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WHSTERS' NEW VO1ÍK COLLEGE OF HEALTH, 207, Main Street, Buffalo New York DR, G. C, VAUGHN'S Vegetable Lilliontriptic Mixture. rpHIS celsorated remedy is constantly increañng its X faino by thu m;iuy cures it is making all over the vvorld. It luis now becoine lbo ouly medicine fok famit.y Dsx. and 19 particularly recommended for DROPSY: all stages of this complaint immediately relieved, 110 matter of bow long standing. Soe l'amphlet for testimony. G KAVEL, and all diseases of the urinary organs; for these distrussing complaints it .stands alone; no other article can relieve you ; and the cures teatified to will convinoe the most ceptical ; Liver Complaint, Billious diseases, Kever and Ague. To the Great West especially, and wherever these complaints prevail this medicine isofi'ered. No material agent, no dcleterious compound is a part of this mixture, it cures these disoaaofl wilh certainty and celerity, and does not leave the system torpid. See Pamphlet. PILES, b complaint of a mout painful charncter, is immediately relieved, and a cure föllows by a lew days use of I bis article : it is far before any other prepara) ion for Ihis di.-ease, or for any other disease originating front impura blood. - See pamphlet. DEBILITY OF THE SYSTEM, weak back, weaTs ness of the Kidneys, &c, or inflamation of same, is ini mediately relieved by a few days use of this medicine, and a cure is always the result of its use. It (tanda as certain remedy for sucli complaints, and also fur derangement of th feniide frame, irregularities, suppressions, painful menstruations. No article has ever been ofifercd except this which would touch this kind of derangements. It may be relied upon as a sure and effective remedy, and did we feel permitted to do so, could give a thotuadd names as proof of cures in this distreafing class of complaints. All broken down, debilitated constitutionï from the effect of mercury, wil! fiod tlio bracing power of the article to act immediately, and the poisonous mineral eradicated from the system. ERUPTIVE DISEASES will find the alternativo proporties of this article to purify the blood, and drive SQCO diseases from the system. See pamphlet for testimouy of cnres ia all diseases, which the limits of an adrertuement will not permit to be named here, Agentsgive them away ; they contain 32 pages of certificates of high character, and a stronger array of the proof of the virtues of a medicine, neverappeared. It is one of the peculiar features of this article that it oever faifa to benefit in any case, and il' bone and muscle are left to build apon let the emaciated and tingeriag invalid HOPE ON, and keep taking the medicine as long as there ís an improvement. The proprietof would oaution ttie public against a number of articles which come out nuder the Invul oí Sarsaparillas, Syrnps, &c, aa cures for Dropsy, (ravc!, &c.: They are good for nothing, and concockted to gull the unwary ; touch them not. Theïr inventora never thought of curing such diseases till this artii ■!.■ h;id loneit. A particular etudy of the pamphlet is 1 y Bolicited, Agcuts anil til) who sell the article aro glad to circuíate gttftutously. Put up in :iO oz. hnttlos, at$2; ï'2 oz. doatííl cach - tho largor holding G oz. more tlian twosmall boltlcs. Look out and not rel impoted pon. Every bottle has "Vaughn's Vegetable Lithoatript'c Mixture," blown upon the glass, the written signaturcof " G. C. Vrughn" on the directions, and ' Gr. C. YaugBQ, Saffkto," BttMtpêd "i the cork. No otlier Rn ienuiuc. Preparcd y Dr. (í. O. VaugbDi and soid at tho principal