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WeínesJay, Aug. 9-3 P. M. Tho convpntion was oniled to order hy the temporary President, whcn Preston Ring, frorr. the committeo on orgnnization.mnde the followingr report : Tlie committce of ono frnm each stnto on tlio normanont organizntirm ot'tfie cnnvcntion. iimiiiiiriiiisl !i'C'iinnii'ii(l : - CIIAR LJES 1'. ADAMS, of MasMchusHt, s President: - Thnt tlierc he pne Vice President hom ench linie representad hl llie convoiitinn, and onr Vom tne Districl of Oolumliia, to be selected liy ilie delégate fnom the difforeut slates. - (The Vice President were subsequently appointed.) Tliat C. B. Sedgwick, N. Y. J. E. Snodgrnss, Mtl. Chas. V. Dyre, III. A. M. Jolmion, N. J. Thos. Bolton, Ohio. F. Tyler, Penn. Ralph Rutler, Jr., Me. as Secretarles of I lie cnnvemion : That I lie folowing be recommended as the mude of' rppreaentation lo lie Rtlopted ly 'I'R convention : The convention s assembli-d n purgannee of a rt'commeiidiiiin nf ibe stiite iifOhio, held at Columlius un the 20ili day of June lasi. The conventioti recommendcd the appoint ment of six delegates at la'ge from each state that should choose to lie represented, and three delegate3 from each congressional district. Sevnral 8tntes have followed that recommondation, as to ihe number of delegates, wliile in other state., county nnd district meetings have appointed a much larger number iliiin that proposed, and in somt', a smaller number. The committi-e appointed liy the delégales "f the svenil States to confer upiin the SLiliject of organizatiomand representatinn, have had the sulijeot uniJer consideration and beg leave to sulimit to the ponvention the folio v i n er rules to remedy as far as possiWe, the ineqiiality that wonld arise in voting en mass, per capita or ly states. 1. Each s'ate shall be entitled to six conferees, to becomposed of its delegates at large if it have them in sufficient numbers, if not, they shall be appointed by the delegates in attendance from said state. 2nd. Each congressional district of a Mate represenled.sliall be entiiled lo llire-e conferees. The. logiilar delegntes of the district símil lie sucli conferees, ifenough are in Mtendance, if nut, tb numlier m: !"■ gup.plied ly t lie delecraics from said state, trein any persons attending frDI saul state. 3(1. Tlie said conferces sliall constituís a oommittee of conference, nnd sliall liave ful 1 power to sit during :lie Hltings of tne cc nvention, and to entertain and decide finally any question referred ly the convention, or any qucstion lliat sliall lie originated in said comtuittea of conference, and sliall have full power on llie subject of representation. 4tli. Any question in convention sliall be referred to said com minee, for its final action upnn the demand of one liundreil mernliers. The Report was unanimously adopted, when A committee of two, M(ssrs. Rathhun, of N. Y., and Chese, of Ohio, was sppointed to inform Mr. Adams of his election and conduct him to the chair. The President took his seat amid deafening cheeis, The foHowing gentlemen were named as 'ice Fresidents : Wm. Bruclhury, Me. J. W. Wriglit, Ind. K. rainard, Vt. Byron Kilbourn, Wis. J. Mills, Mass. Vm. Miller, Iowa. A. M. Gollins, Conn., R. S. VVilsnn, Midi. D. L. Rogers, N. J. Robert Gaadner, Md. M. A. Kartland, N. H. George Crai;:, Va. E. ü. Gazzam, Penn. W. R. Danforth, R. T. N. Spindler, Ohio. A. H. Diokinsnn, Del. Sam'l J. Lowe, 111. L. S. Nol.le, Dist. Col. The cnnvciüion bcing organized, the President invoked the attenüpn of the amhence, to tic following appeal to the throne of grace ly iIir Rev. Dr. Tucker : O God, onr lieavenlv Fatlier, npon this vpry iiiteix'siing occasion we would iJesirc t" itivoke thy special lilessing to rest . upnii this groat mul titude acsemliled to delibérate iipon subjpcts of momentousimportance to onr country. Thou hast vvatrhed over ns with kitulness ; thou hast bt-en our God and our fiither's God - the f.tther