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Firemen In Peril

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Bostox, April 20. - Fire at 2 o'clock yesterday morning destroyed the Chipman building, ac the corner of Hanover and Court streets, adjoining the Crawford house anuex. and when the flames had been neariy subdued, the falling of the flaming roof buried twenty-one flremen and oue reporter in the ruins. None of theapparatushnd left the scène, aud all the engioes began at once to pour a deiuge oi water upoti the ruins, while the laddermen wentto work with axes and bars to release the imprisoaed men. The flooring of the upper story had been little burned, and to this is due the fact that all did not lose their lives. The rescuers had tolerably firrn footiug and the work was carried forward so rapidly that all were rescued alive. Aruon the men imprisoned in the ruins were Chief of the Department Louis P. Webber, District Chiefa Cheswell, Pope and Regun, and Capts. Griffin and Willett. The Uiifovtunates Rescued. As fast as the mea were takeu out they were carried to the Crawford House and there attended by the fire department surgeon-. Chief Webster sustaiaed severe iujuries to his back and head and was badly burued. The most senously injured were District Chief Cheswell and Captain Griffin. Both were terribly burued and, it is feared, suffered internal injuries whicu may prove fatal. Hoseman John Long waa struck in the abdomen by a timber and wiü proba bly die. At one time the fire threatened to extend to the Crawfora house, which has just recovered from a severe fire, and the panie among the guests was painful to wituess. The building was occupied by Bailey & Ramkin, carpets and oilcloth, who lose $10,000; S. C. Thompson, musical instrumente, and Burrage & Co., furnishing goods, who lose $1,000 each. Other losses are small.