ofticc, 2U7, Main street, Ilufl' wliolesiile and retail. No atteiuion given tolett;r.s unltss post paid - oraers l'rom regularly constituled Agenls exoepted; post paid letters, soliciting advice, promptly attendi'd to, gralis. Offlcei devoted cxclueively to the sale of this arliclc - 132 Xuasau st. New York city; 2D5 Esscx st. Salem iMass.; nnd liy tho rlncipa] DrufgUtfl throughout the Uuilcd States aDd Canada is Agentt. For salo by 7to,dcl A. T. HAVENS, Battle Creek. O. Si 3. Gllill oml J. Owon&Co., Dot. Maynards, Ann Aiboi; 3. Sanipson Ypsiluuli; 1. Breckford Saline, Micli.i F. Stovuna Joncortl ; Hall, Sinitli &. Dunham, Graas Lako ; D. O. Whilwood Dextori T. VVheclock. Albiou; W. Jnckson.Lcoui ; A. C.Goodrich, PawPaw; J. T. Claphanï, Kalamiizoo ; Browu & Scott, Sehoolcraft; J. C. I.iinnioic, Nilos; J. L. Toby & Co., lauklOO ; uidO.H. Hvdi Jl u-lmll. J, W.OWGN, Travelling Ag't. llcady Hade Clothiiig-, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ! nALLOCK & RAYMON1) have now on hand a very largts stock of Fashiohable Ready made olothing, i milv manufaotured, and in the best miinicr, and vhich ilicy are prepared tosol], it wholesaleor retail, at tin: luwesh cash prices. Amnng their heavy stock 1 1 ; i y !■ fo 1 :i general assortmenl of all descriptions of inir-iits. Baitable for Brfring and Sunmor wear, such is fino Oashmerette, Tweed, Drap il" Ta, Sammer Clotli, Linea, aud other Sack and Fweed Coats. Öassimere, Tweed, Plain aud Faacy Linen, and varios other s1.y1os oí' PantaloonB. Sopar Satín, Silk, Bombaiine, Fanoy Merino, Mareilles, &q. &c, Vesta. Together with a very large assortment "f cbeap, duable clotliiiii;, ofDoata, Pantaloonn, Jaokets, Vette, Overils. x., &c, tbr Spring and Summer wear. All ia UMiitof' ri'iily in ule clothing, of any ile.scripini, are raspGotfully tnvitod to oall aad examine their tock ut tho wcll knowu " Olotbing Eïmporium," corner í JetForaon and Voodward Ave .,Det 11 TARNTSH. - Havens luis just. reoeived a large lot ot' l copal, ooaoh and dwing varnUli, japan, &c. ja,.] EWB l.nYandfiincy goodsat thochsap A.T. HAVENS. The Piles. ACURE FOR LIFE SECURE D I- Dr. UI'HAMVInterna] Bemedy fiw the onre of Piles, The Vígetable Pile Electuary, inveutcd by Dr. A. Upham, a liv tinguished l'liysician ofNew-York city, is the onty ■ ally successful remedy for thi.s dangeroos und distressingcomplaint the Piles, ever oflered to llie American public. The Electuary contuiiia un Mineral Medicine, no Aloes, Colocynta, Gamboge, or other powerful nnd initating purgativo. Ño fear of taking eold wliüe n its ínfluence no cbange in diet is necessary. Il' taken accordiug to iliri'rt ñus a cure for Ufe u guaran tied. 1 11 flnmmutory Disinsts. Although tlie Electuary was originally prepared for the cure of Piles, yel it has provea it.-'it te be a medicine lar superior to all ethers, in all disoasos of ;ui íntlannnatoiv charaetei-, with g delerminalion ofblood to Hiiv particular partor orgau. ín inflammation and cougestiou of the hver and spleen ; infiatnmatioii, and sore ness and ulceration of the stomach, boweia, kidney and bladder; iii inflaaimatory and mercurial ílicumatisin, it is llie beát meilifine ecr diseovered Tiiipiirlties of tile ltlood For all impurities ol the blood, arising IViim tlie impriident use of ínerciiry, or otlirr canses; for all discases ol llie skin and sorofalons aífeetioo! in all cuses wbere the blood is powerfuUydetermined in the head, producing dizziness and distress, U:1. üpham' Electuary is entirely anrivalled. TO MAKKIKD T-ADEIS. Married ladies are almost ioivariably sobjecl lo tbal painful and injurióos disease, llie l'iles, with