin.-ss )J not i!Uv mo to ncrnmpiny further rhar. the ears - which, perliaps, na very (ortunate, as if I lia.l gone nn with ilie train, it might hnve been tnken ís (lehionstration strong that t liaJ gone on to aid in taking care ofand ielling Míe glavpg. I was i he 'e, nót "lo saticftf) the art" of tnkitig off tin; slaves, "or tophinwAce the 'pnrtlng b'clsiiii!." ut Sitflpty lo do iny duty ís i lallier and i liuíbiuid. 13. 'ing (luiré, mil percèmng a cnr contamina n-'M, woinen mul children "f color, vvlioin l supposrd wrre of thé numlier of thM wlio atWinUeJ to esiM[)e iu tli " Perl," I concludeil 10 go into the cnr - not to tee " liis (m.v) l.rothi-0,Ic-lliu(lsis," as yon aro pVasèJ to culi Mr. rilutter. hi)t to nquire for a Imither Mctliodisi with a skin il njo.xl ilei! dn tlioso 'fim'ly l'.irmeoi bciiutil'ul fenüili-s" wluim you siil)[)scJ lo liave "l)iit ii süglrf tinge nf Africa..i blooil in veins." Those fi-mnle I ,diJ nol pecial(y ohservn, lut I (HH sce nnd 'slinkt' handa with, vcry .l.n-k "Mo:ho.list lirotlier ;" and aUo willi a 'inuhiito !;ul. wlio calleii me tiy ii;iino, and iif&jrod me liis liniul - lbo i'irmer luid been a servaní nf ne of tny !ne'f libocs, nnd liad been u membèfof my as toral clmrge, and the onlv ne of my cl.argc! wlio was Binong tlif; fugtlïve ; and lie is l havf sime carne:], was W inorliücd al leing brouglu lack Hi die "PearW" thai he refíieil to riMiiain in Lfeorgetovrn ; and was, tlierofore, relnuiantly sold. Vou íiiy ilmt "llio Clifipluin of the henale. a M.'tl)-.dUt Irrothor. enioruil tlie car, umi took liii tiroilier melliodist hy t li; li.itid, cliulti-d witli iii'ii tir i sliort time, nul seemi'il to view the tawmt-reniiiwg scène befo re liiin wiili as litil,. enflcnrn as vé wcnild I'a upou cittle.- I !,, ii. i know carne tu suictify the rtcj Dr )roiuuinon ilio pnrline r1èüïiKgr."oio. N,,v, my ipai' 'r, I shonld snppop ilint. in ihis -miiiii-v, 'o'.l knnwii iis I nm in the :itv of W.isliiuut ui, tlüit t was fciimpóteat f ir me tD g' int" ii railriad car - even om: i-li i I liy tiiê owikt tn onvHy slavos to Bikmiiiv - ivlier" I pérf.'bily 'iiiiliTstnod my aw.n ! 'iiu-ss, ijiïd the üprigirtnea of my vn mtentions. vitlmut lwtf% justiy li;ille to Inivt) mv initivos impiiüi.ed, und my conduct superviscvl liv J on. I !:iuivvn some men attnin to respectability unJ wt-jiUh, by minding their own busi ness; bat " Imsybodies iri other men's m;itters" Imve never leen, bhicc the ilnys "f t. Peter, nn rnvied class. The almve nnd sul) sequent oxtr.iets Irom yotir letter, : f :i rt fnun thé in uilV-st dispositiori to fling at the Methodist cüurch, anJ t ttri'ute to me hard-hearti-dness and tlie wurst of moiivcs. show a lain nttompt to In-ar ('iilse witness. (I do nnt sy dfsinedly. s I wijl not impute corrupt motives 10 yon ) , You fi'ft say tlint tlie invncr otthe slnvcsi- "tlie nntorioiis shivf d.