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You've tried Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription have you and you're disappointed. The results are not immediate. And did you expect the disease of years to disappear in a week f Put a pinch of time in every dose. You would not cali the milk poor because the cream doesn't rise in an hour ? If there's no water in it the cream is sure to rise. If there's a possible cure, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is sure to effect it, if given a fair trial. You get your one dollar it costs back again if it don't benefit or cure you. We wish we could give you the makers1 confidence. They show it by giving the money back again, in all cases not benefited, and it'd surprise you to know how few dollars are needed to keep up the refund. Mild, gentle, soothing and healing is Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Cures the worst cases permanently. No experimenting. It's " Old Reliable." Twenty-five years of success. Of druggists. KEPOET OF THE CONDITION OF THE milïï & HSGE&IZCS Wl - AT- AJÍJÍ ARIIOR, MICHIGAN, at the close of business, Octobeb 2nd, 1S90. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $2i;,70S88 Stocks, boads, mortgages, etc 7,ï,8Sl 16 Overarafts 2,073 28 Dne from banks in res?rve citics 25.979 ,'3 Duefrom WaJuniawCo 17,5 & 51 [llsin tr.iDpit.. -2,(118 75 Furniture and HXlures a,o;( Ou Gun ent expeasts and taxes paid 951 f2 Interest paid 1,190 2fi Checks and cash items.. _ 625 19 Nickels aud pennies 160 Cj fiold 6,538 4-ï Silvor 1,257 45 U. S. and Xatiinal Bank nutes IS, 13300 Total $868,91797 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in $ 50,000 PO Surplus fund 10,000 60 Uudivided proiits f,048 2" CommerdaJ dpj) isits 25, 224 17 Barings deposite 4J.797 SG Due to banks a ad ban kers 847 74 Total $;iG8,M17 97 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I Oounly of Washtenaw. ( I, Frederick II. Belser, Cashier of the above named bank. do soleinnly swear tbat tbe above statement is true to me beBt of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. Belser, Oashier, Stibscribed and sworn to before me Ihis eleventh day of October, 1890. Wm. W. Whedon, Notary Public. Correct- Attest : Chas. E. Greene,") Junius E. Bral, VDirectors. Beübbn Kempf, J piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, A-srent ior the following First ClasR Corapanies, representing over twenty-bififht MillioD Dollars Asaeta, issue policies at the lowest ratee Ëtna of Hartford $9,192,644.0(1 Franklin of Phila 3,1 18,718,00 tTermaniaof N. Y 2,70O,729jU0 American of NY. 4,065,968.(10 London Assurance. Lond'n 1,416,788.0(1 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. Underwritei-3, ii. Y. 2,596,679.00 Vational, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix, S.Y 3,759,036.00 "Special atleutiou giveü to the insurance ui dffeliiiiga, schools. cburoJies auiJ public buildiiit ■otrms oí thro adí! tivp reare n 0 ' jdÊ 'ir:'1'N3.Q n i, W. L. DÖUCLAS gfr 1 % II #%k and o'vher special$3 öMÜC L'a-3LsreSUa=: ranted, and sostamped on bottoni. Address W. 1,. OOI AS. Brocktooi Masa. Soldby WM. REINHARDT & CO -A.3-DBIsrT. $500 REWARD Will be paid to the agent of any scale company who will say over hïs own name as agent, that the Jones & TON WAGON SCALE, $60, u not -""qual to any made, and a standard reliable scale. For particulars xddress only jones oí Binghamton, Bingliamton, H.Y. FREDERICK ERAUSE, AUCTIONEER. Will attxjnrt to all sales on short notice,at easonable charpes. For ïurther partioumrs :all at the Ahoüs offlee . TONY SCHIAPPACASSh, NO. 5. N. MAIN STEKT. FRUITS, HUTS and 00NFE0TI0NEEY TOBACCOSAND CIGARS, Oystcrs and all kinds of fruit A.LWAYS OZEÑT H.iTID.