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Liberty Senatorial Convention

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The Liberty party of llio Sennie Disirict COmpoBï of the Coalities of St. Joseph, Cas9, Barien and Va Baren will meet In Convention at Centreviüe Si Josep Connty, on the lst day of August nt 10 o'clock A. . for the purpose of nmninating a candid&te inr Siate Sei ator to be eupported al the coming election. We sa to our frtendsin other couniics come, come by waggo loaiU, yon hall fint! our " latch itringsall our' a hcari reception a good cheer. As fast as daïeg&t6B Brrive 1 1 1 e will pleflse report themselves toone of the undersigned The St. Joseph County Libcrly Aassociation wi hold its 2d nnnual Meeting al ilie caifle time and place when wc hope to set1 every uur fHend of treedmn ii ooontry. Good speakers asd pond riugert wi' he in atteudance from nbroad. Come up one and al Come and we will breed a Hale storm that shall smas! in the old wiudows of Whigs anti Locos, Mshsnd all. S. .1 M. HAMMOND. C, H. STOW, W. B.BROWN. Committe of Senate District. Centreville June 30 1848.