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The constitutional amendment relative to the salary of attorney general, submitted to the people at the next election should be carried. It will result in a saving of considerable money now paid out for legal assistance by the state. Vote for it. Of course Michigan should make an appropriation to see that the state is properly represented at the world's fair. There is no better state than Michigan and the people of the world should be reminded of it. And the appropriation bill should be passed in time to allow the wisest expenditure of the money that the state sees fit to appropriate. The citizens movement in this city seems to have petered out. The fatal defects were attacking the administration of the city as to economy and the selection of a committee by a few men to represent the citizens. This is a government of the people and the people must be consulted as to the naming of their representatives. If the movement, however, makes the various parties put up their best men for office, it will have done well, and we imagine that this will be the result of the agitation. There is more truth than poetry in the statement that Senator Wilcox, the patrĂ³n of industry from the Lansing district elected in the democratie ticket, was approached by the republicans with an offer of money to vote with them on the reapportionmentof the state. The story exactly as it now appears in the daily papers was told the editor of this paper, while in Lansing previous to the democratie state convention, by parties who had it directly from Wilcox and by Detroit men who had heard that such a scheme was on foot. It was understood then that Wilcox would have nothing to do with the offer of $10,000. Recent developments look peculiar and the party of great moral ideas needs to explain.