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Women At The Polls

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Kansas Citv, Kas., April 8 .- Elections were held in all the cities iu Kansas yesterday. The returns from several cities show that theCitizens Alliancedid notcut much of a figure in the elections excepting where it endorsed tlie Democratie nominee. Abilene is the ODly city reporting a Citizens Alliance victory. Returns irom Leavenworth show that the entire Republican ticket has been elected for the first time in six years. The Fair Sex at the Polls. The registration of women exceeded any former registration. In this city all the candidates provided carriages to take the women to the polls. About two-tbirds of the female vote was cast here. The number or negresses that voted was notable. They marched to the polls with as mueh, if not more, pride than their white ; sisters, and exercised their rights of suffrage with satisfaction. Dispatches from other large cities of Kansas indicate that the vote of the women, compared to the registration, was proportionate to the male vote. Big Woman Vote at Topeka. At Topeka the female vote was the largest since the municipal suffrage lavv went into effect. Several ladies showed ability as political workers among their lady friends that was quite surprisiug. The best women of tlie city were represented at the polls. They feit it to be a public duty whicn they owed to society and good governnient, while with others of less intelligence the novelty of voting or the solicitation of others was doubtless f requently the chief factor.