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" You'd better hsw yonr hair trimmed, edr." So Raid the barber in the shop at Church and Cortlandt Btreets. "Why?" he was asked. "I had it ent only a week ago." "Yes, trat I 6ee it is very thin on top," said the barber, "and I think that it should be cut very freqnently in order to save it" On the next aftemoon the barber in the Park Avenue hotel was making his last excursión with a razor over the same man's face. "You aro getting bald," eaid he. "Now, what a gigantic mystery it is - this subject of the hair. I nm bald; you are getting bald. Nüther of ns would try to save a thousand dollars ïf that would have kept us a full head of hair, but neither money nor skill nor wisdom will save any man a single hair of his head. For my part, the only knqwledge I have, after being in the barber business twenty years, is purely negative. I think that if you don't have your hair cut it will not fall out." "What? Never have it cut?" "Stop a minute. Did you ever see a bald headed woman? You never did. Well, such a thing as a bald headed woman exists, but they are very rare. Now, why are women practically never bald, and why are men growing bald in greater numbers every year? You naturally reply - or you wouU if you had thought about it as much as I - that the reason lies in the hats women wear. Their hats amount to nothing. The average bonnet does not weigh two ounces. Their hats are open, and there is more or less ventüation trnder and through them, whereas men's hats are heavy boxes that inclose and weigh down and stifle the hair." [ "I never thoughtof that." "Well, that amounts to nothing," said the barber. "It sounds important, but ) whatever we Bay in favor of women's r hats is offset by the fact that they wear [ thein twice as many hours at a time as . men wear theirs. Women often put a hat on in the morning and don't remove i it till dinner; they wear their bonnets in , church, at the theatre, during their calis, everywhere and all the time. The im, portant difference between the sexes is, after all, that boys and men have their hair cut and girls and women don't. A little girl's hair is nursed after she passes early childhood. "Some fathers who are obliged to keep their farmlies in the hot city insist that their babies' hair shall be cut, and the mothers yield in the cases of the girls with great relnctance, but after the little girls are 4 or 5 years old the women fight to have their hair uncut thenceforward, and such is the rule with most girls. After thinking it all over for twenty years I am of the opinión that hr.ircntting produces baldness. "See, continued the barber, "what wonderful heads of hair the In&ans have. How thick it is. How splendid aro the braids they wear down their backs. It is so with all savages- all have plenty of hair, and none ever cut it. The white men who live in wild countries or on our border exemplify the same thing. They wear their hair down on their shoulders, and it is thick and luxuriant, but it has not been cut in all the time they have lived the life of the rade people around them. My calm decisión is that if you want to escape baldness you must keep the scissors away from your head. No medicine will remedy baldness. To find a physic that will do so is the surest road to a giant fortune, and men have been experiinentinEr for more than a centurv without finding a


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