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The Use Of Comb Foundation

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Beginners who are not familiar with the use of comb foundation will find help in the following advice given by A. I. Eoot, recognized authority on all matters pertaining to apiculture, in his bee and honey manual for 1891. He says: I think there is little question that it pays to use foundation in full sheets in the brood frames and sections, especially the latter. If you think you cannot afford so much you should at least have a strip for a starter. It will help much more than it costs in getting straight, even combs. You can use a starter any width from one inch up. Heavy, medium and light brood foundation is used only in brood f rames, thin and extra thin only in surplus boxea. For frames without wire, and those deeper than L frames, heavy or medium brood should be used. Never use light brood in f -.11 sheets without wire, and even with wire medium brood is much more satisfactory. Light brood costs less per square fixt, but is very Hable to sag without wire and to wrinkle when wire is used. If you use otly a starter in section boxes thin foundation is best; if f uil starters are used extra thin will be better, as it is not so perceptible in the honey when fini.shed, and does not make what has been called "fishbone" in comb honey, it being so thia some have trouble with tlte bees tearing it down, and therefore tiiey prefer to use thin. For the person who is not sure what ho wants we advise medium brood for use in brood frames and thin surplus for sections.


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