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Chicago, April 14. The quotations on the board of trade to-day were as follows: Wheat- No. 2 April, openad $1 05)4, closed $1.04)4; May, opened 81.06, elosed $1.05; July, opened $1.04%, closec $1.0%. Corn- No. 2 April, opened ttè%p, closed 68-kc; May, opened 6994c, closed 68Jic; July opened 67c, closed 68c. Oats- No. 2 May opened 55Hc, closed 54Lc; June, opened 54J6c, closed 54%c; July, opened 53c, closed 52%o Pork- May, opened $13.75, closed $13.7:% July opened $13.20, closed $13.12J4; Septeni ber, opened $13.60, closed $13.55. Lard- May, and opened closed $6.87J. ftoduce: éButtor- Fancy separator, 25c per lb; fresh dairies, 22@24c; pacldng stock, 11 13c. Eggs- Strictly iresh, 13c per doz. Live poultry- Chickens, 10c per lb; ducks, ll@13c tnrkeys, mixed lots, 1213c; geeae, 84.00 ,.6.03 perdoz. White rose, $1.151.18 per bu; Hebron, $1.15@1.18; Peerless, 11.O51.1U Sweet potatoes- Illinois Jerseys, $3.0033.50 Cranberries- Bell and cherry, g7.50@8.0i) per bbl; bell and bugles. $8.00@9.W. Apples-Cooking, $3.00@4.00 per bbl; eating, $4.óOiaó.O0; fancy varietiea. $5.50ti.59. Hew Tork. New York, April 14. Wheat- No. 2 rea winter cash, $1.21; do May, $1.14; do June, J1.13; do July, $1.10%. Corn- No. 2 mixed cash, 81c; do May, 76éc; do Juna, 74c. Oats-Dull but steady; No. 2 mixed cash, 60c; do May, 60Hc; do July 59Kc Eye-Dull. Barley- Dull. Pork - Dull; mess, $13.50914.00 for new. LardQuiet; May, Í7.00; July, J7.35. Live Stock: Cattle- Market flrm. but no trading in beeves; native sides, 8@94o Ib, Sheep and Lambs.- Market dull, but steady; unshorn sheep, S5.5O@890 Ib 100 lbs; clipped do, $4.25@5.75; unshorn lambs, $6.50@7.70; clipped do, $5.606.60. Hogs-NominaUy steady; Ut hoes, J4.50&5.40 V 100 Bs. Toledo. Toledo, April 11. Whoat- Higher and quiet; cash and May. $1.11; July, $1.04; August, $1.00. CoruFirm; cash, 73c; May, 10%s. Oats-Firm; cash and May, 56c bid. Clover seed- Lowei-, cash and April, $4.30. St. I.oui. 8t. Louis, April 14. Wheat-Unsettled; cash J1.06H; May, $1.06$ asked; July, 99%@99?ic; August, 8c Corn-Firm; cash, 69i4c; futures easier; May, WAc; July, M%a. Oats- Firm; cash, 55c; May, 55c; July, 46%c. Pork-Firm; $12.6U. t,ard- Firin; $.50. Whisky- Stoady, $1.16. Detroit. Detroit, April 14. Wheat-No. 1 white, $1.00; No. 2 red cash, $1.09á; May, $1.10 bid; July, $1.04; August, $1.00 asked. Corn- No. 2 cash, 73c; May, 72c. Oats-No. 2 cash, 59c; No. 2 white, 60c bid. Bfilwaukee. MlLWAUKEE, April 14. Wheat- Easier; No. 2 spring on track cash, $1 04l-05; May, $1.03%; No. 1 northern, $1.10. Corn-Finn; No. 8 on track, 71c. Oats-Firm; No. 2 white on track, 57)ic. Barley -Firm; Na in store, T4Hc.