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Washington City, April 10.- Superintendent Porter, of the census bureau, has issued a very interesting and valuable bulletin which shows by a statistical atlas the increase and decrease of population of the United States from 1380 to 1890. This atla3, by a serles of maps, exhibits to the eye the varying intensity of settlement over the area of the country, the distributiob of the foreign population among the several states and sections, and the distribution of population in accordance with maximum and minimum temperature, rainfaü and altitude. The map shows that in a very large number of couuties the population has actually decreased. ïiocation of the Decreases. The number of counties that have decreased in population during the past ten yeas is 455. In about fifty cases the reduction is due to the reduction of territory. In 138 counties the number of inhabitants dimiuished during the decade preceding 1880. The losses during the past decade occurred mainly in the central parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, northern New Jersey and eastern Virginia, and are scattered quite generally throngh Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky. , Southern Michigan and Wisconsin have also suffered, while in eastern Iowa a large proportion of the counties have lost population. Mach other valuable information is obtained in a study of the map, which is the first ever issued by any census.