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Bristol's Horses

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Our amusement goers will be pleased to learn the fact, which is made known in our advertising columns, that Prof. D. M. Bristol and his world-famed school of thirty educated horses, rnules and ponies, will appear in the Draper opera house on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Thursday afternoon. The professor and his ponies. gave an interèsting and wonderful entertainment in Ypsilanti last year, and as he has added several new features since then, our amusement lovers máy expect something still better from him. Prof. Bristol, aside from showing to what a high degree the horse can be educated, has done much, very much, to cultívate a spirit of kindness among those who have the care of the horse, for that noble animal, by demonstratinghow unnecessary it is to use the whip to make him obey. He was recently asked if it is necessary to use the whip much in training, and the following was his reply: "Years ago I used to think so, but experience has taught me better. Horses that are whipped will never do anything cheerfully, and always show more or less fear." Recently Prof. Bristol played a very successful engagement in Cleveland, during which the World of that city said: "Prof. Bristol and his horses entertained a large number of people at the opera louse, Monday evening. There were many ladies and children in the audience, and they were especially delighted with the performances of the horses, ponies and mules. Every animal in the herd is a beauty, and the acts done show that the' trainer has a pretty thorough knowledge of horses, and a vast amount of patience and perseverance. The performance is not slow nor tiresome; on the contrary, it is interesting and amusing." Everybody should see these wonderful horses.