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C. E. Letts was here the first of the week. G. A. Begole spent Sunday here with his family. The Harvard Quartette is booked for here April yl. W. J. Dancer, of Stockbridge, was here the first of the week. The Good Templars are preparing another Demorest medal contest. Interesting Easter services were held in all the churches last Sunday. Geo. M'Clainhas gone on the road this week for the Buckeye Machine Company. C. H. Kline, of Ann Arbor, was here last Saturday defending the Delmonts. The company put a new scale in the lower part of their freight depot last Monday. Eider Mclntosh intends to hold special revival meetings at the M. E. church next week. Business has been very dull in town the past week on account of bad weather and roads. The wet, cold weather of last week and this has caused much sickness such as colds and lung troubles. F. C. Delmont and wife were bound over to the circuit court last Saturday, by Justice Schnaitman, cbarged with larceny. The office of the Chelsea House has been moved one door south of where it was, and the old place fixed over for a family room. Mrs. A. E. Gorton died last Monday, at the residence of her son, Edwin Gorton, in this village, of old age, being 90 years old. Wheat on the ground has survived March in good condition and the prospect for a large erop next harvest was never better at this season. Dr. S. R. Finch was here the first of the week in company with his brother-in-law. His condition is no better than when he left here last week. Nominations will be made this week by the various parties ready for the election next Monday. There will doubtless be three tickets in the field. The Hidden Hand was rendered at the town hall Tuesday evening to a crowded house by the Chelsea fire department. It was repeated Wednesday evening. All the actors did wcll and gave good satisfaction. The farmers are entering upon their spring's work with unusual courage and energy on account of the improved prices in their products. They can now contract August wheat for 95 cents per bushei, which is a living price. Mial M. Boyd died at his residence in this village last Sunday night, at the age of 76 years. He had been a great sufferer with a fever sore which caused his death. He was one of the first settlers in this village, and was well thought of byall. The markets have been unsettled the past week. Upon the whole a good advance has been realized on nearly all farm produce. Wheat has now reached #1.02 for red and $1.00 for white, one lot of baley was bought at $1.40, oats at 53 cents, clover seed, 4.50; beans, ir.75; corn in the ear 32 cents. Shelled corn is retailed at 75 cents per bushei, and bran at $1.10 per hundred. Best butter 20 cents. Eggs have dropped to 13 cents. Beef cattle are scarce and bring much higher prices, 3 to 3 cents being paid by the butchers in sorne cases. Arrivals have been light the past week, because of bad roads.