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Wheretu, we havo n i i enr.vur.iioii as a union offreeman Cur ihn suke of freedom, forgetting nli pust politicnl diffwenoo in a tomnmu resolve to niain'.ain the nghtsof free labor, agninst tlie H ivver, and to secure ■il for a fre conventions rec ntly iphia,, rhe oij staring tlie voice of t grent constitnmcy. entitlod to bo ! eartl in its deliberationa, and tho otlior abiui(ionitiu its distinctive principies fbr mere ivniliibility. have dissolved the natioual party orgBiiizations heretoforr axitting by noniuiating for the Maistracy of tli United States luider slavt holding dictatian, neilher of whwn can be supporti-d bvtihe oppponents df slavery exti nsion, without u eacrafici; of consistency, duty (tnd r- ■ And wherpiw, these nominal ons o runde, furoifh I the occasion itnd demongtwtte necossity of tïm j union of tl üiili-i1 th.e banqer nl'free JDo niDCi'rcy, in a sulemn und HbaI doclaration of indnpendence ftlp slave power, Radthoir fixcil determioauon to roscue l i :;oveinmont from it control : Rwsolvod therefor, that w u-e people beieneeernblad, reinemberiug the exnmpleof fheir fat] in tho davs of the Gret decltivatiou of indepsndencp putting om1 trust in (iod lor the triumph of our cause, invokiug his guidnnce on our eudeavors !O i, ilo uow plant ourselvosupon the ontionnl litfoni) offreedom, in opposition to the section;il pliit.foiui of slaveiy. Resolved, tlint sl.very in the severo! States of tho Union whicFi recognizeits existence, depends upori the ftaio lav-s n!ouo, whlch cannot he rep'enled or irtodified by th'o fedfern) governnicnt, and tbr whicb Iaw9, Rnd for whieh l.nvs that govment is not rei ; iijsifelc. We tht-roforc, propoae no nterFeroncö by Congress with Blavery witLiri tha Uur.1 of any t:aic. Resolved, tlia' i iso of Jefierson, to prohihit the existente of SlavRíy lifter 1800; in dü the teri'itorie8 of the Uuiïed Staten, gouthern ntid northíMii. the i)t. s of six sta .;ee'n delegates, in the Congres óf ] Ki-, for thè proviso, tö tlireo 9 am'. seven ngnlnst il : thn nctan] exclusión of ery fro.ii the. Nórfh-Wpstern t rriiory, the statos in : nnd th'e entifp history of tho of the period clearly show, that it was tho s?ttled poli y of' the nntinu not toextend.nntionalree.oi'Vncóragp,bnt to liinit,loftlizo und iliscourage nnd lo this policy which should oever have been depnrted from, t!ie góveinment ougüi to return. Resiiiveil, lliat opr fiithprs ortfnined the Constitn tiou of the ünitedStates, in order among other,g j national objecte, tó e ust'ice, proniote the geüCl"! weli'ae.iüvJ SceUl -i Dga of lihprly. but expreisly ('.euietl to the fedenil goveiliment which tliey createil, ;:il Coiistitutióntll power to depriv, .:i oi'life liberty or property without i. Jved, That in tm; judgement of this convenliiin, Cöng esa lias no more powèï t: mako a slave ihan to mike a liinj;; - no more power to 1 il isli slrtvery, tlian to instituto or eslablifli a monnrehy : - no Bizch power can bo found nffiorig :ifficnlly derived by the CótT8titittoD,ordorived by any U3I interpi'ptiit'ron from them, Resolved. That il Is ihe duly of ihe fe.lei-a' gOTcrnnieiit to relieve itsi If from all r'espousibility for the existunce, Ol'co itinunnce of slavery, wh( rever that goyeriiinert! pössösses con tu legistnte on that subject nnd is