consequent inflammation of the stómaoh, bowels and spiue, weakness of back, liow ofblood to llie head, &.c. The Electuary is perfeotly sale for pregnant ladiss, and the most usei'nl cathartic tbat can possibly bs ased as it willliotonly remove tlie l'ile.s and all indanimatory diseases, without pain or irritation, but will ensnre an easy time, u safe delivaey, and a sound coiisthutiou in the ofispríug. Peculiar Cases ail F.ffecís In !cv Kíis'"11 Clironic i'iles. - A workman in the gas house at Cambrideport, who liad the piles fifteen yèars, very 8everely, and %vas cou.-1a;itly exposed to be intense he;;! ofafurnace and greatly reduced by thu diaease, received great relief and a final cure by the ose of' Dr. Upliam's remedy. The case was a very obstinate onê, owing to tlie nature of tlie oceupation and tlie deraüged condition ofthe patiënt. Bloeding Piles. - K gentleman in Bedford, Mass.. who had tbc bleoding piles for many years, greatly rahausting bis system, was entirely relieved of this dis tressing and dangerous symptouis, by takiug ti ha'i ot tlie Electuary once or twice a montb. Falling ofthe Boweta. - A persoo afflicted with piles, and falling ofthe bowels, to sachadegreethatnoevacnation could be had without lying Satupon the Hoor, was entirely relieved and cured by ll:is medieine. The case was a veiy extráordinary one. Extreme Costiveness. - Numeróos persous, and es pecially témales, afflicted with extreme costivenesa and piles, with all those distressing Byptomsattendant apon such a state ofthe system, have been ahle ttt effeci an entire chango in this condition by the uso of this medicine. It is a very mild cathartic, and an admirable remedy for costiveness, espeoially for married women. Fístulas, Ulcere, &c, - In the worst c&se oï piles, wbere íistulas, nlcers, and cavernoas holes exist, the Electuary is alvvavs salutary in ils ell'eets, and it perseveringly ased, svíil produce a cure Two or three cases, whero a surgical operation was thooght to benecessary by tlie doctors, have been cured by this medicine It IS a perfect remedy for mercurial diseases in tlie intestines. Price, $1 por box, of twolve doses with rail tions and other information respecting tlie treatment and cure ofthe disease. Sold wholesale and retail by Wyatt & Kktcham, 121 Fulton street, and by A. 'I'. Havens, Baltle Creek. DR. H. F. PEERY'S VERiViiFUGE OR "DEAD SHOT." EOR WORMS A Higklij Valuablr Prcparotian, Capahle, from Ihe Promptitude ofits .Ictiorij ofClcansimj the System in a few kours of 'evert wrn THE cxceeding stnall quaotlty of tbis Medicine rcquired tu test the exisence of wonus, or to n;move everv one front tlie systcm, its ope rating in a lew hdurs, tog ether vkh Iti certa in ty of effect, ccostitute it oae oftho must bril IJ a at di.scoveries ofthe age. It seidom nceds in be repeeted .tnd never to be folio wed Uy any ether purge. Therafopo Lu urges! casei, :is tlioscofFiTS, spasjis, or coNvui.sioxs, c:uiscd by wernu, uui ivaled suieriority is maoifeat. Few medici nes arftbetter calculated to iinprovo die baltb of cliildren, RN wliare ilu , exist; as it removes tliose massps of crudillos ihat line and closely adhereto the Btomachand bowets, giving rise to ymptoms tliat coimtnrfcit every variety ofwvrm-disaase. Ahhoagh prompt uud certain in its operution, aod not unpleasant to ibe tatte, it is porfectly safo, and adnptad to Che teaaerasi ge. The follow ih m axtraci fröm a tatteraddressed toA. B. & D. Bands from tlic Agent at the Derby Line. DkrbtLinb', Vt., Mav 7th, Í246, Gentlemen : - I received the box of Dead Shot" V rmtftige about fiftoeu dayi ikn e, and liav aow