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The talk about contesting City Clerk Mil...

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The talk about contesting City Clerk Miller's right to his seat is without any foundation. The charter provisiĆ³n spoken of refers simply to appointive offices and has not the slightest reference to elective offices. The fact that a man is an alderman does not disqualify him from holding any office the people see fit to elect him to. He cannot, however, with the aid of his fellow alderman, appoint himself to an office. Mr. Miller received a legal majority of the votes cast and will act as clerk for the next two years. According to the statistics just issued by the secretary of state, the wheat erop of 1889 in Michigan was worth $16,728, 803 or $1,471,525 less than it cost to produce it, the corn erop was worth $7,254,245 or $5,014,787 less than it cost to produce it, the oats erop was worth $7, 390,457 or $2,740,198 less than the cost of production. The cost of production includesinsurance, taxes, repairs, labor, fertilizers, etc, and 7 per cent interest in capital invested. At the prices prevalant January 1, 1890, the report says it was necessary to raise 17 bushels of wheat and 36 bushels of corn to the acre to rnake the crops pay the cost of production, including the seven percentinthemoney invested. The democrats of the Fourth ward should be on their guard April 27, when an alderman is to be elected to fill a vacancy. Upon the election of this alderman will depend the political complexion of the council. The republicans will strain every nerve to elect an alderman, while endeavoring to throw the democrats off their guard. It is important that the various departments of the city government should work in harmony, and a democratie council would naturally have a greater desire to assist Mayor Doty ingiving the city a good administration than a republican one would. The democrats of the city are looking to the democrats of the old Fourth to give a good account of themselves at the election April 27.