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Cass And The Quakers

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The Cass organs all over the country aro denouncing the Quakers as "lories," because n the simplicity of' their 1 irts, and honeaty of purpose, they prefer to go for General Taylor, an honest brave o ld man, to General Cass, a truckling, shifting demagc ue - publishing two edilions of his wonderfi 1 fife, one ld cheat the South, and the other to swindle the Nnrth. Sach trickery is not countenaneed by the Quakers. They prefer the open, frank avowals of General Taylor. Cass is alwayi for war - Taylor is for peace, altliough his life has been spent in the camp. The Iridian State Senlinel has the following, repeating ihn vile slander about General Taylor and the volunteers. Tuk FniEN'DS - No matter tliougli ! Taylor wol-e that our volunteers were CUWARDS, and of coorse the Quakers, vvho are Tories, and all other Tories will hurrah for him - no matter if iio had cut the throats of' their MÜTHERS." Detroit Daly Advertiser.] 1" We are indebted tv the Hon. Charla E. Stewart, fot Congrogsional Documonts for ivfiich he has íur ihanks. Ï5P The issuing of uur paper lias heen dolayed tiiis week, on account of the sickuess of' one oí our printers. S Nothing is learned as yei of the cliild that was lost on the lCth inst., and strong suspicions are entertained that tliu Indiana have stolen it as a number from Canada have been lurking about the neigbborhood.