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Secretary Wade's Improvements

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When Secretary Wade came here, eight years ago, the campus presented a very unattractive appe'arance. A large Npart of it was in its natural state. In front and in the rear of the main building there were low swampy places. The walks were :ew in number and the trees untrimmed. Some parts of the cam3us were used as a dumping ground :or rubbish. The grass was allowed to grow and in the summer great quantities of hay were made. In May and June the campus was covered with tall grass, there being only paths so ;he students could get to the different buildings. Mr. Wade upon his arrival, began a systematic plan of cleaning up and leveling the campus. Where the campus was low the surface soil was removed and the ashes and einders remaining on the grounds were put in and covered over with the soil which had been removed. In this way a large part of the west side of the campus has been filled up. Last spring he began the construction of the State street walk. Eventually, this walk will be extended around the campus, a distance of very nearly one mile. This spring the walk will be continued on the north side of the campus and possibly on one of the other sides, if a sufficient quantity of einders can be obtained. The surplus ashes and soil will be used in filling up the south-eastern corner of the campus. An attempt will also be made to have the city authorities "park" S. University avenne, as they have State street and N. University avenue. Just before leaving for his vacation, Sec. Wade made a statement to the Regents, calling their attention to the work which it was necessary that they make some provisión for at their meeting this month. There are in the statement fifteen distinct items, representing an amount of work greater than has ever been done here before in two seasons. A few of these items may be passed over for the time but it is imperative that most of the work be done this summer. The items are as follows: 1. The completion of the hospitals 2. Construction of an addition to the law building. 3. Construction of an addition to the dental buildings. 4. Construction of the Gymnasium. 5. Connection of dental building with the boiler house and arrangements for heating the building for the engineers. 6. Purchase and setting of two new boilers in the east boiler house. 7. Addition and repairs to the President's house. 8. Building of two new closets. 9. Enlargement of pipes leadíng to the law building and the heating of same. 10. Fitting up the athletic grounds. 11. Making connection with the city water works or remodeling of present system. 12. Building a stone walk on the north side of campus. 13. Casing of the north room on the third iloor of museum. 14. Repairing and fitting up of old hospitals for dental department. 15. General repairs and fitting up of all the buildings.