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Washington. August 2. for tome timo [t Inmbbñog uP tbe tabto. Yim „,,,, ,,, -tLrereSnStí0Thef P" i;)'; nr v oh foUou-ed W .-osodo of tho ebamber, and the resoluta WU not Bceivod. ORKGO BILL. The bilí carne, from ihe Houae upen tho quea,,„„ concurr,ng in tho amodmontB of .he conm.-t1c of the Wl.ule on tho State of the U.m.n. The .Cnatorial „mondmente . ready concn-cnco lid uo tbem, tht allown(; .II wh.te persons Aovóte, leaving out the word 'freo' oro -wh, Tho veto power was taUen firma tho "v'!'"or Upo„ the fcnay, by u vote of 133 to 63. Manj of tho Locoloco roetnben, ■ voted the r)i,,oi-ity, but afterwarda changed their votes. ORDtNANCF. OF '87. Tho ñmm hnd been nfeaut An bWW "d hrifion, when the -tu of war" carne, „pon tho ordtiwnce of '87. The Cornmittw, 73 to 66 L5 volito 6tnUe ont. The quosúon .upo, concun-cncc with tbe Committoo. The rote n oarcfully ob.ervod, and tcited greA l ; BVt The voto wns carefully read and recwrüea Aaainrt taseurrence, for tno ordinam ,) 1 1 Fo coKun-eocc, (uënin,t tho ord.nancc) 8 T"y U, pon the Ensene oed t without división, thouííh with evident, dissent, and the (lal itrugffle reserved for the question, 'Shall tlio Bill pass .'" The trial sooü ciiiiic, and the result was - Fortitebill l!) Against the bill, "1 Mr. Wontwoi'tli moved to ro-consider nnd to Iny tho motion upon thetebl. The passnge or tho bilí wiis tlius clinched.