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Chicago, April 8- The polls closed at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon on one of the most exciting municipal elections ever known in the city of Chicago. The day was bright and sunny, and tuis, coupled with the fact that there were five candidates for the mayor's chair, viz: Dewitt C. Cregier, (Democrat), the present incumbent; Hempstead Washburne, (Republican); Carter H. Harrison, (independent Democrat); Elmer Washburn, (independent Repubhciin), and Thomas Morgan, (Socialist), caused a very heavy vote to be cast. The Democrats did the most of their voting early in the day. Seventy per cent. of the total vote cast was in the boxes before noon. The vest-pocket vote was simply enormous, coinprising nearly two-thirds of the total. Singularly enougb, after so bitter a campaign, in which so many conflicting interests were arrayed against eacli other, there was less brawling and fighting than was expected. A Small Martin for Wa.sliburne. Returns up to 12:40 a. m. indicated the election of the whole Republican ticket Washburne for mayor having, with tfürteen precincts to hear from, 158 plurality. The votes in the reported precincts was, according to The Herald, which gives Democratie authority, as follows: Hempstead Washburne, Rep., 45,144; Cregier, Dem., 44,986; Harrisou, bolting Dem., 39,a55; Elmer Washburn, Citizen, 23,034. The full Republican ticket is as follows: Mayor, Heinpstend Washburne; treasurer, Jacob Tiedemann; city attorney, B. F. Richolson; city clerk, James R. P. Van Cleave. As Mayor Cregier, Dem., is run. ning ahead of his ticket it is safe to assuine tbat the majorities on the Republican ticket outside of the mayor will be higher than tbat for mayor. Democrats Still HopefuL LATER. - The general impression at 1:30 a. m. is that the Republican city ticket has been elected, although Mayor Cregier 's friends claim his election by a majority of 240. The result will not be deflnitely known until later in the day. The Herald ar 3 a. in. elaimed Cregier's election by 433. Still Later.- The ínter Ocean, Tribune, and News say that Washburne is elected by the pólice returns. It looks as though the official figures will be required to settle the u.atter at this writing.