oníy a fov dozen lfi uu hand wdich will bc ron a in less thau ten days. It aoema ta t'o the work to the perAct patisfüctioji of all wlio usp it. I hear somereat accounts of it, where it lias producod the expuUion of from 15 or ÜO lo 115 worms from one person, mid Baarly tlie saine number from sonio cliildreii. Of course you uill tlnnk vorms one ofthe prevalliof diaeasaa in CaDada and Vermont - Please seud ine auuther supply as soou as conveniont. Respect fully, T.C. BUTLER. The foliote ing is rom au eminent Phyaicinn, Jonesbohovgh, Tf nn., I)ec.3d, 16-14. Dr. H. F. Prfrv - l talie graat pleaaare in recomneadlng to the public your raluable Vermifuge, (propertv called Deal Shot.) I have been vending it íbr two yeara. Nothing oí lite kind have I er raold tast aaa givB meta aniveisal i ttisfactiou. Th e re was one cuso in my ínmediale Dntgrhborbood i Iiüi I nov recollect of in which one dose causad nxputeioQ of 150 worms from a smUI child, as the patent i n formad ui n aftorwnrda Vory respectfully, JOH. VANCEY, Bt D. Price 25 cents per vuil. Prepnrcd by Dr. II. 1. PxmtT, and retuil by A. B. & D. $AX1S, DrugfUtt, 100 Pulloa st com-r f William, New-York. Sold a]o l.y A. 'I. HAVENS, J. OWEN & Co. Detroit, and by DroggUta gciierally tliruugtiuut tho L'nited Sutes. 1 Scliool ISooks. ÍTUIEY DO SAY tint Havens bas besl foolscap, JL letter and billet paper, and tliat aclis bonks lower than at anv other establishment iu town. Cali marl see for yourselves. J To the Public. BEIFG obligad by ill-henltli to discontinue the almve business, all unsettled accounts must lx; arrangod without delay. I will be found at the shop o!' fxihun Durfee, whereall my formor contracta lor woik willbe falfiUed. 1 JOHN OALDWELL. Reinoval. THE Tsilorinff Establishment ofWUKam Roe is removed lo McCamly's Bloek, the corner store, where he will be glad to waiton hisold customersand all new ones who inay favor hiin with a all. 3 School ISooks. ÖUILLS, Steel Feu. Pan-Holden, Black, Blue and Red Ink, Wafera Seuluig-Wax, Leller Slamps. &c. lor sale choap at the APOTHECARIES H.LL, Eagle Block A TOBLACKSMITHS - Anvils, Vices'Sledgea.ul Ë&iffl hand hammers, screw platea, and a goed assortjr mentol'iron aud steel, for siileby William Brooks Battle Creek. April 13, 18-18. Flve Tons r BOUND and dry lead, whiting, red lead, &c. Also U 20 b!la linseed, curriers and lamp oil, turpentine, &o., just recsived and for sale at the ohMp droft More. A. T. HAVENS. Tnb ï'a lory. THE SUB8CRIBBR takes pleasure n inforining the pablic that he has resamed the business of Tab making and is ready to supply the public with artiili-s ol' his manufacture on at reatonable term! is auy otaer establialiment in the State. He proposes to tnanufaoture uothiag bui Wash-Tubs, and he will gaarantee that all workshall of the bostquality, The patronage ol'the publie is so]ioited. E. DA.ILEY. BaUlu Creek Maj-, 19 1818. 'l'owii Lil)i-aric. HAVáNShasjusl receive la largeau irtnientof books suitahle for town librarles, and llicv are io be sold ai low prices. Carpeilter'a Toola. AQOOD issortnn-iit will lo found at the hardware stniv in Battle Crook, consistmgof broad ozes, adz's o. s. and common misara, long and ihorl jointers, jack planes, si noot h iliil.i. h.illows auil i-ounds, skew and rabliit planes, bradí, match planes, base ditto, greoian ovaIos, sasli planes, nloughs, saw seis, (a n ar'ícle) broce uid bits, aagurbitg, steel squaro, maiked to I2tlis, slicks i new mago, scotch evay and hindostan ofl toaos, all of' vrltich will be lold likeap. Heal the Sick. tljBjipffilMH! Ï[1E proprietore, fnll of cunfidence in ibe virtuei o Dr. Soule' Sorereign Halm Pilis, whicfa havo griii ed tor i liriiM'lvcs sucli .