thiis r&spön-5i t jï for its existe ilved, Thai Ihötrrio, and i:i Ihe jud of this Convention tbe onlysafe rtenns of préYénttnjj the extensión of sl.ivery int o territorj novi : is to prohibit ii ■ in nlisueh terr an act of ÖöngreeSSj i]ved, Thl 'tho i?sue wh:rh tlm glayo power has Torced upon u:j, apd to thuir dèI for inoi-" ■ iVö territi ourcnlm but tinal answer i, no moro sla ainl no moro lave territory. Lel tho soil of our tius h for ever kept freo for hardy pion i homos' of c i'urt ' iield.s of enterprisé in (ho ne'.v world. Ived, Thul tho liül lat!y re)offe ! by i!e' iit!n ol' elght i;i (lie Séllate oí' the Li Sfiites; waa uo corapromi e, h Rn absoluto ■ ronder of lile r. and w'aiie w ■ rel i'ica to Kuyw that a measure V while op.init!r; the door for tho intro iuc; -.voiili nlso i::r. 3 0i üie door for litigiitioii and atrife among future inhahiüints theraof, to the ruin of tl i and, . I :i ihe !i of Roprost-ntali' ■ in hot hir-te, by a j majoritv of the Sonate, onibracingsovcrfll Sewtors wiw voted in open vjaíati?!] nf ,ü]o knbwn : ■ Ivir consritnents. slionld wam the peopte rosen it, ■hut. thuir reprasentntivei !r riot sulïtired to batrfty ihiiin. Th' re must le ne mom cmiipromUes willi sliivery: ii' made lliey must ln repealcu. Resolved Chat we dematul Frwedam and ■■ hlislie.d iiHtilutiitioiis tor brothBre in Oivjnn, now exposcd tD luinlsliips, peril and IHSWMTi by the reckleea hostility oi the stava power rn tho eetebhahmtnt of tree jgverDmen tbr freo u.rntorics in New Mexico md Ciililorniii. And, wuereus it is not oaly 1nc to lilis ocensioo but to the whole pcople of the Uri;t"J Stntl 5. tiiut we shoutd nlso áeciar ourselves on cdrtain trthfci (.uestions of national policy. flisreéire Resolved, Thnf. wc dentnod clienp postage for the peopre ; a i"etrenchmènt of tlu cxpensi s pf ths and pntrónagé of the. federni goternfneiit ; the aboiition oi'all n: offices nnt! salines, and ihe eli-ciion ly the ped!e ofnll civil v.{ñceie in the government, so f,ir as the Reunie mój bc nraclii Resolved, '!';;ií tli:: River and Harbor improveleuevpr demaiu'f T. by tlm anfety a .! coudco of coKVnerce vvith foreign nations, or 111 eta-tee, ore objecta oí" nntloual concern, ond thut it s tbe duty of'Congress, in tlie oxorqiso uf its cotntitutonal-,.jover3, to próvido ')V. Resolved, Tlir.t lre freegi;ont to acninl settters i;i considmation of llio expenses jnourred in nuiking settleroenta in llio wiWerness, v. usni!l%' i':il equttl ti í'iicir cost, aud tlie puliüc bcuefits resulting therefrofin ol rpHSonnble portions ot' tlio púfalic larids, oñder Buitnble liinilutioEs. i a v'iso and just mensure oL public pojicy, which vill promotó inviiinua ways. (lio interctitf oi Bttíhe Si ofthia Union und ve th-roi'o;u reccominend it to fh" favntrñbXu corrjidei'dtJon of the American )f Resolved, Tliut tlie obligatioas of honor iinj p;ilriotism reqnire tlie enrlies? i;;; taent of 1 1 ; ■ ■ nal aj debt : iind We ni'c thprefofa in favor of ?ucli a tiiriff íis wiil í'aisé ri vonuc : li qiinte lo del'niy ;h necessary í-xponses of thp federal governmrnt, ni](l pay annuíil instiílraenf, on obt debt and interest thereoD. Resolved, Tlmt -vc ii-?cribe on our I "FIÏKK SOIL, FRKF. SPEECH, FRF.K LABOR AND FREE MES." rtn I un Ier it will fight on, and fijjht ever. uiiiil a tnumpliant victory shall reward our esortioDS.