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An Inside View Of The Parisian Revolt

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Paris, Jnnc 29th 1S4S. Continuad. As we apprnaclied Paris all was perfectly quiet ; the inhabitants in the liltle villages throu;h which we passed, did not seem unusunlly excited, and yeta desperate conflict was on in the Cnpiinl - the centre and head ol' the naticm. T!ie sim ujHfcjning down ; c weatWr was ñne ; tlm slralmost cloudless ; a general calm seemed to pervade all Sfature. We pa.gsed Montmoreucy, celeprated for its benulifíil forest walks. where , seau had dreamed of nu ideal happineès, re served for a future epoch, nnd Robispi pre had deeply studied political principies whic-h lio trusted would ushor in tliis epoch; and we tirrived at locgth at Sr. D.ennis, about two leagues disiant fropi Paris. Here the Nation al G-jard g:r. out, an.l formed into cotiinii3 and marchad ntP Paris by somo cireuitous ' route. The part of the Capital which the ntHroad entered was in the hands of the ! gents. and persons were placed in St. Dennis, i ló tiOjrm tiiem of the danger. The ' gents wouid have attacked them or any anned men, bul not travcllers without arms ; lliere was cfti.'icq.ientlv no dangerfor ustp proceed, ; an.l we !id so. The t?ain pauld not eijerlhe city, and it sttipp'ïd jyst. outside the walls nt a large dpot Rftil.ioad Oompnny had its workshop?. The btlter depot with its yards was siirroundèd by a high wal!, aiid a bfsoldidrs was stalioned inskle as a puard. - ' i h is part of the city is cal led La Cliopelle, and was in the hands of the insurgente, allho' (hey were scattered thinlv over U. and had but a few barricades, and had br.t asmall forco it) it. We arrivod herc at 10 o'ctock in the evening ; there ivs no hotel in tho rtetghborhood. and as we could onlv enter the ciiy by a long circuitous route, we tbouKhr. it best to sleep in the car, nnd wait until morning. Tliis tiie Superintendent objected lo allegiftg as a reaion ïhat tht insurgenis might attnek and burn t!ie place in the course of t.he night. The nnmher of pussengers in tiie train was strnll, and they ilissnppcared pradnnlly ut i 1 onr party aione was left. Lwaving ur baggage, w'nicli ilie Superintendent plelged hirnseíf should be raken care of in any event, wo saüied forlh i:: juest of a '!ace where re coulu sleep, or find u guide who would conduct ns i uto the city. We soon carne to a small Cabaret a place where they sel! wiiie by the glnss to the poorfst classes, and which corresponds to ike beorshops of Eogland and America. We entcred it, and foumS that a srnall enting-house was connected with it, which suggested the idea of a upper, on idea by-the-by whic.h was impressd nnon us very strongly by the state of our stomachs, for we had eatei; but a " hasty plato of Soup" since morning. It was a nliseratile place, but the woman wliu ofTïciul 1 at the eating departrnent was polite and kind, and we soon feit our&elves at home. A snppor ponsisting of melUe uni! dffee was soon on the table, nnd you niifjht have trnvcllpd tlirough England or the United Statos without finding citlier botter preparcd. Soine workmen in blouses vvcpo in the place and other.s carne and went. We soon learned ihat a part of ihem were among the nsu:gents, nnd had come tljcre tú gt something to eat utul drink. As I have liad no nthér opporlunity nfsecing or conversiog with tlio men enejarnnl m the insurrecúon excopt on ihat evemngaiaa the íiext morning. I wil! onCer into soinc details nf vh.ii 1 heml iind sa.v. It may givo yon sorac idea of thc cljaracter of those eng'iged in the late oatbreak, and tbï spirit that amnrated thèm. - F rom the public prints you eannnt oblaiil any impartial inf rmation. The Conservalive. papers will donounce the insurgenls as a body di pTunderers, ulio wisned mor;ly to destroy and pJlljigSi whdeiho ultra r.idioul papers are either eupprcsstxl or are sden;. At one of the tables sat a young man in a blouse, a workman, who had bee-n engaged in the ofTray during tho day. I entrcd into a conversalion, and asked hini what liis pnlitical princih's wore. '" F am," said lip, "d Socialist and Democratie Kcpiblican ; I da not want that tho rich sliould proy upon tho (explnUeret) the pnor; I want the associatinn ef lahor and capita! ; that the lnboreT sho'iid have a share of tlu.' profits, and that the rich rhanShould not takt; a'.l tho profits lo himsolf, and maké a fortune out of thc laUor ui the poor nuin." Tbij v iï the subtance of the dcclaration of his principie?, lie aiearud to he a _riv good-naturod follow, l.iugfliitijT ainl lalking with n gopd doiil oTIigh-ines uftha events of the day. A National Gruard in uniform, and wiïh his gun, entt'red, w!