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The Sea Shell

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(rom the ucean- ;i billow pagsed o'cr ino Anrl covered with Bea-weed and glittering fonm I " tile snnds, and n stninger soon bore me the gay hnll oí his far dista m home. ..,;,. ite .nvrtles nnd roses ie deep. I am pim'og to be, ., voice within me my feeling discloses . . evermore ínurnmrs, tho sound of the sea. ky-Jurk at inorn pnuis a carol of pleasiu'o, At eve the sad ojghtiognle wiirbles lior note, The linrp in ourlmll nightly sounds a glad measure, And Bnaiity's sweet songs on the ar lightly flont, Yet I aigh for the loud breaking billows thattossed me, I long to the cool coral cavevns to flee, And wheu guests with officious intrusionaccost me, I afiswer thom stül in the strains of ilio sea. Since I left the blue decp I am ever regretting And minglcd with men in the regions above, I havo known thom tho ties they once cherished, íbrgetting, Oft trust to new friendship and cling to newlove. Oh, is it so hard to preserve trne devotion, Let mortals who doubt seek a lesson of me, I am hound by my.sterious links to the ocenn. And no language is mine but the sounds of the sea.