-iilor of Baltimorc," and tlmt "he is ini-mlier of iIk Mothmlwt cluirch in good and regulnr sifnodinp." lt is nut mv place licro to disenas lio nat'jre of Mr. S's l.usincss. luit to Siiv plü Rr tlie iiifirmn' tion of the public. th"t he is not. nor lias lio ever been, a memher of tlie Methodist olm ch, s„ ns my knowlëdgfl extendí. And I ny furtlierniore. lliat 1 have liever known he;ird of i inpmlor of the Methodist phurch lx-intj i enífHffí'd in the domeotic shive tradc.either In-re [of further Soutli. nnlil I h.vird ittlironeh letter; nèd vón," r, havo th" um-nvialile res' )oiisil.ilny nf nftempting, "solitary and alone," to cast'tiiis iinpniation npnn the lirrct denomination of Chrisiians in ÍJnit.'d Stalos, and not inferior to Hliy other in piety, urénil nes-, and respectuliiliiy. Yon sy that "1 toik my lirother Methodist hv tlifl hond, and rhatteil witli Inm lor a snort time." Any one, n readincr your leiter.uonld concliidc, 'm tho üWnce of any other statement, t lint the dealer who had purchased tlinse slaves was a particular friehd of mine, whom I had com tn the cm-s on pnrjxMB to visir - to "chut wilh," and M "s-incti(y bid binirmW &c Now, sir, what will iho pulilic ihink ut yon, wlien I teil tliein. as I now do, tluit I did nut even krmw ïlr-it. Mr. Slatter 'm in the city', oi' tiiat lie liad heen at nll there nee the ratiiWI of ihe "Pearl;1' that 1 had supposed that those ilave who liad heen sold had heen boiiglit hy the dealers nf Atcxnndria and Washington ; and, conseqnenlly, I had no idea of seeinTr the sl.wes at the railroal muil I perceiveii thern tliere npon arrivina wilh my fam' il v ; nhil that my o:ily ohjeel in Riiing intp the 1 ci'irs was, as ahovo stated, to biqmre or tho cohr, ed man Henrv- :in nhjpcf wllicll Í avowed to mv family bfl'fnre inir i'" the c-w. - ! Upon enterini.% I perceived Ufe owner. n-lioul i miJwny ihe car; and on approachinir hun. l 'd'ul notciill him "n black heartcd villiiin." as vour coiidiutor, "N'oi-tli" does, in tlie Nrw York (íloiie, under the same date as your lwter, and, for the most part. in tlie very same wo'rls of your let tor ; nor did I 'Turnisn" liim wJ testimoniáis of tlieir reügious character, to help llie sale of ihem in Georgia," as he says perhaps I did - (in insinualinn so 'oase. ttial I will nol ai tempt to fiitliom tlin deptli of depravity that sugested it.) I sliook lian, Is : Wlttl Mr. Ö.. (is I urn in IiiiIhi "i ili'lujg when I meet )(rsons, black or white, honre even slisjlaly Unoun to me, and as 1 vvonld do [o "Big Tliuoder," if'you shonld cháncelo introduce hiltl to me, without llippiiaing iWI il, e -eliy assumed any if his moral resp.msibihties.) and nsklDU for'tlie per-o I came to lonk fnr, and kavin'g my itlention ili-erted lo hun, I Blmok hands willi him and wi'h the coloieil hd, whom I did not know; and havinji ex'changed a few wonls with them. T took leave of them, and left the car. The "chatting wiih the ownei-" is only one of the fatir.y touches of your picture, to help tho dramafic erTect. Ín regard to what you say abont my lmiking upon the sceno wilh iineoncern. I have oiily io sav, tliat when you shall have given as inueil nioney out of yonr own pocket, as I have done to pnrehase th.e freedom of coloreil peo pi e, and when you sliall have taken as njuoli pains nn.l expended as miicli lalior, hy nicrl.t und liy ilay, as I have, to promote, llie. plivsioal i-omlort aml imprnte llie morm condition i.f slaves v ii'l doe c.olorp.d porsons. tlien, I doubt nut thnl tlie pnllic. wli.