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Arrival Of The Steamship Britannia

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New Yoiik, Juno 2G, '4S. The Express Mail Bleatner Buena Vista, froin Halifax, brought the Britannia's news to Boston last night. Tliere is much confusión in Franco, though affairs are generally more quiet. Prince de Joinville had been arrested in Paris. Princr Louis Napoleon and M. Theirs had been elecled to the assembij. It is rumored that Lamartine and Ledru Rollin wou'ii resiarn, and Tlieirs would probably succeed thern. Lamartine is suspected of conniving nt llir ifi'.iirs ot'the 15lh Muy. A decree lias ben passed to prevent turbulent assemblics in f'inis. Soltüera were obligod to rharge a large assrmblv at Port St. Dunnis with fixed bayonets, and killed many. The coramittee on conslitntion declared for a Democratie rcpublic. Besides their present rights, ihe people are to havo free education, and a right of labor and assistance. A great banrpet of 100,000 is to come off at Vincenncs, and created some uneasiness. Spain requires all Englishmen at Cádiz to give secnnty for thoir conduct. The Cholera is raging in Russia ; 150 cases ocenrred in ii one week. Notliing important from Austria. TleEmperor has pone to Auspruck, and refuses lo return to Vicnnia. Dislurbances between tlie people and the nobles. . The latter leaving Vicnna. The Bankers, Rothschild and other rich men fled. The foreign Ambassador had also gone to Dublin. Charles Albert has cnplured Peachrist and defeated 3000 Auetrians at Goato. The Pope is recovering popularity. Irrland. Ireland is still greatly excited. The repeal assncuitinns and the Irish confedcrations have united in one body; called the 'Irisli League.' Tbey will try peaceful efforts for repeal. - ! Mitcliell's furnituro sold enormously high as j relies. No further eflbl'ts have been made to imüct Meagher or Smith O'Brein. The con J federation has issued a manifestó quite as daring as Mitchi'il's treasonable writing?. There is very hule prospecta of mmednife ontbreaks against the Government. The Chartists arp making frequent distvirbancPs in England - Three havo been arrested and examined.