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Things Told By Bee Keepers

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Doolittle says: If you wish a large yield of section honey keep prolific luoens and let the brood combe alose after they are once filled with brood in the pring. An English correspondent advises that tea leaves in a pan of water be kept f or drinking places f or bees. Dr. C. C. Miller says in Gleamngs in Bee Culture: Beea in cellare are aiways quieter - at least mine are - just after a windy time, whetber cold or warm. A stül, muggy time is worst. Don't teil me cellars need no ventilation. Farm, Stock and Home advises in painting bives that dark colors be avoided, for in extreme hot weather thecombs in soch hfares will meit down, wbile in a blye that is painted white no damage will be done. Bees serve as active agents in the fertilization of plants, and it is geneially conceded toat they are not destructrve to the same. In reply to the query, "How do you keep brood comba when not in use?" the editor of The American Bee Journal says: The bees will take care of the empty combs in the sxrmmer season better tizan you can do it. In winter they shoold be boxed up tightty, aftea: bekjg tborongiUy fomigated with sulphur, if hey have any moth genas in them.