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General Taylor's Letter

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Samo few weeks Binco we pubiisheil an nrticle retmveA throngh the National Reformer relativo to nplanation of General Taylor's on the Rio Grande, nnd a!o, thnt he had aiithorized Ws agent to invest froin ten to Bfteen thoniund dollars in slaves to stock it. Whether the report was correct or incorrect, we da not Miert, dirther than evinced by tho wide circulation without oontradiction, until the following appeared in the Ciucinnati Gazette, purporting to be a lettfcr firom Zacliary Taylor to Cnlonel A. M. Mitchell. We leavc cvery one to judge of this, compared with General Taylor's other letters and draw their own conclusiims. We intert this trom the fact that we mean impartially to ndhere to the truth, and, ns ftr as in our power, todo justiceto every man. As wc gave ciivulation to the other with our coinments, we are willing to give publicity to this and let the people decide. As decidedly and concluiively a we are opposed to the eltction of Gen Taylor as President of the United States, we wish to do him justice, and should rejnice to seethe dark stain of Slavery entirely removed l'rom kil charac. acter. We would to God that he could declare to the world with iunocence itamped upon bil brow, that he claimed not the inhuman and oppressive right to hold liis fellow man ia bondage- as we hold that no inanclaiming this unjust privilege, should be elevated to aky office in the gift of an eulighUMiod people. Batox Rouge, La., July 14, 1848. Mt Dkar Colosei. : Yuur kind letter ofthe 13th alt. has been duly received. Iureply to your inquines, Ihave toiufonn'you llüit I have no laúd 011 the K10 Grande, nor have I sent $10.000 or nny other siun to the District of CoUimbia to purchaseslaves; and I trust that, if I bad such a ram in my possession, I could put it to a better use tban buyiug lauds on the Rio Grande, or sluves in Washington. Ainoug the mauy accusiUions broaeht agimist me by my oppcmeiits, I hoiild bemueh Tatified to learn that they had succeeded 111 eubstautiating the charge ÜMt I bavein my poanaiioo so larga a sum for any purpose as the one íbnve mentimied. I beg that you will not put yourself to any trouble to meet the objectiom urged agauirt me by thoee oppoud to me, if they are as grouudless as the one in question -for, vvhen they.see fit thu? to disregard I lie obligatious oftrath, t is usoleas to conteud wilh them. Witli my best wishes vuur health and success, 1 remain. sir. verv respectfullv, your ob't Bervant