ü wished, as I learned, lo gain adin to the railaoud di-pot, Hu sat down ut the ta,blerall(id fif glaas ofwim, nud hn and thq wcrkuvin in blousu ot in'o a oopyersation. "I know you," gata tfcfl workman; yo'i ni-o n.n ovrrir.r (a workman,) a god follow, lint yoú light iipnn ihe w-ron; side." " Nu I," answervd thö National Qu'ard, "your party is a party of l " flereupon arogo an altercation, whlcli tvaxed cjuito warm and ended ia a disputa as to who liad the bust nfit. " Tonpor.row vve hal gain the day," k.ihI iho workman in tjIouRo . " N.i," answercd the National Guai'd, "yon are beaten nlready, and to-morrow yoq v. II be íinished." - Tho controversy went onnd hecanae piel t v ■violent, when the worknaan i blouse giving his hand to tho National öuard sa-id " Wetl, ve will no! qoftVrol ibont , it. ; yon aro a jood foljow - loinorrow wi! shall shall ser;." The French character C'lttlbirie prcat extremes. You fiiui violenco and.often fermeity on ono si.le, and on the ot'ier g'i%JÍ good humorand kmdriess. Abovn ail, you find nverV whoro an extraordinary degree of courage and a strong sentiment of honor. Heraifl this cacrv mfn who -nr engíged in n petate combar, ánd vet they weio gny, o liumored nnd polilc, laugfbiríg and tallciiig about passing aflaii-s, na !if lliey were engaged n a squ'rrcl bant. No doubt samo lifld juinoú in tiieaffrav mercly fnr fun - fi-om ihat líiud of cxcitement wliirli seizes upon tlio )jd[)!o vvhen Btirring events aro passing arournl iherii. Wu fclt o'Ji'sulves perfcclly safe ir) llicir society and tlic greatet politeness and kindiíoss were sliown to us in every way. Severa! offered i i conduct us lv a snfo and cjrcuitou route lo one dfilie trates of the cin , ulioi'c tlu've wero no barricades, and at wnicli we cnuld enter; ■but, i having now become lati, the rest ot'ilie party decidi'd uoon ramninlig in the cabaret and sleppuiii On the cliairs. 1 was ven tícii-j roiis of ontering the city, luit ut wishing tol sepárale froDl iuy party, I concluded to re-' main. Ñot relisfnng, however, the idea of a ■ cliüi r fr a bed,, I began to enquire the i itv óf fipdJng a more eomfortable resling place, A workmau in pie cabaxel Sflio be had a lod"-r}Lr near liv with two bcds in it, which he WOU ld give ip to our party - that four onld ( sleep there', if we chosc to lie two upoh a lied. ! Wi' had been tnhj previ usly upon enqoiring as to the possiluüty óf entering rhe city, that there woL a hacneaüè at the end of the streel, nol far diftanf frorn the cabaret, and that if uv paased that way llic insurtjents might take 113 for soidiers, and fire upon us. My fHepds decideil upon running 110 risk, and remainod I tieeided npon going, as ïny guide nssnrod me he could take us ly a rond where tneiv were no barricades, ltwasncar ono o'clonk wlien we set out ; the niglit was fine and all Wri3 quiet, save that now and then the silence was broken by 'he report of a muket shot. - The houses are llunly scultercd over ihis part of tho city. My guide led me tUroupli severa! strui.'ls, and at longth to the house where he liad liis Iojgn;gs , we orofsed a court yard, entered a rear building, went j) two pair of stairs, passed through a large room filled witli Loqms, ánd carne at length L0 a room wilh a cotiple of beds in it. "lam," said he, a weaver of shawls; this is my workshop ; in four months I hare no.t gained (bar farifiíngs j my wnrkmeii are literal ly starving, and i set up the little oarbartet st which yon supped in order to gain a few sous trom ihe workmen belonïing- to the "lilroad." 1 did not discover befbne ihat he'wns tho owncr of the cabaret, as the appearcd to be the prcsidini; spirit thure. I tound a good clean bed ; 1 slept in one, my gu ' the other. I was liere perfecllj alonf, in an I i ns urgent quarter. 1 could have been dispatch1 ed and rol. bed, anti throvn inio tho stret't, and il wonid liave bceti irnpossible to discover the aüthors of the crime ; but I feit pcrfectly se cjre an!: tlicsc penpli , as 1 was in fnct ; the 'i sentiment of honor and loyality is most strong in the Frc.'üch, and you dn trust to it with unlimited coniidence. I wjs up at 3 1-2 o'clock; white l was dressing, aworkman came in who had been slecping in a neighljoring roon askcd lor a bag of caps which he had left there. "Are yon going lo return to the work apain to-day," nskcd iny hust of liiiu. " Yes," wan his lacimic nnswcr. We all went dovrn stairs tógethèr ; the irmn who asked for tlie cajxs was a quiet, intelligent poraon, hut tlierc was a firmqesa and diítercnination in lus lace w'iicli i ed that tlie fluir vvith liini was a serious ono. WishingtO kniiw the motives tluitaii'innted him I enWted uto a Convertatío, and at lengtti asked him who and wluit !io vu figliling against " I ügl'f," sai't !"■' "ao„,nsttlic rich. against tht! bod rich, wlio starvo the poor ; thev withdraw t,heir money from circuhuioii ; i'iu'y tako our lahor and reduce us to starvntion. I might j a well die hv ft bullet as to di( nger." My guide assured me thal the man had not a sou, and was perfoctly destiiuto. He hado; lis good bvc verv politely ás ye arrived atthe outir door, and went cahnly on lus orrand of conflict and cicatli'. As wo passed along the street, toward the et&vrët, vre jn.r aftóther wotkman in tho house, vvhom rny ií;J" stopped. "Pul you figlit yesterd:!' :" Ík askcd of'liim. " Yes.' " Are you gaiag a.t it ngain j to-dov 1" " Yes." That maf), s ri 'n i ny gnidu, as we pasted mi, is a poor workman witli fourj childred, I save him ton sonsday lioi'.iro yesteiJay ; he and hia family had eaten DOthlng, ho j told mr, the day liefore, He IjDigiit somo coarse bread witn lils 'en cents, divided ir. amoti"' his family, and went to the barricades. (TO HE CO.VTINUED.)