and protector of our country. We bless thee tliat in thy iirovidential governrnent over our world thou did'st reserve tliis country as an asylurn for the npprewed in tliis laiier day, t hat here tlie afflicled of every nation under tlie vvliole heaven can find a country and homo ; a land of biblea and of bible freedom, with the exception of that dark and foul stain upon our esculchenn, the slavery of one portion of our felJovv men ; bttt wc rejoiee thsit in Hls gom] providnce sucli a great host have asseinMed f'rom all parts of this gieai confedcincy lo wipe nut that dark stain upon our country, and te proclaim Lilierty throughout. all ihe land. We 1)1ps? thee, that when our fathers were oppressod in the land of their cliildhood, tliou did'st open them an asylum in tliis Wi-siern world - a land that was sung of by thfl poets and furetold ly iIiiï piophets of' ancien! times - a land far lowards the siMlinor sun, the El Dorado of' human freedmn and of human grentness, where mnn iis to olilain lus whole stature, phvsically, nieiit.i'ly nnd spiritully, and where lin was t ba a parfeot benijf ere he lelt his pügrimage below. Tliou did'st turn avvay the prow of every Spanish vescl llini tliey might plant t with the puro seed of republicunism. Thou did'st watch over our colonies in tlieir inikncy, for they obeyed, loved thcir God and souglit liim in prayer - they sought his guidance and so berame great a.rnong the nations of the earth. And thou hast made us a bright and morning star for tlie universal emancipaiiun of man everywhere, so lliat. in tbis very day thou art overturning tlie despotisms of tlie eartli. Tliou art causing men lo turn llieir eyes and their attent m n lo lus Western worlii üih! ta copy nor exumple. O, we i-:i v ''l('l '" -'w' "s "'isdom til u alk in tilt hglu of lliiit word ilion, hftjl nrdninej as ttic lifht to our pnth, and iliat we may be ihal peoplo t'iat sluill ktlUW llie joyfal sound. And now that thou hast blessed ua in times past. O, be with us now, especiaily while in the commencement ot' tliia convemion, whon quoslions of deep interest; affeCHug the very vitality of tho country, shall ba proposed. O, God, wc pray thf-e to give liannony und kind feelingl in all the delégate; und thoiiL'li their political feelinfrs shall le as difieren', and varions as tito phytioal complexions ihat compuse tli is conventioD. we eicli possess a unity in the spirit, and lor Inch this convention was assembleo. (irant to guide its presiding officer - iri-ant that the mantlo of hia fither may rest apon him, now that he has been gathered to his dithers. O, may the son riso up with his father' patriotism and his fathrr's piety ; may he fulfil tho destiny and the condition ftm) the circumstauces his father held in the eya and councils of his country. May the officer be abla to direct all in harmony. Grant that the deWat,s may come (o that .culi thatmay ro Í,ivftl,e favor otull the penple A ml o we pray thee our beaven y Fathcr, te giv as one independent man. and yct b w.lhng L ivo h pnvn.e interest to the mmonLInto thy hand. we comirnt the cause that ia .ought ,o be advocated throgh these dehberationl God in his merry cause the suMiitie f. which mnny prayera have been of. fered and inch toi tendured ; and from the breoking up of ihia convention mny the trumpei sanml go forih pröclaimine liberty throngh out all lamia. ïmo thy hand w commit oar.elve,. May we love each ether aa thoa hast roinmanded'ui.. and may wc love thia beautif country thou hast given us, and these in„itution. t'hnn hast given ai. And when we .hhll have arromplishrd each onrdoty and (Kir dntinv, in tl.e morning of the resmrect.on, mav weaacend wilhlhejuat. Ami-n. At the conclusión of iho prayer, which was listr-ned W WÚh .ileiice.the Prdnl addiessed tiie convenlion as fbllows : Fellovv Citizf.Ns:- Itis a matter of dcep nd hmplfolt grutilude to me that I liave been selected M im unworil.y itittrugienl to presidy over tlie delil.erntions