-ro you ure known, will ronwi Ier i lint, yon liave giviMi inore unmitikf;ilile pvitlènco of liiimnin'y :liiin you will !. nveri if yin vvcre t wri:e a hmidreii letréw (t" atinok in ninfl'ncling minister of the Gospel) lieadeJ " Holtitoits uF Slwriiy." In regard tn tlie " Presliytorinn ministor." whom ynii allpgC " was tlie first tn slnkc n Itiirgitin iili llic stüve dealer, aml rrudco mercliiin.lize of Ciod's inimnííe," I hnve onlv tn sny tlnit I savv tlio nnino rif no T'resKyterian ministpr in tlio Hit "f nvners, ns pnlilislipil in tlie pnpcrs; anil tliat I Imvn niüile inqnirv in 'egvird to the miifer. nul r;in lienr nf' no sncli 'case. except in y"nr letter; and I tliei cfore I coiiclnil'.-il tliüt yon were. oiitirely misled in i tliis matter, as vou woro mistaken in llie re-f. Bilt I loav'e it n the lnnds of the Pieslivterian ministers of Washington, ff iliey slmll tliink it woilli v hila t con-iTt so iiiilrfiniie a BU tem ent, where na mie minister is initncd. I have not tliiniijlit ii in plncc in this lener, (nlreudy limger than I intenJi'tl) !i uiscuM llic nlistract questions - aliol ilion pr slaverv - as those. qm'stions are 1V mvself and ' llie Hahimori: Conforenco, of wliicli I am u mcmbor. l hol il no opiniims in rpgrl loanv snliji.'Cf. of which 1 ara asliami-d. And my ' opiiiimis pup (jeiieraHy (ie lind ly ifaoM who Imvc i rjgln to liumand tlic-m, nnd wlio mnkc ! gucli duuiaiid in a roper and repccjful inunnir. In conclusión, nllow me to assurp you thnt 1 il-ely ri'gret tlu nccessity (wliicli yon Iüivu luid npon nu') (o ailiireH lo joi: a single line in defcnce of' that rcjiniaiion i dearei to me llian anytliing oarlhly, and wliicli is tin; principal nWninneu wliicli a poor man can leave to liis cliildron. Wil. ulier lliis sliall end onr correspondente it is f'or you !o determine. I sliall mt uttcmjit I to provoke aggrossion. Bnt l " know my ri'rts ; und knowinjr, daro niuiiitqin tlu-ni." Hkniiy Slickr. Chnplain U. 8. Senate. r.enrjrefown, D. C. May 5. 1S4S. P. S. Wil! tlie oditori of newspajior vftt insf-rtpd Mr. Slingerland' letter, do me aiul tlie Methodist chnrcli tlm justico to insert tlie above letter I and oblige, H. S. To Rcv. Hcnry Sliccr, ibaplain ü. S. Senate. Df.rSik - In my lener lo tlie Editor of tlie Alliany Journal. desciMng tlie scene it tlie liailroad Depoi, 1 mentionei] that you, liein; prest'tit, greeted the Baltimore sliivp-dealer ly extending to him the hnnd of friendship, whilo he was actually employeJ in one of the ni.i-t revojiiug cnini-s tli .t ever ilimjnice I , „-,,,,;■ . „■,. una w.xr lliut ijiat statement, or ;lllV ,. . , , f ,! ,■ I, ter, cnntiiircl aiiy sjuf i.ipri thé uliiircli Cvitii wliicfi '"i ■■ C'mnefti'd, ilrr1,-ssn iliicreiül m.y l.e Veil. ■(■■,! y il lv ilic CTKCiinHiiinrotlmi it fiol'.ls a-itfiin ïtsiiósomthoie w)m nplti.UI, l.v ii.iliifiK-.' nf poijicn, tl. e lll.oinii1ati..n ñf Miv.t. It r.'tnniiis !,.!.