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ÁYER'S PlLLS Excel all odBs us a úunily metUcjiue. They ae sulteU B avury coiislituilou, oíd uij yo.iii;;, u..ú: oeu.4 sugat-coattíd, are agreenuie ;j tal; . furelj egoiaole, they lc-avc no i.: . i; ■ - i uglhen and regúlate tiu atouiuca, llvtr, hiiil Cowols, and íf.siore every 01 :i;: i lis ■ mal íuuctlon. Kor use uuruaJ, on lamí or s:',. Olese fiüs "Ayer' t'il ' ■ ■ :i ..■■i i;i my fíimily for o. . .... ■ : ■ ' ■ Wi i.ii'l 1" "i an xvers, erupüve dtsoases, i mides, and seldom cali a ],,,. , . , : ■ i; si i almost íiie only pill rhooil." - Keilmon C. t ,ily. ; . :. , .:.■:■ 1'. O., W. Foi: lana F "I h'.v,. '■'■:: I ■ i fon-.try f".n' ycars, and, diirtiig ■ !1 t!l ilnni, tfoítlier I. m r auy i.i-m .'■ ...' '; v ..H'ily liave useil aii? otlier kind of rr.o.liciiie Oían Aycr's Pilis, but we r.lways keep at hand, and I sliould not know how to get aloug without tliem." - A. W. Sjder'jerg, Loweül, Mass. ■ i 1 :,-..; use ; X; ir's Catinrtle Pilis as a FrníSy Medicine lor 03 years, and they have ahvays given the utmost satisfacöon." - James A. Tkornton, Ploominjrton, ftid. "Two boxes of Avpt's PÍJ13 cured me of sevsre headache, frcm wluoli I was Ion;; a E"fferer." - Eimna Keyes, Hu'obanlsUnvn, M?ss. L (ts f Ek IH"' H R Q Sr a W UI 3 S l e li 5 PltKPAUED l:v Dr. J. C. ATSIÏ. & CO., Lowsll, Kass. SoKl by all Dealers In Jiedicine. Mortgage Sale. piEFATJLT having been made in the condiL tionsof acertain mortgage made by Kichrd Brown and Catherine Brown to Thomas [earney, dated March 6, A. D. 18&5, and reorded in the oitice of the Register of Deeds, or the County of Washtenaw and state ol1 lichigan. on tlie fifth dayof Muren. A D, 1886, a Liber 64 of MortgageB, on page 4JÍ3 on whioh uortgagp thore is olaimed to be due at the ateof this notice the sum of two thousand ighi hundred and ninety-nine dollars aml iftynine cents, and an attorney's fee of thirty lollara provided lor in said inortg-age, and io suit or proceedlngs at law having been ïntituted to recover the moneys seoured by aid mortgage, oranypart thereof; . Novv. tlierefore, by virtue of the power of ale eontained in said mortgage, and the statite in siuh case made and provided, notiee is ïereby given that on Fnday, the tenth day of luly, Á. D. 1891, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, shall eell at Public Auction, to the highest jidder.atthe north froin door of the Court Souse In the City of Ann Arbor (that being ;he place where the Circuit Court for Washtcïaw County is holden), the premises described n said mortgage, or so mueh thereof as may 3e necessary to pay the amount due on said iiortgage. with seven per cent. interest, and ill legal costs, together with an attornoys fee jf thirty dollars covenanted for therein, the jremisés being doscribed in said mortgage as ill that certain lot, piece and parcel of land iituate in the Township of Webster, in the County ol' Washtenaw and State of Michigan ind k'nown and described a9 follows: The sasthalf of the north-east quarter of section. number one in township number one south ol range nuitiber five, east. THOMAS KEAKNEV, ortgagee. Thos. D. Kearney, Attorney for Mortgagee. StóNo more Rubber Shoes unless woni -uncomfortably U3I1Í general. y slip off tiic foet. THE '-COLCHESTHl" EUDBES CO, makc all thPir shoci witn insKI or heel lirod rubb'-r. Thls eütKTS t t!ie blioe !.nd i_rrvuU Ulo rubbur troiE sllppiufT o Onll -:t '-e ■Coirtio't-r-1 "ADHESIVA COUNTERCV1 fOB SALE BY Wm. Allaby. John Burg, Doty & Feiner L. Gruner, W. Reinliardt & Co., D. Seyler & Son, W. F. LODHÖLZ IS OFFEKING IN Gïtóss asi FrovisLons. FISSHÜSSGOODSiSPECiALÏÏ, New Teas at 25, 30, 40. and 50c per pound. Keltles, porcelain lined, free with I pound Baking Powder at 50 cents. China ware free with I pound coffee at 25 cents per 1b. The best goods at the lowest prices. Always full weight and measure. All goods fresh and warranted. Delivered to any part of the city. You will save money by trading with W. F. LODHOLZ, 4 and 6 Broadway. '-■v Fatentsobtaiked In V. y. 1??2fer. and all fortign couutriea o '&ífoJt&y. Examloaüöna made. Li í'ES?X censes aud assignmenis ' '"SarSf L?3 1 r a w n. Infringements 41YBo3 liiSliiirosecuted in adl Fedfal E'!l!lH"8 L'feïcoiirts. Advice nd pami'ï-VailBSl tí pli Iets freo. Scientiflc exti'i'S'sïSI i'aaipert Vftlidity opiniona ÏVi-'-f'JSfJJt ESïiw givcn. Noinodelsrequirpd. ;3VS' Tii'os. i! Speague & Sos, 37 v'sSïlr CVngress HtrceV West, W' ANTED- An honest, pushing galesman to sell the Improved Sniger Machines. No experience necessary, or capital required. Give us a srnall honesty bond and we will fit you out on a basis that cannot fail to yield you good returns. Address The Singer Manufaoturing Company,