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Our Billion Dollar Congress

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The late republican Congress will go down in history as the first billion dollar Congress and, let us hope, the last. So enormous have been the appropriations that few can conceive how great they are. Take a billion of silver dollars, lay them one uport another, forty-eight of them will measure five inches, while the billion pile would reach up into the air 1,647 miles. Lay a billion silver dollars in a row, the edges touching, and it would stretch nearly around the world, or, to be exact, the row would be twentythree thousand six hundred seventyfour and a quarter miles long. Take a billion of one dollar bilis and place them end to end. It would reach 113,439 miles, more than four and a half times around the earth. All this money has been spent in two years by President Harrison and his republican Congress. What wonder that times are not what they ought to be ?