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Napoleon ... With A Convulsion

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I receivod instractions to accompany Napoleon to Strasbttrg, so as to be ready to follow his headquarters according to circumstances (September, 1805). An attack which tie emperof sulïered at the beginning of this campaign alarmed me peculiarly. The very day of his departure from Strasburg I had been diuing with Mm; on rising from the tablo he went alone to the Bmpress Josephine's apartments, and after a few moments carne out again in an abrupt maimer. I was in the drawiüg room: lie took me by the arm and brought me to his room. M. de Remusat, his first chamberlain, who had certain instructions to get. and was afraid Napoleon might go without giving ihem to him, entered at the same time. We were barely in when the emperor feil to the floor. He scarce had time to teil me to close the door. I tore open his neckerchief , as he seemed to be suffocating. He did not vomit; he groaned and foamed at the mouth. M. de Remusat gave him some water; I inundated him with eaude-cologne. He had something in the nature of convulsión, which ceased in about a quarter of an hour. We seated him in an anncbair. He began to speak again, dressed himself , urged upon us to say nothing of this occurrence, and half an hour later he was on the road to Carlsruhe. On reaching Stnttgart h9 let me know how he was. His letter ended with the words: "I am well The duke (of Wurtemberg) came to meet me as far as outside the first gate of his relace. He is a clever man." Another letter of his, from Stuttgart, and dated the same day, said: "I have heard of Mack's doings. He is getting onasif I lel him by the hand myself. He will be trapped in Ulm like a