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The Michigan Historical Collections, Bentley Historical Library, is pleased to present this pictorial history of Ann Arbor as a contribution to the city's 150th Anniversary. The book was a cooperative project from the very beginning and all of us who did the writing and picture selection are greatly indebted to a number of people. Many of the pictures revealing Ann Arbor between 1930 and the present came from the photographic archives of the Ann Arbor News. This splendid file of Ann Arbor photographs has been collected and maintained for nearly 40 years by Mr. Eck Stanger; without this resource our book could not have been compiled. Moreover, Mr. Stanger himself developed the working copies of very nearly 100 pictures we considered for inclusion.

Two other photographers concerned for local Ann Arbor history also cooperated generously with us. Mr. Sam Sturgis freely made available his personal archive of Ann Arbor photographs and contributed many significant reprints which appear in these pages. Mr. Herbert Pfabe, Sr., allowed us to research his private collection of photographs he has taken of landmarks in the Ann Arbor area.

The over-all direction for the entire project was the responsibility of J. Fraser Cocks III, assistant director of the Michigan Historical Collections. Without his skillful coordination of the project and his editorial guidance, the book would not have materialized.

All the writers acknowledge their indebtedness for suggestions and help to a wide variety of persons. Particularly useful suggestions and materials came from Wystan Stevens, Russell Bidlack, and Lela Duff. Miss Duff, in fact, read the entire text of the manuscript and made many helpful suggestions of fact and interpretation. Many careful hours of editorial assistance and proofreading were contributed by Jane B. Warner. The design and layout of this volume is the work of Douglas Hesseltine and John Hamilton of the University of Michigan Publications Office. Gertrude Drouyor and Laura Tenhunen carefully typed the many drafts of the text.

Mrs. Hazel Proctor, president of the Washtenaw Historical Society, secured the funds necessary for printing and distribution. Also extremely helpful in facilitating publication was Douglas Crary, chairman of the Sesquicentennial committee. Essential to the funding of the project was the Fred and Edith Heusel Fund of the Michigan Historical Collections.

For all of this splendid help, we are most grateful.

Robert M. Warner Director,
Michigan Historical Collections