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Earl CrandjiU was engaged ia picking up coiil nnd-r a freight car at Benton Harbor, wlieu au engine came sailing in on thesidiuij aud tlie lad's lifo was crushed out in a jiffy. . A. J. Blake is a Leslie musiciaa who's the owner of a $2,000 fiddle, at least 'tvvould take that amount of cash to purchase it. 'Tis an aged instrument, having furnished music for dances 100 years ago. Two Marquette young men roomed together, occupying the same bed. A few nights slnoe one of the boys awoke and the cold feet of nis companion led him to investígate when he was startled to find him dead. James McDonald, an Ionia gentleman of 94 years and much wisdom, bas emigrated to southern California in quest of good things of this life. It has been semi-ofBcially announced that the management of the Michigan Central will either bridge or tunnel the j river at Detroit, the company having become tired of the ferry business. The value of judicious advertising has long been known to the shrewd business man, but a certain Michigan man, secured unusually spry returns. He advertised for a girl, and the next day was presented with a pair of girl babies by his wife. Flint factoriea shipped flfteen car loada of vehicles the past week. C. L. Seeley is a Lansing gentleman who owns a Holstein cow which he avera gives sixty pounds of very rich milk daily. If C. L. isn't mistaken in his figures, he's got one of the most valuable oows in the country. Three times in one day was the Almont flre department called out to subdue a flre in LaBhbrooks mili, but 'twas a case of three times and out, for the last blaze made a clean sweep. Bay City will try the effect of a newfangled street sweeper on her main thoroughfares. Indications of a strike at Bay City by the decorators and paiuters of that town i unless they are allowed ten hours' pay for nine hours' labor. Mrs. Eli Perkins was an Alpena woman who took the Ï300 her husbaud had laid away in the house and skated for another clinie with aüother man. The "Stand Alones" are a religious sect that hold forth at Williamston. Just now they are verifying the old truism about the divided house, being split into two factions, each of which is striviug ' to secure possession of their little house of worship. Timotheus Taminosian is the euphonious name of an Antioch man, the historical tówn of ancient Syria, who is gaining wisdom at the State university. Jolui Torrent, who went to Muskegon a íew years ago without a dollar in the world, admits that he can couut up $1,B50,(O0 worth of assets in excess of all liabilities, his fortune having been made out of pine lumber. Mrs. Sarah G. Angelí js an Ann Arbor lady who's just been appointed to aplace on the executive board that will manipúlate the feminine portion of the World'a fair exhibit. Michigan will be represented at the forthcoming commercial congress of the western states by Don M. Dickinson, of Detroit, and J. C. Burrows, of Kalamazoo. Both gentlemen are billed for speeches. An Au Sable citizen, was so incensed at being fined (16 for beating his wife that he pounded her cruelly upon Deing released, and now he must face the charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Some Chicago genius has worked out a scheme for making fire proof building material out of sawdust, and a Muskegon mili owner will furnish the dust portion of the ingredients by the boat load. Croswell farmers liave chipped in $800 for the purpose of -running a flax mili on the co-operative plan. The foreclosure sale of the Latimer residence at Jackson, where Irving killed his mother, realized the sum of $2,745. The Jacobs Car Coupler company has been organized at Detroit with $2,000,000 capital, for the express purpose of tapping the tills of wealthy railway corporations. Julia Goddard, the festiva Grand Rapids female who sued Dexter Wescott $15,000 worth of breach of promise, has been awarded 6 cents and damages by the ungallant jury. Julia will interview the supreme court with her case. The young people's Society of Christian Endeavor held a state convention at Saginaw on the last day of March with 350 delegates in attendance. George F. Marión, a St. Johns citizen, assisted in receiving some shipwrecked sailors while engaged in the whaling business on the Arctic ocean, twenty years ago. Únele Sam has just got George's amount of cash recompense flcured out, and will remit the amount - $4,000 - in a few days. A Greenville woman has the reputation of having started the morning fires in her household for the past forty-five years, and a local wag insista that her husband is the oldest flre escape on record. J. E. Bradley lost his barn at Au Gres because a tramp and a lighted pipe took a nap therein. The smoking combine made its escape. While attending to her household duties, Mrs. Elizabeth Bellamy, a Bay City lady, dropped dead of heart disease. She was 64 years old. The Cincinnati, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railway company may build a station at Winona Beach, the land having been donated for that purpose for the accommodation of those who patroniza that charming resort. The Pere Marquette river is jammed full of logs for a distance of twenty-five to thirty miles f rom Ludington- some 25,000,000 feet of lumber producing material. The Deerfield lady who was suffering with la grippe and sought consolation by sleeping with a bottle of chloroform, was found dead in bed the next morning. The cork had got out of the bottle, and the woman smothered. The State Medical society will hold its twenty-sixth annual meeting at Saginaw, June 11 and 12. Browning's furniture factory, Vermont ville's principal industry, was burned. Loss, $20,000; insured for $5,000. Benton Harbor has been granted authority by the Berrien county board of supervisors to dam the Paw Paw river for power purposes. Thomas Garfield, an Ottawa county farmer and only brother of the late President Garfleld, is ysry low from an attack of acute rheumatism. A. M. & church circles at Jackson are badly stirred up baoause of the compro misins; position in which the pastor and one oL the cjiurch sisters were recently lountl. Mrs Jennie Van Hyming, who lives neiir Kalamazoo, brings a $10,OUO damage suit against a ueighboring farmer. Jen nie says he proniised to muke her bi' ownest o wii, aud then failed to keep nis word. Michigan Masons number':H,8oO, divide i betwed 367 lodges. During the past year 1,674 new memberd rode the goat. Perry Phelps is a Grayling genius who owns a cutter that's 200 years old. Perry doesu'tcïaim, however, thatit'sof the latest style of rig. Fred Calkins feil out of a third storj window at Jackson, but being a luckj lid, escaped with oaly a, slight cut on thi head. Mr. and Mrs. Clement Johnson are a Carunna couple who've lived togethei seveuty year, their age3 beinij 95 and 9s respectively. Both are unusually strong and robust for people of thííir years, Mr. J. doing her owu housework and sewiug without assistance.