ol' tliis grent borty, 1 svould apoloise fur my unfiuiess were n not thnt I see in the multmide of speaking fiices liefore me, and 1 feel in the mass of sympatliizing hearts arounrl me, gome secnrity tliat jou Wlll all contributeto make my Iabor8 ligh'. Fellow Citizens. yoa have all assemblee) here to day out of pure devotion to a principie- lliat principie cJothed as il has been. in techniciil terms, which do not exoress the Jes, lias vet regard to ils support. The multitud t lint 1 see befoie me, give me assurance "f tl'i' intelligence and the virtue of the people which 1 iicver doubted. Whentlie Wilrnot Proviso went ont, tlicir instincls told thorn tliem llial liunian lilurtv win n dnnger; and tlie unsvvur is pbat tliry see ln-n (Clieers ) I linvo lieen told, fellow cilizeii, ly tliose lio(Jo nut ssmpatliize in lliis gloriou raovumenl, that ihe VVilmot Proviso, was, hI ter 11, nolbing but an ab.itaetion. W.-ll, to a certain extent it is an aljstruction. But 1 am willinff to sav what it is not. It is nol bread arui l)Utter - it is not roast beef and tro nollars ad.iy - Üs nol a nice provisión under governnent asa reward lo party services. [L.iugli er.) No ! the Wilmut Proviso rises above all ! bese things. Itis an abstraction, but so was MaSna Charta, so tlie declurntion of' , ence ; so il is wiiii trutli, atid llio don ot CJÜÜ n alwtractiim. Bina is this uhstraclion tlial uises mankind above the brilles perisli. lt is thut raises a, and feilow citizers, H s on these abstiaelioiis that we rre now rallied o save tlie country and restore it to that possession wliicli it has deserted Feilow citizens, for my part, I regard the Wilmot proviso as covering a great deal more ground tlian you imagine. I regard the Wil'not proviso as a struggle between nght and wrong, truth and talsehood, betweeo the principie of liberty and ihe rule of slavery. Now, follow ciiizt-ns. is tliu accepted time, when we all come logellier to represent wliat uur poition is.and liow far llie go ernrnent luis drilied t'roni tlie ancieiit landnmrks which our lathers set up. Now is the accepted time, when we are taking a new observalion oí the national hip - and if she Aas diilted IVom her course, we will try to put ber back ugaui. [Applausu ] '1 hu i)iR-s:ioii which is nuw Uetore us, is uno ivhich involves Wie qurMMiu.whether wc sliall atlhere to thfl ■oteiun principies of th declara tion of - whuther we sliall deduce governmeut Erom the conseiu of the gverneil, and wlietlier we sliall exlend tliis goyernment wliicli plomóles justice or injusiicc, in ihe lemtories oi' tlie West. VVhy, folloW citizens, lliese questions riso above u.l mere common hisv. Man, hy a principie oS natural law, oud hy b pi inuiple of tlie Uiw ui God, is free. - Noiieunle are autliorized kiiowiiigly lo tiüW THE liliDS OF MORAL K'IL. [Great applause.J The Constilution of llie U. States never contempluted ihat we, as a pepple, shuukl créate u system oi' uijustice, yet it is a fact tliat the solenin principie we liave proiesscd for several years have been calleo1 in quesiion y men in high places - they have been pronoanc ed lo be alistiactions. Yes tliey have been proliuunced to le lasel! It is highlj incninlient upon usif we mean to stand by wjiat iu. tathvrt taught us - It' we udinue iho principies of Loclie.and character of Hamplon and rvSMt a systein which will carry us back lo the wiilings of Rouert Filmer and philosopher Uubiis. Fellovv ciiizens, it has come lo tliis, tliat we are to be lesled on these points, and upon the ifsulls ol' lliia ulociion. l (irmly beliv tlml ilie world is alimit to know wïiether we are leully the devoied sous of lüx-ny, or whelher we ii-e agoing la u llie whule of the wt-stern conliiieia lo men wh dentiuncé uur principie, l-ellow citizens.we are iibtigBil, under a iiecessity.wiiich we WOU ld resist, lo doimuncc tlie orgii.iizaticiii ui' the old poüliuul purlie, as nu Uinger wortlty ufihe coMfivioiice nf i Uvu peo pie. (proUmgi-d