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Extravagance After Extravagance

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Few people can comprehend how large a sum a billion dollars is. Written in figures it reads $1,000,000,000.00. And yet the last republican congress appropriatedmore than this immense amount of money for current expenses. President Harrison signed, during the session of the last congress, appropriation bilis amounting to more than this. A billion dollars. What is it? A thousand millions. How long would it take to count it? President Harrison to-day is fiftyseven years seven months and twenty seven days oíd. If he had commenced ta count dollar by dollar from the first hour he drew breath, the people's money that he and his republican congress spent in two years, for ten steady hours each day, seventy-five dollars each minute, l4,Soo each hour, or $45,000 each day, $1,643,625 each year, he would yet be counting, and would still have 1165 weary days of counting before him till he reached the amount of the people's money he and his congress spent in two years. Months before he reached the end he would have stepped down and out of the office which gave him the opportunity to so squander the people's money. A billion dollars. Weigh it. A billion dollars of silver would weigh 58,928,571 avoidupois pounds, or over 29,464 tons. If loaded in wagons, a ton in each wagon, drawn by two horses, it would take more than fifty-eight thousand horses to draw it. If divided among each man, woman and child in Ann Arbor, each one could have more than three tons of it. If divided among those who voted for mayor last week, each voter would have more than sixteen tons of it. Just think of it, more than a billion dollars of the people's hard earned money, gone in two years. Can a party with such a record ask your vote ?