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Arrival Of The Steam Ship Cambria

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Sunday the ]3üi, 2 o'clock P. M Tho nows sof the most, ímportiiutcharacter. IltF.i.AND, - Lond John Russel luis at last resolved to strike the blnw. Ireland ís nn thc ove of insurrertion. Tlic tónglUh Government ii preparing Por tlie Qrisú liy concentra ting tlieir forcee in and abont ('ork, LimeiickJ Tipperarrv, arnl the principal places if the licad quarteri of the reform party. They hve 20.000 troop in readiness. Tlie Queen has suspended ího proclamationófthe Habeos Corpus !av. The government has o (Fe red L500 for tho appreliension of Meagher, O'Brien and other leaders. The Lord Lu'ut. has ordered for the snppression of all clnlis. The Government is confident of triumpliing over tho insurrecüonists. The ammunilion and arrns which were in the hands of the peon!e have heen uearly all taken forra thein by the ftuthorilies. The printing offiicertfthe " Dnhlin Nation lias been aeized.and ihe coinpositors and men engaged aboul tlie offica have neen ar-! resied and throw-a intn prison, charged wnh felony and treason awaïnst the goveriiment. - Tliis account has CHiised the most alarming citement. Even neutral inlialiitants. who have never lakpii pari itli i ie patriot, havo ntiNV daclared against th-j gevernment. The accounts from the hitherto quiet districts in the Bouth of [relanö, stato tliat they liavebecome rehellious, and insurrcctions theatening in that quarter. Exci.ANii. - The Chartits of Liverpool are c.n is ing on tbeir demonatrátioni cve,. to reoell ion, "and the greategt f-ars are entertained of ! an outlireak tnere. Fhance. - Since tVie last nutbroaU and complete stippression of tlio insurgents in Paris, nothing has occurrcd to matcriaüy marthoquier, or causo appreliensions of furtlier antl-öovernment oul-breaks. The conünentals inquiot suljorclination