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Birth Of The Grand Army

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Decatur, Hls., April 7.- The city is filling up witli Grand Army veterans for the encarapment this week. The festivlties began last night at the Grand Opera house, where services were held to commemorate the twenty-fifth auniversary. Gen. Veazy, Gen. Oglesby, and Gen. Marsden (of Lowell, Mass.,) were among the dignitaries present. The exercises consistnd of addresses, historical sketches, and music. The Grand Army had its birth here twenty-five ago. Programmefor the Week. The first post was organized by Gen. B. F. SteDhenson, of Springfield, with twelve charter members, six of whom are living and were present at the opera house last night. To-morrow will be the great day, and thousands of veterans are expected to particípate in the silver anniversary parade. Thursday and Friday the business meetings of the encampment and the Woman's Relief corps will be held. Decatur, Hls., April 8.- Decatur was a blaze of glory last night. The city had filled up with veterans, and thousands were coming. The weather was perfect and the city is a streak of red, white and blue. The bands played "Marching Through Georgia," and the veterans in their blue coats and brass buttons were I smiling and happy. It was the quiet day of the encampment, The township election was in progress, and it was arranged to have as little going on as possible. Election and Reception. The only public event was the reception at the Grand Opera house in the evening by the Womaa's Relief corps. Gen. Veazy and the council of administration met and elected George H. Innis, of Boston, senior vice commander, to sucoeed Richard F. Tobin, of Boston, who died shortly after being elected by the last national encampment.