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Arbor day is April 30. No more fish can be speared in Zukey lake. Fred Euler, of Howell, has removed to this city. Mrs. Sunderland preached Sunday in Mt. Pleasant. John George Herter died in Lodi, of paralysis, on Thursday last. The Michigan Furniture Company are putting in another new dryer. Dr. W. W. Nichols will build a house this summer on Hill street. Grass Lake has put in a small chemical engine for fire protection. The Chelsea Savings bank had $168,221.08 on deposit, April, 10. George Nisle has been elected chief of the Manchester fire department. A tent of the Knights of Maceabees has just been organized in Salem. Wuerthner's new clothing store in Manchester will be opened next Saturday. John McMahon, of Manchester, and Mrs. Ella Sweet, will be married May 9. Rev. Breed, of Chicago, will pieach in University Hall next Sunday evening. Work on the Packard street extensiod of the street railway is in progress to-day. Marcus D. Case will act as marshal of Manchester for the next year for 120. Roy Lewis, of Salem, was kicked in the face by a horse last week and a gash cut in his cheek. The number of bushels of wheat reported as marketed in this county during March was 70,917. Grand Lecturer Arthur M. Clark held a school of instruction in masonic temple last evening. The U. of M. base ball team defeated the Agricultural College team in Lansing, Saturday, by a score of 10 to o. The democratie caucus in the fourth ward to nominate a candidate for alderman will be held Thursday evening. Prof. Calvin Thomas has been called to the bedside of his mother, near Bay City, who has been seriously ill. The tickets for the Chjldren's Kirmess are on sale to-day at Moore & Taber's bookstores on Main and State streets. Miss Emma Blum, a daughter of Philip Blum, of Bridgewater, died of consumption, April 9, aged eighteen years. The Cook House was sold yesterday to Mr. Nowland, of Indiana, who recently purchased the Hawkins House in Ypsilanti. The democrats of the fourth ward caucus Thursday night to nomínate a candidate for alderman. The election ocurs next Monday. It is stated that the rails removed from the South Lyon branch only brought $600 in Cleveland, because they were not Standard length. N. J. Kyer was unanimously elected Commander of the Knights of the Maccabees, Friday evening, in place of J. A. Polhemus, resigned. A large unión temperance meeting was held at the Methodist church Sunday evening at which addresses were made by Revs. Carman and Gelston. There was 2.57 inches of rainfall ind melted snow in Ann Arbor during March, 2.61 inches in Ypsilanti and only 1.81 inches in Chelsea. The Clinton woolen milis paid out over $43,000 for labor last year. The sales of the mili amounted to $265,000 and the wool purchased cost $133,000. William Allaby, sr., onhis trip to Englund, three or four years ago, secured as a relie, a piece of the block on which the unfortunate Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded. Nancy Fisher was bound over to the circuit court Saturday by Justice Pond on the charge of being a disorderly person, a drunkard and a tippler, this being her third offense. In the April state erop report, wheat in Washtenaw county is reported now to give promise of 101 per cent. of an average erop. It came through the winter in fine condition. Rev. Dr. Radcliffe, of Fort st. ;hurch, Detroit, will give the next lecture in the Tappan Training Course next Sunday morning, at the Presbyterian church. Subject, The New England Primer. Mrs'. Harriet M. Brown, widow of the late William C. Brown, formerly of this city, died in Detroit of cerebral hemorrhage, April 13. The remains were brought to this city for burial in Forest Hill cemetery. Herbert C. Watts, of our city,who has been attending the Parsons Horological school at La Porte, Ind., will gradúate to day. The object of this school is to teach how every part of the watch is made and put together. The average temperature in this city during March was 30.1 degrees, while in Ypsilanti it was 27.2 degrees. The coldest day was March 1, when the thermometer was 2 degrees above zero, and the warmest was March 29, 53 degrees. Query: Would it not be a paying investment for the street railway company to extend a line to Whitmore Lake during the encampment of the state troops there in July? They would have perpetual summer traffic to the lake anyway. Why not build it now? The voters of the fourth ward who are not registered should register tomorrow. The democrats of the ward should see that every democrat is registered. Each individual democrat should put on his thinking cap and see if he cannot register some unregistered democrat. The team of Fred Kaercher, of Lima, broke loose from their hitching post in this city last evening and ran down Liberty street at a terrific rate, running into and upsetting a buggy in which were Mr. and Mrs. John Lucas, throwing them out, finally running against a telegraph pole and destroying the wagon. The livery stock of the late M. M. Green will be sold at auction Thursday, Apri 30, at ten o'clock. This includes twenty-five horses, nine landaus and hacks, two omnibuses, ten buggies, three phaetons, twelve cutters, sleighs, harness, thirty-five robes, and all the property used in the livery business. C. L. Yost will act as auctioneer. Last week Dr. Dawe procuredof Frank Navarre a sacrum of a human being who had been killed by the Indians. The piece of bone was pierced by an arrow. The stone head of the arrow still remains fixed in the bone. Dr. Dawe has presented the relie to Prof. Gibbe, of Ann Arbor. It will be placed in the University museum. - Monrpe Democrat. The funeral services of the late Andrew Greening, of Lyndon, were held in Chelsea yesterday and was the largest ever held in that village There were 140 teams in the proces sion. The active pall bearers were the five sons and the son-in-law. A requiem high mass was solemnized by Rev. Fr. Considinè as celebrant Rev. Fr. Healy, deacon, and Rev Fr. Buisy, of Jackson, sub-deacon Those who miss the Kirmess next Friday night will regret it, for never ,vas a prettier sight in the Opera House. Mr. Granger has sparéd no pains in preparing his juvenile :lasses for this entertainment, and svhen it is remembered that it consists entirely of home talent, a full house should ensure the success he so richly deserves. Those who have witriessed a rehearsal will be sure to go again, for it is charming. William Henry Artis or Grant, a colored boy twelve and a half years old, goes to the Lansing reform school from this city to-day. His mother was unable to control him and he would persist in running away. He was away from home nearly all last week and the only way in which his mother could keep him in till the officers could get him was by hiding his trousers and leaving him a girl's skirt to put on. The boy didn't like to appear on the street in girl's attire. The monthly meeting of theWashtenaw Horticultural Society will be held in the court house at 2 p. m., May 2. The topics wiil be the sale of fruit through one agent, diseases of the peach tree, washing prevented from hillsides, paper by W. F. Bird and report of committge on collections from fruit growers. Fruit shippers are especially urged to attend, as arrangements have been made for the'transportation of fruit by express and freight, as the erop of small fruit, from present indications, will be very large. Neighboring counties are also invited to be present at the meetings of the society, which are growing in interest. Prof. Kefnpf's chorus have organized a singing society called the Lyra and last evening elected the following officers: President, N. Stanger ; vice president, Miss Tillie Eberbach; secretary, E. J. Cook ; treasurer, S. Dieterle ; musical director, Prof. R. Kempf . The members of the society are : Sopranos, Misses E. Eberbach, B. Goetz, F. Koch, C. Koch., O. Laubengayer, A. Meuth, L. Wahr, and E. Weinmann; altos, Misses K. Diehl, O. Eberbach, S. Koch, E. Lutz, C. Wahr and Mrs. R. Kempf; tenors, L. Hildner, A. Koch, E. Oesterlin, F. Rentschler, H. Swain ; bass, H. Allmendinger, S. Dieterle, E. Koch, H. Meuth and N. Stanger.