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The Secret Of One Man's Success

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A youngman wno uves on tne heigñts, who is f amed f or the good taste which be invariably displays in his dress.was asked the other day if there was any secret in the absolute correctness with which he always enveloped hicaself. He hesitated a moment, but finally replied, "Certainly there is, my dear fellow, bot if Í teil yon, you know, yon mnstn't give it away. It is just this way. Wben I determine to buy me a new hat I don't go to my hatter's and allo w myself to be bullied into ordering something I do not want. Oh, dear, no. I take a stroll up the avenue and examine all the hats that are worth considering. I always look at the men who are just my size, and when I see a man who has a hat on that just suits me I march down to the hatter's with the image of that particular hat indelibly impressed on my mind, and insist upon getting one just like it. "I follow out the same plan with all of my clothes. So that when I enter a tailor's shop I know exactly what I want and never think of ordering until I have found the exact thing, but when once found I order at oncei So that while I have the reputation among my tradesmen of being very particular - which is a good thiug by the way - they like me because I know just what I want." -


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