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General Taylor's Humanity

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The Albany Journal relates an anecdote, founded upon what we know not, to establish the fact of General Taylor's humanity. Well, suppose he is a very humane man is that a sufficient reason why he should be President] Are there not men with just as much humanity about them as he, who are otherwise tjualified for that station ] But is he really that humane man which he is represented by the Journal 1 Uoes not humanity shudder at the thought of humane bondage - ofslavery which ends only with death 1 Still General Tavlor lays claim to near 300 human beings, and lives upon thelr toil. And then the blood-hound scheme in Florida is indicative of no extraordinary need of humanity in its originator. Still we have no doubt he is as humane as slave-holders, and men who make war a trade, generallyjare. If any one doubts here is farther proof ; HeAU Q.UARTERS. AllMV IN THE SoUTH, i Fort Brooke, July 28, 1839. ƒ Sir : - ï have the honor to endose you a communication, this moment received, on the subject of procuring blood-hounds from the Island of Cuba, to aid the army in its operaations against the hostiles in Florida. I am decidedly in favor of the measüre, and beg leavo again to urge it, as the only means of' ridding tlie country of the Ir.dians, who are now broken up into small parties that take shelter in swamps and hammocks as the army approaches, making it impossible for us to follow or overtake thom witliout the aid of such auxiliarles. Should the measure meet the approbation of the Department, and the necessary authority be granted, I will open a correspondence on the subject with Mr. Ever3ton, throtgh Major Hunt, Assislant Quarter-Master at Savannah.and authorize him.if it can be done on reasonable terrns, to einploy a few dogs, with persons S'ho understand their management. I wish it distinctly understood, that my object in employing dogs is only to ascertain where the Indians can be found, not to worrv them. 1 have the honor to be, Your obedient servant, (Signed) Z TAYLOR, BÍ. Br. Gen. U. S. A. Commanding, To Gen. S. Jones, Washinston, D, C. Now, in this connection, we may as well cali the attention of our Taylor neighbors to the fact that they themselves, in 1840, expressed a deal of holy indignation against one Martin Van Buren, because he as President of the United States; only permitted the "cruel, barbarons and inhuman" in9trumentality of bloodhound solders. They have now adopted as their candidate the originator of the scheme, and the man who liteiaüy " let slip the doo-s of war," and are anxious to establish for him a character for humanity. [Cleveland True Democrat] tW The Boston Travelier etates that at the last meeting of the American Academyof Arts and Sciences. Miss Maria Mitchell, óf Nantucket, the discover of the cornet which bears her name, was unanimously elected a member. Thil is believed to be the first honor of the kind conferred upon a lady in this country. - Miss Caroline Herschell and Mrs. Somerville, some years since, were elected honorary members of the Royal Astronomical Society of London. trP3 About forty Whig papers have hesitated or flatly refused to go the Taylor imposition. Add to these about the game number of Barnburner jouruals, and the ndpent nomination to be made in August will liave quite a capita!, in the way of newspapers, to commence with. S3 Governor Owsley, of Kentucky, has appoir.ted Hon. W. J. Graves, the man who killed Cilley in a 3ue!, to suoceed Mr. Cnttenden ■tfd States Snafor from Kentuckv.