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Fred E. Jfinette, at. Ana Arbor university student, wrote a novel for a New York story paper, and ihe publisher was so pleased vviuh the production thab he sent back a check, for $175. Rev. J. S. Viilentine is a Laasing parBoa of au inventiva tura oí m.ud who's pateuted a ik-vice to prevent tUe transplanting of p?ople to the evergreen shore who thougtiulessly blow out thegaa bef ore retiring. ïhe Maskegon man who drove over to Whitehall and purchased a load of eggs was foolish euoiwh to hitch hi9 team to a freight car standiug on a side track. Not long aíterward a locoaiotive came sailing that way and away went the car, the team and the eggs. The vehicle was wrecked on the railway track, and a very slippery wreek it was. Ishpeming peopls are great lovers of shows and are again agitating that $25,000 opera house project. Hou. Jacob S. Farrand, oue of Detroit's pioneer drugists, died in that city recently. He had long been a promient citizen of the metropolis. Bay City had fifty-six deatha in March, seven of which were caused by accidents. Marine City people escapad a second infliction from a local theatrical company by the burning down of the play house in which the flrst effort appeared. Detroit'a Woodward Avenue Congregational church has been in commission for one-fourth of a century, and the event was celebrated in proper forin. Richard Bolt was injured by the falling oí a chunk of clay in the Port Huron tunnel, and Dick sues th e oompan y for $10,000 worth of damages. Three Rivers gets her water supply from Louis Emery'a mili pond and uses so much that nis mlll ia ofteu idle for lack of water. Louis didn't like this state of affairs and sued the city for damages, the jury awarding him $1,000. There's $4,000,000 in good cash invested in lumber plants at Menominee, with timber enough in sight to keep every mil humming for twenty years to come. Henry Bradley, an Allen alien, has made application for naturalization papers after living in the state for more than half a century. Sparrows are getting scarce in Bay county, the authorities having paid tor nearly 40,000 scalps since the bounty law took effect Mr. L. H. Stone, of Kalamazoo, has just reueived $1,000 from a California larty to assist in estabiishlishing a woman's professorship chair at the State university. The 'mysterious death of a Tecumseh cow led to a post mortem, and a sharppointed nail sticking in the heart was found to be the cause oL bossy's demise. A hardware diet is not conducive to the prodüction of milk or the health of the animal indulging therein. Several Cninamen have been smuggled across the river at Detroit írom Canada recently, the latest being that of a Celestial who was shipped over in a coffiu. Charlie Kimball is an Alpena lad who has had an unusually novel e'xperience. Charlie found an eagle's nest and proceeded to investígate when the bird occupant caught him and sailed away. When some eight or ten feet above the ground the passenger caught oue of the eagle's wings and carne down to the ground, and the boy has the big bird on exhibition as a memento of his aerial trip. Work on the extensión of the Chicago and West Michigan railway from Traverse City to Petoskey and Charevoix will be begun as soon as the weather will perniit and crowded to an early completion. From childhood was Miss Ella M. Laughrey, of Muskegon, totally deaf. She was sent to Detroit several years ago for treatmeut, but without avail. Later on she regained her hearing, and now she's the wife of the Detroit doctor who treated her. Bay City capitalists will invest m a faetory to employ 200 hands for the manufacture of caustic soda. A $20,000 fire burned a block oL buildings at Lansing on the 9th. Battle Creek has a fine lot of factories, but wants more, and the proposition to bond the city $100,000 worth to secure 'em was carried by a majority of 800 of her citizens. In Eden township, Lake county, the vote was a tie for every township office at the spring election between the Democratie and Republicaa tickets. Grand Rapids electors downed the proposition for a $150,000 river bridge by an adverse majority of 997. The Lady Maccabees, an annex of the Knights of Maccabee order, has 2,500 Michigan members. C. W. Bell is a Paw Paw youth who's secured a cadetship appointment from Fourth congression al to the West Point Military academy. The Mancelona handle factory, the leadingindustryof thetown, was burned. Loss about 820,000, with light insurance. William S. Martindale, the Grand Kapids man who developed a manía for going about the city at night, clothed in a pair of boots and his modesty, frightening women and children by peering into windows is to be sent to the Kalamazoo asylu'm. He had $25,000 or $30,000 worth of property before becoming iinbued witu his crazy ghost freak. William Marsh is a Lamotte man who downed a big dose oL saltpetre and, but for the timely assistance of a doctor, would have been preserved for a trip to the great unknown. The anticipated decline in the price of galt may not be realized as a state association is likely to be formed after all to coutrol the price. Ex-Governor Luce is said to favor an appropriation by the state of $-5,000 for the G. A. R. encampment to b held at Detroit, and $150,000 for the state' eihibit at the World's fair. Holland decided by ballot to invest in a $17,000 set of waterworks. The Pewabic mine at Houghton caught flre recently, caused by the building of a. bonflre by workmen to heat their dinners. The loss is likely to be large. Port Huron is struggling along with ouly eleven pawn brokers' shops, all of which are doing a lively business. Belding gets three new manufacturing enterprises this spring, one of which, a basket factory, will employ 800 hands. Belding is in the swim of pro3perity and lntends to stay there. The dynamite cartridge continúes to get in its deadly work. A Grand Rapids dentist didn't know any better than to try aad pry one open with a pair of foroeps. He had several fingars pulled in a twinkling and may loie nis left hand. Th Tittabasee Boom company haa its plans U laid for handling 300,000,000 feet of logs in the Saginaw valley this season. Of tliis amount 45,000,000 feet will be for tbe A. W. Wright Luinber compauy. A little Long Rapids girl of two Aprils feil nito a vat of boiliug lye and died soon afterwai-d. Jackson has a flowing well tb;it rolls out 8ti0,0OÜ gallons of good water daily. Mi93 Loie M. Royce, tbe lady tvho becarne famous by her heroic conduct in trying t.o save several ot' her pupila in a Nebraska blizzard, thre years ago, has just been married to C. S. Thomas, a West Bay City newspaper man. E-fcanaba is the second port ot Americ and the fourth of the world in theamount of freight handled by water, and the flrst iron port on the globe - the shipments of 1890 reaching 3,700,000 tous.