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P. T. Barnum Dead

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BRIDGEPORT, Conn., April 8.- P. T. Barnum is dead. He passed away at 6:22 last evening in the presence of his family and intímate friends. Among the sorrowing group in the room when the end came were Mrs. Barnum; Rev. L. P. Fisher; Mrs. Thompson, Barnum's daughter; Mrs. Clarke, oL New York, a granddaughter; Miss May Read, his niece; Mrs. Bushtelle, another daughter; Clinton H. Seely, his grandson and principal heir; Benjamin Fish, Mrs. Barnum's brother; Or. Hubbard; Mrs. Rikeman, the housekeeper, and the nurse. Mr. Barnum's illness and confinement to the house began twenty-one weeks ago and during this oeriod there have been frequent fluctuations in his condition. The change for the worse, which occurred Monday night was so much more pronounced thau the previous attacks had been that tiie attending pbysicians became convinced that the great showman had but a few more hours of Ufe left.