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That Is The Amount Our Cashier Demands!

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wrSOOi N TWO WEEKS! $5,000 THIS IS OTTIR, JPILjJLNz We have the Goods, You have the Money. We are anxious to exchange. We have placed 150 Suits, ranging- in price from $12.00, $13.00, $13.50, $14.00, and even $15, into one lot, and made a universal, but unheard of price of $10.00 per Suit I THIS WILL INAUGÚRATE The West $10.00 SUIT SALE Ever Known in the History of the Clothing Business in Ann Arbor. We are after that $5,000, if prices will do the business. We are offering also, a Great Drive in Spring Overcoats, . Stylish Goods, all right every way, worth $6.50 to $10.00, but our price, as a flyer, is only $4.99. ThO Second Piaster is a Oontinuation of our Sale of Children's Suits at $3.00, worth $4.00 to $5.00. Visit our Children's Parlor during this sale. These Goods and Prices will astonish you. Nothing like them in the county. Farmers, Mechanics, Workingmen, we have sa ved THE GREATEST DRAWING CARD for .you: Cottonade Pants, splendid goods, warranted not to rip, wearlike iron, the greatest bargain ever shown in the County or State, only 79 cents and 98 cents. This Job Lot we did not steal, but paid only for the making. Somebody's loss is your gain. These goods were bought by the Case (almostf by the Car load) and are worth more at wholesale than the prices named. The goods are piled ceiling high. While this ñt is on us, we shall put in Fine Fur Derby Hats at $ 1 .33 and $ 1 .98. Compare our $ 1 .98 Hats with others offered at $3.00. White Shirts, laundried, linen bosom, well made, good fitting, 59c. Suspenders, 3 pairs for 50 ets- the usual price, 25c each. Socks sold at 15 ets., two pairs for 25 ets., our price, five pairs 50c. The above are all Leaders, and every one we have in large quantities. These will prove such an attraction as to draw people for many miles around. Frequently bargains are advertised, but when customers cali the goods are "justclosed." Ask for the above, and we guarantee they will be shown you. Don't think for a moment that these items comprise our Bntire Stock. We are also displaying the Fin est Goods manufactured by New York Tailors, in Clay Worsteds, Black and Fancy Cheviots, in Suits, and the most Stylish Spring Overcoats which skill can produce. Splendid Furnishings, Handsome Neckwear, Stylish Hats- we are Headquarters Such Bargains and such Stylish Goods are only found at the Star Clothing House, - Ann Arbor. A. L. NOBLE, Leading Clothier and Hatter. $5,000! Ut í tiíy i_í T SjfCIHFlLE. Thatis JustWhat itis! -DíVIVÍÑG A'Ba'vThe Old Gentleman is putting in his Sledge-hammer Blows ! Our Star Shines for All ! $5,000! YES,y Stylish Cutaways are in this Sale, and the price is almost entirely Cut-away ! This is a Sample of the Wearing Qualities. 0 We Aim, and We Get There