■ sft-ii, sir, wlicihi-r tin' WUVrW y.i'i pui-ueil (il llie Ciirscnul.l, 1)V lilWr'HP. Il HM)oM-d tu tíncotlCHge shivory "i' shivc-dfulfi-s. In yoiif"iMl(ln:ss fn mf ihmiigli llip niVrrnn n( tlie TTi!,.n, yon siiy ilixtinctty, " I shook hamls witli Mr. S.." an.l fhii' w.n.l.l ib M ih Biiy brie, Tlje a.-ciiMcy of my dwr.iU: tion „f tli. c.tlier pu-W of the, l.i.mii yH ot n thü ic-iKt deny yon lo H"í !X tllMt !'"" tl:"'? hot fiom tlie .-yes ni s-Hi-atfd hinOwiidaani! wives, arciils an.l rlnl.lren ; yiiii iln not d.-ny tliat ttie sceno was rovi.lliiig W fecling of licart. Vet, in tl.e mi.lst nf tin reril(in" 8ppctcl, yon strike hands wit II tho pritnf actor! i uro S') llttle Hlfcct.'.l l.y tlin lirntui Imkiiipss, lUt yoO can nalnily and sliakc liands witli tin; dealer. Ñow. sir, 1 k yu if from tliose cirriiinstances, wliicli yon ilo not deny, and tliose wlucli yon dislinctly ndmit. nu honest 111 fer,.nce miglll not ( dr.iu-n, ituU y?'U "justify 1 slavi-ry "1 I-et ns see. IJniii tliij (mint. yu B'iy yn wem mm ma c;Ii-h to Hi-rirv. il memVc of your cti'nrell. Ii is lm.', thiii whil.ï ïifof Hi-nry's Immls wa hfiiivilv rone.l to tií.it lif a f.-llow-vuMim. you'tlie ifllïff; nn.l fiaeii llii' ('r.lin;irv lntaiiiiti witli liirn. But yon Ih11 M c.hv.tsmIioii will, kim. Wheli 11.! was nliout st,.tu,üf t.i , n l;in,l nfioi-mre imlearlv li-iitli- t" lh' HtuJet i.fthis iiiiiicin - ynii 'd 110 wonlnf ninsnhlinii -no nf luje Hr tliis teiwl.T hin.1) uf y.our flnck. I5ut nou di.l into ciinvcrs;.;i"ii wiili his h.i-mpi.K.r. Willi liim yon talked frufly, iiml smileil in tlie (ireMiCfi oftli.o victiin, nfniJ a sci-m' ifaat slimild liavo picrfPU, willi );iin iin.i liorrort' e lianl-t ln'irl Wlint. must liave l'-n lleni-'s èmotinna lien lie snv that liniiil Frorrt wliicK lie IühI n-ceivi-.l tho : cmhlBiiis of' i'lirist's lnly Biitl blomf, mi s KMiiieil te gri'i'i wrfic-li v ln W ciHisii;nn ; liim lo a pi'i-m "ravi' ! Bv lliis act, i'XprttsíJng, U censure. l"it oi,niira;i'mei.t, du! vnu urn jn-tity lite tra.lo in lm Ininor.s? Dul'vmi tic .r 'assiimi' iJw iri"i-'il i-esptinsibility "f the sliiw-ileaU-i-? Cm ycni aivp co.iiit.-iiaiico tn mie riK'a.'e.i in II wííIkhiI i itiiking of liis crimimitit'vi WouW ymi grtit "glit liijiid ij' i He nsánssíii ? Wonnl yon rcnHi forrfi your li-md in nniïfy i ihm Mm torrli'of incrn.liinism 1 ' W-rtnW Hm o .riimmiiy - wiiiilc! vuur nwn roiisc-ii-ncc btdll vou gniltU'ss of tin; b'ow I li-ir pirrcp.l llif viclim, r of llie nel llüit Hri'd ilie ilwclliiif; T You caruwt gire aid and nimf ui lo a man cnsagrd ,„ „..'wS wHvat anrmmgfiu ikorai i I bil.tij, Vi's, wliilo a person '? engngd in vlinl ynur chnicli csUHTiis to lip :i crime - wliile lic is ililitigan Kct wliicli ynu slmnlii iitterly mul iinc(jinvocally óondeinn, v"i ")''" hin, sluike iilti'r nn ri")roof or vvnriiiiiir. nul (1 ;isk yïin il llir iFif.Mi'in-0 is lint f';iii-lv ÜPHWIt) jiislily lus I deed óf Imscin'ss nini ciimí!. If