-in euviable réputation in tb; short gpace of iive yeara they have been bétinre tliu - tbs inany carea ! disenso tliey have perfoxw ed - aojne of the patienta having been cenfijied to tlieii' beds for rnonths and years, ure truly Bstoniahiug, now challenge the worldte produce Iheir eqaal. long standing Dyapepay and habitual costive aew, tbey have nevcr tiiiled, when taken accordjiifi lo direcrions, to effect a cine give permanent relief. Old Livcr complaints, Jaumhce, &c, can bc petmaneutly cnred by tlio use of thee J'ill, as tbey operate diroclly apon tbc liver, aud caoM it !u iieri'urni u natuial and healtliy action. Forsudden attacka in children - sneb as colds (ever, wonns, i&c. - for gravel, rbenmntisin epitaal affeetioKS, fieadiche, coiigb and culds, they lave preved fln invalHalólo ruinedy. Tevkr 4KD Ague am) Chii.í. Fkvkr. No medicine yel diacovered has proved so effectual incuriug ogueoud fever, chili fever, &c, ia the Westciii Stah's, as the genuine aovereigu liahn l'ills. ':: have nevcr knowu :t single case, when taKen accordiii!; to dircctiims, wlime tbey bavo nol effucted a curein from one to aight days. Tbey cleanse and puiïly the Ijlood, and are, therefort', an effectual remedy for Scrofula, Erysipelas, mid al! ■ from au impure Btate oftbeblood. In nervous debility and female complaints, ibey have worKod wonden. They cpiiot the ne'rves by removing the cause of nervous irritation, and graduallv Btrengthen and brittg ihi the whole system. lïy way of advice to firmales aSicted with the above diseasu. we would say that large doses ofuuy kind of cathartic ore always injurious. These pilla abould be taken one al :; dose, every uight until a cure i% eflected. (Seu Circuláis. ) These l'ills wwe 6rs1 iutrodoeed n a noialeaá ínniiner. No gaudy show carde, or long apvertutmenti fïïled with certificates from persons that never lived, were resorted lo, hut were left to work their way into public f.ivor on their owfi merits. They are purelv Vegetable, mild but .-uro in their op ra! i' i, and perfectly aafe for young and old ofdebilitated constitiitions. Thev never Ieave the bowela cos tive, whkh cannot besaid of auyotber pil] now in ate. Grent eare has been bdten in selecting and compouuding the medicine whicb bas always been supriutended by Dr. Soule in person. For further directious, certificates ie., see the New York Botanie Instituto, published at Euclid, by Dr. E. L. Soule & Co., which may be bad of agents gratii. lïrnaro of ConnlciTciu! As there isspurioua pills in circulation, colled Orieutal or Sovareign Balm, bo sure to see before you bur that (bc name of" Dr. E. L. SOÜLB & Co." is on the face of the boxea. None others can be genuine. We aro nut aware that anv one who is making a spuriou artille lias yet dared to mnke use of our name; but some of them have bad improdence to imítate tmr boxes and copy our Circuláis, Certificates, &c. Unies ublic are careful when they purebaso. they willbe (l"red. The genuine Sovereign Balm Pille can Uo bad vvbolcaaleand retail of Dr. E. L. Soule & Co. Euclid, Onondaga Co. N. Y. J. Owen & Co., wbolesale and retail agtlts : Also, sole by agents in every imvn in the country, aud by A. T. Havens, Agent, Battle Creek. 1 THE GñEAT ENGLISH REMEDY l??,!