cheers.) Tliey liave shown liv llieir aciions. lliat tliey hve mi systetn if policy exeept Kgbuug witli eaph olher to gei placea the [rrito of the stnigle. Tliey ue iiiitfil in one tliing.iiinl lliat is. to ut down the principie f lilieity, amJ stille us existence on tlns continent. We know the rosiill "f thr action ot tlusojies, mul huw t ! i it r we huve ueh and onderslund what it is tliey are C mfetijing tor, wc come forward mul set uucordingly. Felluw ciiizens, what adifferent spectiide is pifffcsitied to those who lurii their oyes to where a trae principie is to 1; curmd uut. We cl.iiiri to ue uf those, who, though we miy destre snecess, yet with tln.t Ijiccew, we nieim l carry our principies wilh us. [Clieers.J Tlie eyes nf tin' whole country are upon yoür action tliis ilay, and tliere are nviny illdispüseJ persons who are engerly looliing for mUM nianifustation of ilistiiiclion and división which sliiill succeed in di'R-Hiing as lar as any liuraan power can defe-u our men. Looking al the result of trieir own envenliont, in which they have presented a mortifying spt'Ciacle ol' división, tiiuy suppose that we who come here, are just in the sume posiiion with themselves. [Lughter.[ Tliey do nol cinderstand the dilïerence between themselves inil us. yet. They do rot understand that thi;y ure fighting only for expediency, and expecling notliing hut place. lint hrre lüive %ve come together with nn anxi"ns and ui e&rnest doaíre lo mrk nut a p'iHtt'iirrn ii wlucli we snall arrive ut truili, miel tliet) lo 11 nite in iu snppoi't. Thcv ilo IOTI unJeMtu] ilmt we come licre In set ii n ttaniinnl of fr.-plim .nl trutli. EVEJiY THING FOR THE CAUSE AND NOTH1NGFOIÍ MEN ! ! (Lrnid npplmise.J Let your dolih antinm then proooed. nml tnay the divine blessing rest upon tlie resnlt., so that we muy hüre rnaku ore step forward towanls tlie consummation of a model Chíiistian RbuTBLIO. The address of the President was listened o with deep attentii ,t.,-Juion w epnnded lo in onthutiat . cfceeri f rom out ess tliousands of human volees. Mr. Butler, of New York, moved a cammittee of three frotn eaeb. State, aá lli" satno from the District of Columbio, to repoJt vvsulutions for thc consideration if the conventicm. The committeo is as íollows : New YorJc- B. F. Butler, Joseph h. Wiiile, H. B. Slanton. Mainr - D. Fnrnswortli, Alfred Johfon, Jumes C. Woodmnn. N. Hampskire-3 '. G. Hoit, W. A. Mantón, G. J. Fogg. Maxsaciuscts - S. C. Ptiillips, Cliarle Sedgwick, Josliua Leitvitti Vcrmont-J. I'oland, Ashhel Pcck, Daniel Roberts. ConncrtLut-W. H. BurWg'-i, C. W. Flnlleo, F. P. Traey. Rhiule h'and - W. G. Hammond. New Jerxey - Jcilin VV. .Stout, VV. Dunfram, Gen. Updyke. Pcnn.illrfinia- E, D. Gá, J. C. Wells, John Duugherty. Ohio- S, P. 'Chase, E. S. Hamlirv, W. A. Rogers. ManJnnd - Edwin Thomus, J. E. Snodrris, '1 hos. Gardner. Virginia - Grorge Craig. ' District of Columhia - C. L. NoWe, Indiana- S. C. Stevens, S. A. HuíF, Samuel Hoover. Illinois - I N. Arnold, Wm. Lovcjoy, T. Richmond. Wincomin-l. Codding, Hans Crockar, L C. Milla. lowa - William Miller Michigan- H. K. Clarke, H. N. Ormsby, S. I'. Mead. Delauare- Jacob Puse.y. A. H Dixort. Mr. Giddíng, of Ohio, I eirig cnlled Fór, adili-esseil ilie cmiventirm, añil whs fiiTloweVl !y E. D. Cnlver, and hVnj. l1', Bnllpr, of New (,.k. Thiise -ijx-.-i-lic-' ere ;i . 1 1 i i ;-= 1 ' - in tlie inniii. H (il .Icci'..-! m cli iipplaute Vte ahall j)iilIÍ3li iliem lii'icafiiT. 'l'lie Prenitlent auming iliat a VMii.-ry wo'J be plttxaiflg ti corivpiaimi. siigüO-lH.I ■ son from a-mcrnber of Úw Hutcinnson f.miily, wlio vva present, wliicli was receive.l witli uobounded !i.plause rminy of the merabers jining in tli! choius. ATlertlio aniuHinccmcnt tliat llie cnlcTeo appoinled ly the i.f i he several stte. in nUedience to tlie rpciiranietiilalion of the commiiiee on otgnnlzniioo, would meet at iha eoiirt houae ai 7 1-2 o'clock, the coiivóniion, at 6 l-2o'clock adjourned to 9 o'clock to-roorrovr morning.