liiin inli'irnrc. i iX)rrssiil plüinly H Hl Krsl. wiih lln' ircnnisiiinci'S iIimI !M0 1" it, is ciinrctlv :is 1 i'onlil tliL'ii isci'i-iiiin llicm. si-en)-; tp yu tu I1 m nn kimJ sliir n i i ii your oliurcli, 1 I""' " nouro ou ilint yo') lyrongly niterjtn! my meaiiinji. l'lie inft' i-fin e li.i.s f" ■ i- 1 1 ■ soli-ly in yoürself, nuil loses its wi-iüflit vvhi'lj csIcmiU'.I lo olliPr. I iry'iiti liflif-vp tliüi llit' iciuliitiiui i.f yoiirrtiiircli I wi'll sudor víi'ii it. is km.wn lluit mie ol ila ministers etiriturngi'S lli' frtiffifi in li"lirs 'iind sonls of men, yon will ilsn He'tiuil lh rrsponsiliility ri'sis witli yn ui no' uli urn-. 1 Imvc ilnis fiir tlnnijili liti'onn'iiüiiieil liiiílj I opinión nftlu' ilorlrini's oTiIh; Mellio.lisi rliurrh ■ i as well is nf the uciirnil diameter i.fiis mem lu'i-s. 1 d'ul not moiition tlif tacts allmii-cl to ' ftir tln )iirinso of ciisiii'jr ' oiiium irp cm ilwit l)in!v ii f Cliristüiiis. Nt-iihe'r Clirisl 1 nor liia rcül followerii ilisgrHCeil ly tlic COIullICt ot'.lllilüS. Nor (lij Clirisl U'lich lISloIcovor iip ilic sin of hvpocrisy. On tliw coiitiiry. He Himscirwas t$ Hrst lo pmctuim llie wickeilncss i(' li is iiiiwortliy fnlluwftr, Inmv Iftipr I (Icsircil n infn'in my reailer tliat profWsiiii; Cliiisüiiiis notonlv li"lil sliivcs, l)iil dfll iIhmii; nul Umi r(iicss(.l ClirisiiiiM minimier g.ivc tlic IkiikI ot' liici: Isliip to ■ shivtU-:il.T ■llgljl'll ill tlic HCtnal [.■[[). Tlïltioli of oiiUftgiH at. wliicli liiinianity slindilcrs. I5ut 1 have sincc l'nll in(]nrv is to lHttci's io lütion lo ilii: Mctlio'li-it oWurch. I fi'"l iliüt liis foiiiH'xioiiá gpuurallv il(' oftliHi f'üitli ; 1 1 a t he Limsflr colli ril Mitts lo support wfllmt imniiimtiim (rom tlif in-asinva rot I'V itii'trtiffiq in liiiniüii fle.sli ; ilml lu haviim a permanent IOW ill 11 Melliodii-t Cll'llcl] II RilllillMHl', Hifi l'is wilt! and ilinilitiT ari' meml)ers, luit lie is urn icinally i Cmmuiiirw. Wilh fturfs, I piesurn'-, yn mn Iihv Iupti (- miliar; huil In-u yiin look Wrti I'V li' iwHtl, mul Ciist cve iivcr thi' victims nriiiincl limi, voii rrn si liiive In-en coiiscioiis tli:it n ÏIih Itiiisiiri' wlucli llie hmifs iiikI innsclf. tl:o lilooj ntid siiif.vs of '.luwe rnnllifM iiikI lililíes ero lo li" suld, woiild :■ tu snstíiiii I lie cliuicli iind niinisli-y to wliicli vnii licloniT. Vou uitimato ihnt snel) prostitnlinns nf' lili' office nf wildier tril ol'tlu! cliiiriiclcr ofonr lioiy rc?lii;iiii) are koiiö nl ui.v Inisiiicis. . iio reinai'H eivji' itie cbiimcirr if il imili(ir (l' miwitlis httve 1 l)ci'n nmiuimi'(l ri'vcrently i Üstt-n t tli(J Vdice ut' VOUr su iilivilinn tu a pure iind Imly UoiJ in 'lii!f "f uur cmnitry, 'l'hat vne 1 lifiri] adilivsi'iiig h Ihv dealer in t.uics nf iViendsliip. witlmut H word i)f n-prof. wliili' lic wa in tin' actual pt-rpelrnliiin ni criirics A' tlie hUicki-xf dyo 1 h'ist; I, Is wliicli I Imva mi i.fcn sren mitnl to Hi'avon 11 pi-iivcr, vvimc u;ivcii in fi it'iully salutirins tn a unto -'mik sla i'cr. 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