í Colds, Asthtna, and Óouaomptin ! -L The time has come wheu Consnmption may tú elasaed witli the curable diseases. Tlie most fenrful m.iliidv ot' our counir jr has been oonqnercd ! The mot fatal oí all ■ eo lias yielded at lust tu ihe akUl ot man. Buclmn'e llungarian Btusára of Ufe, will speed certainly cure Consumptku, even ia ils m,,.,i hopetega forms, aud'in al! ordinary diseases of the cliest and Luugs, it is the most perfect and admirable remudy tu the civilized world. The Hun ;ar jan Balsaai vrat first diaètrrard by Dr. Buchan, of London, Eugland, aad has ban tested tor six yean by tho most emiueut l'byaiciuii in Great Britain, aid on the continent of Europe, where tlms proved the Great and only Keuiedy. li has recently been ntroducod into the United States, undet th ■ immediate siiprentpiidence of the inv-entur, and is now litterly sweeping Consnmptioii bom the land. Iunocnlation W to Sinull i'ux., tho Hungarian Balsom is toCoiuumption - au insurinouutiiblrebarrief ! Ohemists, l'hysicians, Medioul 8citi6s, and tlie great body of Gonmimptive patiautu, every when admittliat ihc most important work of the age has bef i ■ 'mplisheü - Consamptjon Pan be cureu. it has been introdnced, nll Httnaceas, E pectorante, 8yrups and Drops hare been dñcarded n iigelem - all systems of InbstaMion, Vapor Baths, TarSmoke, ChaiiRfs of Climate, &c., have been rejected mil the wróudeifdl prodadt of tho Hangarian Gam, obtamed from ttie ' MeUonga," oí Tree of Life, is now nniversally received by C'oniumptives, as the Only mui ree of í]ok Let im peiion afflictod with a severe and obstinate Congh, Intlamation of the Langs, Astbma, or any of tho symntoms of Cunsumption lose a moment of time iu aeeking relief from this GREAT ENGLI6H REMEDY. Delaysarc daugerous, and all other pretended remooot only úseles, but futally delnsive. Every finnilj in the üüited States slionld be supplied u-n!i Bachaa's Hungnrian Balwm of Lite, not only te counteract tho consumptives of the climate, but to bo sed asa preventiva medicine in all cases of Colds, Conghs, Spittmg ofBlooil, Tuin i the side and Chést, Imtahon ;:nt] soreness of the Lungs, Bronchitis, Difficulty of' Breathing, Hectic Fever, Night sweats. Emaciation and General Debility Asilmia, Influenza, Wlioopïiï f Cough, aud Croup. The great ir.erit of Dr. Buvhau's Balsam is this - that in all cases of l'ulmouy Consumption is 'ives Immediate Relief. A single bottle will reveal its astonishing viitu.-s. niul open at once the foundation of Health and Streneth tu the afflioted. BPTrice oftheBalsam only one dollar per bottle, withfull directions, Diuertatioun Consumptknr, No. tices, and cretificates of Bemarkable cures, &x. 1-8 '" For Sale by A. T. HAVENS. New Arnutffmeat ! &k MORS STOVES k S' " T.ATEK l'AÏTERNSü! Xf THE ÜNDEESIONED take pleasnrein offtríne to the cfablie a more complete stock ol'new and beautiful rtylee of Oooking and Parlor Stovaa than liare ever belbre been offerad u this mavket, togetlier with agen eral assortment of Hallow Ware, Coppar, Tin Sheet [ron, Stove Tipe, &o. &c., abc. The nttenton of tho Itove buyilig i-ommmity is respectlully solicited toas examinatioií of uur stock beforepurchaaujg. SAMUEL S. BURPEE. Mawball Ootober ::. 184S. Paper, THE uuderslsned will be suppljed ftom tlio An Ar bor Paper Milt, wiih the vanout déteriptioni oftbe above uanied article, nmiiulaclurocl at that place, coi,. siating of Printing, Wrapping au 1 Writiag, togetheT witli Blank Books. Theubov artjla will be soldfor cash ur exchsnjed for r;i;s, The above niay befound at the boe Store of .1. Pier sou, oiic dooi cast of the Hardware Store of William Brooka, E. DOKRAXCE, Agent. Battle Creek, November 28, 1817. 1 1 THOSB tNDBBTJST) to the tobseYiber, i!l plMia not wade for the fcmll to riu . bcloro eattrag to the Captains Oiliec toSriil.-. Battle Creek. April, 1848. B. R. OSGOO1). Sllüll ï.iuic, i-nii-tuiilly on liJind lor sale nt J A Jacob .V Co'a swriaje shop, Creck. óo