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Democratic economy begins to show itself...

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Democratic economy begins to show itself in State affairs. A saving of $36,000 per year has been effected by knocking off the barnacles that had fastened themselves on to the treasury in the several State departments at Lansing; and now comes the news that "Warden Davis ran the Jackson prison during the month of March, $2,600 cheaper than it was run in the shorter month of February. He has lopped off many extra officials that found a haven of easy work and good pay under Warden Hatch." Governor Winans and a democratic legislature will soon inaug├║rate other important reforms to lighten the burden of taxation. - Livingston Democrat. Accorimng to a census bulletin just issued, there are 443 cities in this country with a population of over 8,000. The aggregate of their population is 18,235,670 or over twenty-nine per cent of the total population of the country. The growth of the city population has been very rapid. In 1790 it was less than four per cent of the population. In 1850 it was twelve and a half per cent. In 1880 there was only one city which had a million population; now there are three, New York with 1,515,301, Chicago with 1,099,850 and Philadelphia with 1,046,394. In 1900 Brooklyn will probably be added to the list. There are 28 cities of over 100,000 population. There are 16 with over 200,000 population. The leading sixteen cities in order are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, New Orleans, Pittsburg, Washington, Detroit and Milwaukee. Within a radius of fifteen miles from the city hall in New York city, there are 3,000,000 people.