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NE VER A FAILURE. The Ked Biver Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be had on the erop plan, or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay f or a farm from the proceeds of one erop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal Arailway facilities and all the chances of a new country in the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet fully occupied. In the rush to the f ar west, however, this rich valley has been over-looked . It has room for a ïnillion more people. Write to F. I. WHITNEY, St. Paul, Minn. for particulars. Publications sent free. THE SONG OF THE "No. 9." My dress is of fine polished oak, As rich ns the fmest fur cloak, And for handsome design You just should see mine- No. 9, No. 9. I'm beloved by the poor and the rich, Por both I impartially stitch; In the cabln I shine. In the mansion I'm fine - No. 9, No. 9. I never get surly nor tired, With zeal I always am fired; To hard work I incline, Por rest I ne'er pine- No. 9, No. 9. I am easily purchased by all, With instalments that monthly do f all; And when I am thine, Then life is benigu- No. 9, No. 9. To the Paris Exposition I went, Upon getiing the Grand Prize intent; I lef t all behind, The Grand Prize was mine - No. 9, No. 9. At the Universal Exposition of 1889, at Paris, France, the best sewing machines of the world, including those of America, were in competition. They were passed upon by a jury composed of the best f oreign mechanica! experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturera of France. This jury, after exhaustive examlnation and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that company the highest prize offered- the GRAND PRIZE - giving other companies ouly gold, silver and bronze medals. The French goyernment, as a further recognition of superlority, decorated Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, president of tbe company, with the Cross of the Legión of Honor- the most prlzed honor of France. The No. 9, for family use, and the No, 12, for manufacturing uses, are the best in the world today. And now, when you want a sewing machine, if you do not get the best it will be your owu fault. Ask your sewing machine dealer for the No. 9 Wneeler & Wilson machine. If he doesn't keep them, write to US for descrintive catalogue and terms. Agents wanted in all unoccupied territory. WIIEELE!t & W1LSON MFG. CO. Chicago, III. FOR SALE BY Michael Staebler, Ann Arbor, Mich. ■ I II November 30, 1890. Kit, Lansinff and Northern Eailroad. STATIONS. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. Leave Howell June.. . 10:25 4:41 8:80 Arr. Sovith Lyon.... 10:60 5:17 8:ñl Plymouth 11:10 5H2 H;14 Detroit 11.-5T) 6:30 10:05 Leave HowellJune. . 8:50 12:67 6:33 8:04 Arr. Lansintf 10:00 2:28 7:40 9:30 Grand l.edge... 10:30 2:55 8:12 9:55 Lake Odessa ... 11:10 8:50 Grand Kaptds.. 13:10 0:50 ionia 11:25 3:50 9:16 P.M Greenville 12 22 4:57 10:12 Howard City... 1:00 5:35 10:65 Fast train leaveg Detroit 1 :15 p m, Howell 2:37 p in, arrive at Lansinjr 3:24 p m, Grand HapiQ5:05 p m. Leave Grand KapidstJ:25 p m, arrive at Lansing 8:18 p m, Howell 9:08 p m, Detroit 10:;i6 p m. IN January 4. 1891. MllC&gO and West Michigan Railvaj. STATIONS. A.M. P.M. P.M, P. M. Leave Grand Rapids.. 0:00 1;00 5:05 8:40 Arr. Holland 9:66 1:40 6:00 9:35 Grand Raven.. 10:37 3:44 6:40 10:13 Muskegon... . .. 11:05 4:20 7:10 10:45 A.M. 1' NI. Leuve Grand Rapids 7:25 5:05 .-rr. Newayfro 8:52 0:32 White Cloud :15 6:55 Iiíí Kapids 10:15 8:05 Baldwln 10:20 8:15 " LudiriRton via i'.M. F,&P. M 12:25 10:20 " Manlsteevla M. &N. E 12:20 10:00 Traverse City.' 1235 10:35 Daily Other trains week days only. Parlor Cars on all traínts between Detroit ana Grand Rapids. Kate. 280 for nny dietanee. l'rcc Ctmir oars lietween Grand Kapids and MuniBtee Leave Grand Unpids 5 05 P. M. The "Favoritos" between Detroit, Grand Rapids and all pointe in Western and Northern MiCh'BfmGEO. DEHAVEN, General Passenger Agenttf% 0 Lk Ok í% A YKAR t I un.Urtakf to briefly Cl" "i aS il Bi tcnctinny fairlyintilllgcntpcraon of dther CH flex, wlio cn read rul write, and whu, ■ 11 ■ il I Inri 'T inttruction.wlU work iidimrioualy, %# W W Vhowto eni Thrfo Thoutand Dollars Vf ar in Ihefrown locatUien.whmvpr they live.I wiil bIbo furnish the [Huaiiooorenij)loymrQt,at wlilrh jou can earn thaiamounC. No mouey for me unlcu urcesaful aa abovc. Laiily aod quickljr I dewre but on workvr from ach dlattict ur county. I hare alreadjr uup+il nud provlded witb mployment a iarrft lumbcr, who are over MOOO a joar ach. U NEW Mud 8OLI1. KulliMrüouUuaFICKK. Addrei at out, E. C, AI.I-EN. Box 4Ü, Auguita, Malne.