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A MEDICINE KOR THE SEASON'.- Most all the prevailing oomplainta of this time ot'the year are easily cnreil f atteniled to in time, by the ?ise of the proper medicine, au I it is actmitted by I'hysicians well knowu here, that Dr. G. Benjamin Smitli'i ludían Vegetable Sugar Cnated Pilla re iiot only safe and pleasant, but really the most efticacions family medicine in user- C hilaren can take these pilla witli entiresafaty.for Collis Dysentery, Measles, Eruptions and olher disorders ; and the aged lind them admirably ailapted to their use for a gootl general medicine. They will purity the blood, and induce a heulthy action of the Liver and all the vital ftmctions. Aron V. Browii.Goveriior of Tennc6see, buys those pilla by the dozen boxesandis the best cnstomer in Nashville. He snys, " they are the best pills his family ever nsed,'' which is ulso the opinión of" all vvho maiie trial of them. A.T. HAVENS