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ÉWhonremmcks. TheadminislrntriroFcnlnméM - llio profeBioroftoo Water otire 7- ths diaiple of the great [Iahnennuin vvlio inlininisiiTs bis minute duzes, and wonlers at, tlietioiibjiefoitlieiniliiouf - the Steam doctor ? - ho Dotnnical doctor? - llio nicuni i:ei ■? Bnd ihe ten Lhnueand inveiitors of Patent curenlli ! which iaTüione trae system ? - we pauso for a reply. OurGourta "I Juv tice sliow tlic blistet-ing, bleediug, calomei Facultyoften niriigincd for manslaughter ; bnt lilce a band ofbrothers ttiey swear each thi'r ttmragh lliick and tliin. Tbt Water cure tai in.n like Sir E. L. Bolwer to prove ita vcnvcilitl medicinal ageacy, over a!l other iciiicilies. - Thni steps forth a host ofbelievcrs in Homospathy the o.vly trnasytóem gay they, - ohno, it asteamouly, ayi a most reipeotable group, whirh vou nu cly upon, il cured na wheo all elaefailed !-bold ! suvs another party botánica] treatment baaproved itsull' tlie only safo and reliadle meana of gure, we have been through all your systems and tliey all failed - botanicle treatment cured us: - A loud cali was heaved as trom miUioMof voicea - Vaughns Vegtable Lithontriptic Mixture - the Greal American Remedy. after all otber trials in all other medicine had proved futile, saved our lives. So we go reader, and the agents of th's medicine iu teis piase will give you a pamphlet, look into it. Dr. Ö. C, Vaughns Lithontriptic sella at a rute oí' many thousands per year.