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Hints From The West

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What man can be found n aíl tlie United States, fot svliom more good men of all parties opposed to slavery can conscientiously vote for President, tlian for Hon. Jolin P. Hale, of N. Hampsliirc, His manly, noble conduct in the Sonate of llic United States, has been a suffieient warrant to every freernan, tliat lie is a man capable oí' being tlio Cliief MagistratO of lhi.4 na (ion. líe lias stood likc a mi;lity roe!; m mid ocoan ; and wliüe tlie angry billows were dashing against linn f rom all pointa coinpass, he wasfirm, and still firmer llie more they ruged. Already those raging waves u were fuatning out tlieir own shame, have I driveli back to lasli into fury their on sborc. lt ís hopud tlicre will be a number of the best speakers of tliose who love liberty at tbo fúñalo Convention in August, and lliat Hon. Mr. Halo will be nominated for the Presidency. Sliold that be the case, he will probably receive many more voles frorn the freemcii of the North, llian any other man. So may lt bo.